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Get Top 10 Paid Android Apps Just For a Dollar.

Android has been evolving rapidly as a mobile platform and has been able to get attention from thousands of people worldwide. While the development of Android Operating System is advancing rapidly, Android Market has finally crossed 10 billion app downloads just within a two years of it's launch in back in 2009 A.D. And in this auspicious occasion Google partnered with some Android Developers to make a bunch of 10 best paid android apps available for as low as $0.10 or 10 cents. Isn't it a great deal here? You can get 10 apps for $1 a day for 10 days starting Tuesday (December 06). So, what are you waiting for? Make sure you keep an eye on the price of top paid apps on Android Market to see if it's price has been reduced to a dime.

Here's a chart showing the growth of Android market that illustrates how rapidly the apps are being downloaded from the market. (Source:
Android Apps Downloads from Android Market since the launch of Android OS in 2009 A.D.

So, here are the apps that you are getting for just 10 cents (you can say it as free also) today. Hurry up! or you might lose your chance to get these amazing deals. 
  1. Asphalt 6 HD : It's a racing game. Feel the thrill of arcade racing like never before in the newest adrenaline-pumping game of the Asphalt series.

  2. Color & Draw for Kids : Simply the best coloring and drawing app for kids (and adults too!). It invites kids to draw and color. It's the best to discover true artists inside you.

  3. Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro : Track your sport in real time and challenge your friends using the built-in GPS.Endomondo makes fitness more fun by acting as your personal trainer and social fitness partner. It's ideal for running, cycling, walking and many other sports activities.

  4. Fieldrunners HD : It is a award winning Tower Defense game you have been waiting for. So, check it out.

  5. Great Little War Game : Invade your neighbors, spread mayhem and destruction, drink a little tea! With a unique comical style and plenty of laughs and excitement, you'll keep coming back again and again for "just one more go."

  6. Minecraft : Imagine and Create worlds on the go with Minecraft - Pocket Edition. Use blocks to create masterpieces as you travel, hangout with friends, sit at the park, the possibilities are endless.

  7. Paper Camera : See the world through a new, original, stylish and captivating lens, have a wonder in your own home and discover how cool is now your world in cartoon!

  8. Sketchbook Mobile : Unleash your creativity with SketchBook Mobile for Android.Autodesk SketchBook® Mobile is a professional-grade paint and drawing application offering a full set of sketching tools and a streamlined and intuitive user interface.

  9. Soundhound Infinity : What's that song? Identify it on the go with SoundHound very fast.Unlimited music recognition! With the world's fastest music recognition and exclusive singing search, SoundHound is instant music search and discovery application as well as a must have for music lovers.

  10. Swiftkey X : Android typing has never been this easy.SwiftKey X Keyboard makes typing much easier on your phone, replacing your touchscreen keyboard with one powered by smarter natural language technology.
    SwiftKey X understands how words work together, giving much more accurate corrections and predictions than other keyboards. Very sloppy typing will magically make sense, and SwiftKey X also powerfully predicts the word you may want next.
    It is also said to be a powerful competitor of swype -which is also one of my best keyboard.

So, these were the ten best apps and some of them are even the must have apps for Android users. You can get them for just one tenth of a buck if you act fast and buy them right away. Please, remember that Google is going to continue this for 10 days so make sure you check the Android Market to notice the drop in the price of your favorite best selling app.

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