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Screenshots Of RZ Recovery 2.1.4 On Galaxy Mini/Pop GT-S5570 Smartphone

In my previous post I introduced you with one of the new custom recovery (in the town), RZ Recovery v2.1.4. If you haven't gone through it please do so here to know more about it. So, RZ Recovery is another custom recovery like clockwork mod recovery that provides you the flexibility provided by CWM recovery with additional options and customizations. Here I have got some screenshots of this awesome recovery on Samsung Galaxy Mini/Pop smartphone. Thanks to squadzone for these awesome screenshots as well as for porting this new RZ Recovery to our galaxy pop/mini.

RZ recovery main menu. Notice it has many options than CWM does.

Extra Options and Customization for Awesome personal experience.

Extras- You can install additional plugins available out there and then you will get the menu here.

Zip/File Selection

Mount/Unmount Settings

Nandroid Menu -With this you have to flexibilty to backup just the single paritions like only backup data or system or whatever you want.

RZ Recovery - Wipe Menu. Be Careful while using this menu.
So, these were some of the screenshots of the, whole new, RZ Recovery 2.1.4 on Samsung Galaxy Pop/Mini by squadzone. If you would like to view more of these screenshots (with better quality) please view them here. If you want to give this recovery a try on your galaxy mini/pop then you may Install RZ Recovery via CWM Recovery.

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