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Installing Clock Work Mod Recovery in Samsung Galaxy Pop/Mini GTS5570?

Clock Work Mod recovery is an alternate recovery that has many added options such as backup and restore your roms (system image), wipe dalvik cache, partition sdcard memory and many more handy options. So, if you want to install Clock Work Mode (CWM) recovery and if you are unsure about how to install/flash Clock work mod recovery then please go through this article.

So, first of all if you want to flash clockwork mod recovery then you need to have gingerbread operating system on your Samsung galaxy Pop/Mini gts5570 smart phone because CWM recovery is not compatible with Froyo rom on galaxy pop phone. If you need help on upgrading please go through the article Upgrading GTS5570 to Gingerbread. Once you are done please follow the instruction below to successfully flash CWM recovery in your galaxy pop/mini smart phone.

Before you begin please make sure your battery has at least 70% of charge.
1. Download Odin Multidownloader v4.38 for GTS5570, Tass_v1.ops (Pass yagyagaire) and Clockwork Mod Recovery v4.0.0.5 if you do not have them already.

2. Run Odin Multi downloader v4.38 and select the Tass_v1.ops by clicking OPS button.

3. Select One Package Option and Click One Package button and select the tass-recovery-cwm.tar file you downloaded.

 Leave other settings to default (i.e. don’t change any other options/settings)

4. When you are done reboot your phone in download mode (Press Volume Down + Home + Power button to go to download mode)

5. Connect your phone in download mode to your computer via USB Cable.

6. When Odin detects your phone (If you see a com port number written in yellow background at the top left, then your phone is detected. View image.), click Start button.

7. Wait till Odin finishes the job (approx. 3-5 minutes) and when it reports ‘PASS’, you can disconnect your phone.

Go to the recovery mode (Press Home + Power button) and see your new recovery with tons of useful options. Now that you have CWM recovery you will be able to do just more than nandroid backups. You can also partition your sdcard as well as flash a custom rom on your galaxy pop. Go ahead and experiment with various options. But, be careful playing with your device’s recovery is very risky task if you lack appropriate information or skill.

UPDATE!!! Latest version of Clock Work Mod Recovery version is available for download and install. Please download it from here and flash it as given above.

UPDATE!!! Another update to CWM recovery v5.0.2.7 is available. Download the file (recovery.tar.md5) and then flash it using Odin as mentioned above.

P.S. I found many people stuck in ANDROID Logo while flashing cyanogen mod rom while using CWM recovery v5.0.2.6. So, it is suggested that you use CWM recovery v4.0.0.5 for flashing custom roms on your galaxy mini. However, I will tell you that it is working on my device fine so, you may give it a try but flash it using Odin one package only after you flash a custom rom.

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  1. After Rooting we want install CWM or before rooting we want install CWM.
    If you rooting already in GB, then we install CWM and again can we root the device.

  2. No need to root Ginger Bread to flash CWM recovery... Also if you flash on a rooted gb the root access will remain in your device...

  3. hi after installing the CWM, I am not able to go to CWM screen it stucks on the intial screen.otherwise the phone is working properly.

  4. try to flash again... Also note you must be on gingerbread rom for CWM recovery to function properly. If it still doesn't work flash again the gingerbread rom and you will have your default recovery.

  5. successful!
    though i would say my phone is not rooted...ever..neither will i risk it :)

    if u would have a article for it,i would certainly go for it!

  6. @Mutz Here's an article about rooting your phone
    If you are flashing custom roms they come rooted already, so no need to root.

  7. SOS!
    after CMW my phone was back to normal after i hit my right soft key,but then after partitioning my sd,i rebooted then hence it loads up to and reboots again.
    this is causing me a concern,what do i do it get my to normal from CMW??

  8. i tried to flash again,but it is struck to Samsung logo!it keeps on rebooting to the logo..
    i guess reboot or reboot recovery must have stuck it all,solution pls!!!ASAP!

  9. I think partitioning is not supported in gb... Wipe data and cache in recovery it should solve it. Also, repartition your sdcard (if you want partition and flash darktermor a2sd, please flash a custom rom first)

  10. @Mutz, remove battery and put it again. Press Home + Power button and go to recovery. Wipe data and cache and reboot again...

  11. @Yagya, its just the same,its worrying me,have i bricked or something??? its been the same,restarting all over to Samsung logo.

    is there a way to unflash CMW??or get rid of it?

  12. it wipes the cache and says error mounting sdcard.
    it says:
    -wipe data/reset
    Error mounting/sdcard/.andriod_secure!
    Skipping format...
    Data wipe complete.

    -wipe cache partition
    Skipping format...
    Data wipe complete.

    --wiping cache...
    Formatting /cache...
    Cache wipe complete.

    i believe cache format was successful and some how i cannot even format my sdcard through a reader even!
    its not bricking just job done wrong,pls help!i cant even flash rom/root with my sdcard being not accessible.

  13. Mutz, I think you will have to begin from beginning. Ok so shut down your phone first, remove battery if not possible to do any other thing.
    1. Now flash gingerbread rom. Use this article as help file and follow instructions there.

    2. Flash CWM recovery after upgrading. Read this for help.

    3. Now copy the latest CM7 to your sd-card and install it. Read this

    4. Reboot and wait (4-10)mins. And you will be done. [if needed wipe data & cache]

  14. the problem i am facing is i cannot access my sdcard even through my card reader, hence i cannot copy CM7 to card and neither can i install CM7,i have redone gingerbread as well as CWM,neither did on my phone,this is really distressing,have i bricked my phone??????
    CMW is'nt mounting my sdcard..:-(
    is there a way to uninstall CMW???

  15. Mutz, is your sdcard detected in computer.. If so make sure you inserted it correctly on your phone. Also, try to mount sdcard manually in CWM Menu>mounts and storage>Mount /sdcard
    If none of above work, format your sdcard in fat32 filesystem from your computer. It will probably solve the problem. Then copy cm7 to sdcard and follow steps in my previous comments.

  16. Yes to unistall CWM recovery flash stock gingerbread and it will be gone. If while flashing gb you are in a boot loop then, remove battery and then wipe data and caceh and continue..

  17. i finally formatted through the device manager,and flashed CM7,it surely is sophisticated!!!
    a lil bit of troubleshooting is always worth it!!
    by the way if u have any tutorial on getting to know CM7 and its functioning,i'd be glad!!!!

    a coniderable amount of changes,but where's the market???

  18. would u link me up to i want my Google apps back plus the market!!!

    Thanks a bunch!

  19. well i found the gapp,it is:

    by far its awesome,looking forward to more updates!

  20. please help!! i have done the partition sdcard in recovery mode option but then all my downloaded file inside my sdcard are gone and cannot be read. i have noticed that my 8G sd card have overcome to 6G.. some of the memory are gone and cannot be found. please help me out.. what should i do???? help!!!

  21. TOBANEZAM, Don't worry about your sd-card size. Since you created 2 GB ext partition on CWM recovery, now your sd-card (Fat32) partition has reduced to 6 GB, and since you are on windows you can't see it as windows doesn't display ext journaling partitions. You can use Linux reader to view it if you want.

    Also, sorry if I haven't mentioned above. But, while partitioning, your sdcard was formatted so all your data has gone. You should have been more carefull.
    Also, don't worry everything is fine as it should be while partitioning.

  22. in that case.. how do i read the external partition on my sd card? can i format it back to the original condition 8gig instead of 6 gig?

  23. IF you have linux it will recognize your partition, other wise you can use Linux Reader application on your windows, it lets you view linux partitions within windows. You can use root explorer on your phone and navigate to /sd-ext/ to view the contents of second partition.

    Also, don't worry you can later change it to 8GB partition but you won't need to do so.

    Please ask further queries on partitioning and a2sd here,

    THis is not the right place for its discussion.

  24. <1> --- cannot open the usb serial port. code: 32

    is this suppose to happen?

  25. Naim, no it is not supposed to happen. Please make sue you have drivers installed for your device --if you have kies they are installed automatically. And then connect the phone (in download mode) to the PC. If odin recognizes it --it will show COM 5 or similar in small box at top with yellow background-- then press start. It will work for sure.

  26. why during the odin process,it doen't take about 3-5minute...why???

  27. Bridon, Odin will finish installing clockwork mod recovery within few seconds but it will take about 3 minutes for it to say PASS in the box. I guess you are confused for the same. You shouldn't unplug your galaxy pop/mini unless Odin says pass.

  28. Hi there. When clicking on "Latest version of Clock Work Mod Recovery version", I got md5 extension rather than .tar extension. How could I do the CWM as you only mention in the above instruction with the tar format? Thanks.

  29. Unknown, You can also use md5 file format in Odin One Package field. It supports both .tar or .tar.md5 or .md5 files. So, don't worry and go ahead and flash it.

  30. yagya, can i flash CWM on my mini 2.3.5?
    and i get this "MD5 Checksum Fail" when i put the latest version of Clock Work Mod Recovery version in one package box. is it normal?

  31. is it really normal to see the tass-recovery-cmw.tar to be like the icon of .rar? when i put it in odin one package its like .rar, what should i do? continue it or extract it to recovery.img?

  32. Yes, that is totally normal. Just put the tass-cwm-recovery.tar file (not the recovery.img file) in the One Pacakge field and fire the Start button as said above. You will get CWM recovery within few minutes. Good Luck!

  33. Thanks for the guide!

    The old CWM gives me "can't mount /system" while trying to backup, but the new version ( does the job fine.

  34. yagha.
    i updated officially to 2.3.6gb for flashing which cwm should i use...the new one or the old..???

  35. summer,
    use CWM recovery v4 if you want to flash custom roms. Read through the comments above to know why (if you want at all).

  36. Hello Yagya and thanks for your dedication.

    I am looking for a way to backup current froyo 2.2.1 stock rom. Used the CWM version that Bunnybugs_007 put on XDA (the one that states that is for froyo...)

    Still I am unable to backup current stock rom.

    I have a zip file which I downloaded from clockwork page for GT-S5570, but it doesn't have any IMG file inside it. There are just folders and such... I believe it is for building the tar file that may be used on ODIN.

    Is there a way to build that tar file?

    Am asking because you say that froyo isn't made for cwm... And I am looking for a way to circumvent that.

    Or I can't use neither nor on my froyo?

    I, too, have problems with mounting partitions.

    Tosan also had those problems. (Did he have froyo?)

    And what to do to get back to the previous CWM if I choose to install the one?

    Thanks for your attention

  37. Anonymous, It would have made me feel nice if you have used your name (it has many benefits) while posting your comment. I hope you will do so from next time.

    Also, if you have a img file then you can convert it to tar (or tar.md5) file using following linux commands:
    $ tar -H ustar -c recovery.img > recovery.tar
    $ md5sum -t recovery.tar >>recovery.tar
    $ mv recovery.tar recovery.tar.md5

    Here, is more on this

    Also, I suggest you download the CWM for froyo from Tools and Utilities section and give it a try. It's recovery that can run on Froyo but to backup the rom you will need to have custom rom like Vanilla rom (download from Tools and Utilities). Otherwise, there is no any probability to do so until koush makes one that works well.

    Also, I suggest you simply upgrade to GB rom instead of all playing with Froyo. GB are more stable, better in performance and battery so you should have no problem using it.

    To get back to previous (v4 or other) CWM recovery simply flash them using Odin. To go back to CWM recovery flash stock rom using Odin or you can make a tar to flash like above from the recovery.img file that can be found on any stock firmware (I haven't tried the later so don't know if that works.)

  38. Hello Yagya, you're right, there's no point in hiding.

    I must be thankful for your promptness. And also apologize for having contacted you as anonymous. I can say that it was no test on you but it is more a protection for myself.

    Well, moving on...

    I want to be sure about the steps that I am giving.

    You say: "(...)It's recovery that can run on Froyo but to backup the rom you will need to have custom rom like Vanilla rom(...)"

    I want to try that method because you say it is one that can allow me to backup the rom... But which rom? If I install this vanilla rom I will lose the original one. Thus voiding warranty... isn't that so?

    How should I proceed to backup with another rom (vanilla rom) installed (won't the installation of vanilla erase the current froyo?).

    I am still much confused...

    To try samfirmwares from their site they say one must have sim unlocked. But my device is locked to the carrier so I should unlock it first before using their firmwares isn't it?

    I am on Europe, Portugal and I can't find the stock rom for my phone... I have some info on it but I don't know how to use it to search for the correct rom(s) available on SAMFIRMWARE. I get the impression that it is not available. So I am stuck...

    Can you help me?

    The CWM version that I have currently is the the one that you say is for froyo and that you say is outdated. Should I try on Froyo? If so should I use ODIN to flash the CWM upgrade? Or should I upgrade current Froyo first and ONLY then upgrade CWM?

    This situation seems an endless loop...Either way, I am going to scan through your blog here and try to get some additional help.

    Thanks Yagya.

  39. Cris,

    Am glad that you understood and used your name this time. And, don't worry you are fully protected by our privacy policy so be assured. Also, if you feel being unsecure at least use a (fake) name so it is easy to reference.

    So, on with your problem.

    As you you said if you install vanilla then your original Froyo firmware will be lost and you can't backup it. I meant to tell to backup a rom you need to have custom rom (or more simply, you can't backup a stock rom using CWM recovery currently made for Galaxy Mini). However, CWM v5 can do so but, it is for GB rom and doesn't work very well (and gives errors during switching roms).

    In more simple terms you need custom recovery to install custom roms. For other (stock) roms use stock recovery and you can't do a nandroid backup of such roms. Only way to get them is flash via Odin after getting firmware from internet.

    And as you said, you need sim unlocked roms to flash most roms on samfirmware so if you can do it unlock your sim. But, if not then there is a probability to find firmwares for sim locked devices. So, I could help you with it if you can provide the details (Baseband, PDA, etc) of current rom.

    And, don't use CWM recovery v5.0.2.6. It's for GB roms only and since you have froyo you can't use it. Try upgrading your phone via Kies to GB first.

    Please, feel free to ask for further queries. Also, please provide your phone details so that it will be easier for me to help you out. Again, I also didn't get what you are trying to do exactly. So, please include that too in your reply.

  40. Hello all and especially Yagya.

    Must say that i deleted the previous post because I forgot to be polite and say hello! So just deleted the post and put it here again:

    Sorry for the hastiness...

    "(...)So, I could help you with it if you can provide the details (Baseband, PDA, etc) of current rom.(...)"

    Here it goes:

    Have a baseband S5570XXKA5
    with kernel
    and build number FROYO.XWKAC

    from dialing *#1234# got this info:

    PDA: S5570XWKAC
    PHONE: S5570XXKA5
    CSC: S5570TMNKB1

    With Titanium bkup (pro) I can see that build date was 2011-02-01 12:12...

    "(...)Try upgrading your phone via Kies to GB first.(...)"

    I have tried to but the guys (either on Samsung or on my carrier are so laggard that I've lost patience... :( ) Now I don't actually know If I can revert to try using Kies again. I've rooted the phone and installed your CWM So I'm not sure I can go back. I even uninstalled kies from my computer (to avoid the risk that kies started itself during connection needed for rooting and flashing operations that I did...). Now I only have the mini drivers installed.

    "(...)Again, I also didn't get what you are trying to do exactly. So, please include that too in your reply.(...)"

    You are right. Here's what I am trying to do:

    Want to be able to use flash sites (heard that it cannot be done on current froyo and armv6 processor... - and I've tried it myself) but also heard there are some tweaks on later droids that can be tried to circumvent that limitation...

    So I need to upgrade the system... (That would be crucial!) But want to be certain that I can go back If the need arises... (I am very much available to try out later versions of the droid... :) )

    In a punchline: "Be free to try other solutions, but as safely and cautious as I can... :)"

    Thank you very much for your help until now. You have been of extreme help!


  41. Cris,

    Thanks for the Information. It's more than needed. However, after doing some research around for a while I came up with nothing but sadness. I don't think any firmware for your device is available online. So, I guess you just don't have the luck.

    However, if you really don't want to wait for TMN to send you an upgrade then I suggest you sim unlock your device. With that you might be able to test other firmwares. Also, if you want to really upgrade (and aren't afraid of losing your phone) then you can try upgrading with a European firmware. But, since it is full of risk I suggest you just wait for an upgrade after all.

  42. In flashing cm 7 or any custom rom, does your current android version matter( i have 2.3.6 , galaxy mini )? Or can i just safely flash it to any rom that i want ?

  43. Nait0,
    TO flash any custom rom or this recovery you will need to have Gingerbread running on your device. But the android version, 2.3.4 or 2.3.6 or 2.3.5 doesn't matter. Just flash the rom following the steps carefully, if you have GB version of android running on your galaxy pop.

  44. Hello again, Yagya!

    I followed your advice and successfully unlocked the phone.

    What is the next thing to follow to upgrade it?

    Must say that currently the phone is:



    and I repeat the info given above:

    Have a baseband S5570XXKA5
    with kernel
    and build number FROYO.XWKAC

    from dialing *#1234# got this info:

    PDA: S5570XWKAC
    PHONE: S5570XXKA5
    CSC: S5570TMNKB1

    Is it possible to update to an european rom and from there to some other custom rom?

    Which european rom should I try?

    Thanks for all your help, enthusiasm and kindness!!!


  45. Chris,
    Welcome back! And, since you say that it is sim-unlocked now I suggest you give a try by flashing a European version (for better precaution) a try. You can download it from the Tools and Utilities page from above or download from here:

    I am sure you don't need resumable download link or mirror link. However, if you do feel free to request me.

    So, grab that rom and find instructions on upgrading any firmwares here and replace your rom with the ones there and you are set for and ready to go. All the best for it.

    It's very late here and I'm off to bed now. Leave a comment (if you have any issue) and I will check it out tomorrow. Regards!

  46. Hello Yagya!

    Thanks very much for all your help.

    Have just downloaded the rom and will read through all 'flashing rom' posts in order to get more acquainted with the procedure of flashing roms.

    Cheers and hope this year brings lots of memorable moments for all humanity!

    Happy new year!!!

  47. Chris,
    You did just the right thing by downloading the firmwares . And yes it was the right thing to do to go through all flashing post. I suggest you also go through all the comments as they are very useful and you will get to know a lot of great deal from users who tried them on their de device.

    And I too hope the same for humanity. Happy new year to you too. P.S. Can you tell me how did you Sim unlocked your device? I mean did you do it yourself or just took it to some service centers?

  48. Hello Yagya!

    Thanks again (I am beginning to sound silly with all this thankfulness, but indeed I am very thankful with all you've shared with me).

    For sim-unlocking the phone I followed the instructions on this site that you too must know (I mean the site):

    I believe that you had already been aware of this method.

    But still you get the confirmation that, at least, it worked for me.

    I also read your answer on your other post that I've participated in here at the blog. I am going to go there and also put the link over there too...

    One more thing, still haven't been able to use flash player (mod) on current Stock 2.3.5 that you have forwarded me. I believe it is normal not to work on Stock Roms, but can you confirm that too?


  49. Cris,
    THanks for the info regarding unlocking the sim. So, regarding flash player I have a doubt and since you have GB I would be grateful if you can give this a try and tell me if the flash player works on your stock Gingerbread rom.
    Download the files from below :
    1. Adobe flash player 11 :

    2. Lib files :

    Once you install the flash player on your phone, extract the file and you will get few lib*.so files. Now,

    3. Copy all these lib files to /data/data/com.adobe.flashplayer/lib

    4. Set permission of lib files as rw-r-r using Root explorer ( I believe you have rooted phone). Or if you are ok with terminal run this command :
    busybox chmod -R 644 /data/data/com.adobe.flashplayer/lib

    5. Reboot if needed and then give it a try. Please report back if it works.


  50. Hello Yagya!

    Unfortunately (for you and for me), and despite having followed your instructions, I was not able to see any flash content yet (at least using dolphin hd).

    I must say that I had already busybox, and used adb shell to copy and to 'chmod' the permissions. Also verified (at least from adb shell, I mean) that the files were there and that their permissions were correctly set. I must also thank you for being so aware of my frights about my 'andy...'.

    And I was also aware that you were looking for a 'guinea pig' for this one. And I felt I had to give you something in return for all that you have been sharing with all of us.

    So I decided to use of some 'bravery' and took the chance...

    But did not succeed on the goal... And that is all I have to report until now on this 'armv6 with flash in a 2.3.5 GB mini' project. :)

    But I want to ask you about another issue, if I am not imposing myself...
    It's about Link2sd:

    1. it always asks me for quickreboot after booting (and in froyo it never did). Can you shed some of your wisdom about that? :) (Could it be related with the fact that, after installing GB, and rooting it with the file of yours, the market app informed me that my super user program was outdated and because of that info I did an update to that su? Can all these symptoms from link2sd and incapacity of flash player, be related to having done the update of su?

    2. About link2sd (or any other similar),in your opinion which are the apps that may be moved to the 2nd partition? (Or at least those you wouldn't recommend moving).

    All the best to you and sorry if this is a long report!

  51. Chris,
    Thanks for all your effort. I am honored to have a visitor like you on this site. I really like the way (and the standard you maintain) while posting the comments. I expect this from others too (but I don't get lucky everyday).

    So, onto the topic. There is no problem with updating the superuser app neither it has any effect on link2sd and/or flash player. I also gave link2sd a try somewhile ago and found it really annonying. I suggest you don't use it for moving apps 2 sdcard.

    One thing I can't understand is why are you not upgrading to any of the custom rom available. CM7 is a nice one. I suggest you to upgrade to one then use a2sd or s2e (you can search them here on this blog). A2SD is my best and it works flawlessly. By creating an ext3 paritition the system is actually fooled to believe that the sd-ext partition is internal memory and since it is fast too we don't worry about moving only selected app. It will move all without effecting (or having just a slight effect) on the device's performance.

    So, just try any custom rom. If you are digging through the post here, I am sure you have choose yourself a good rom. Feel free to ask further queries and don't worry about the writing long reports (or comments). Also, I forgot to mention the above trick about flash player works fine on custom rom so you will be in two-way profit. That's the reason I really suggest you to use any custom rom.

  52. Yagya! There are no words. I'm going to try out CM soon as I have more time. Things are a little cooped up on that department...
    But Yagya, I can't say no more. You are top notch, king of the hill, A no. one...!

    Thanks for all your kindness.

    All the best for you!


  53. Cris,
    Thank You for your best wishes. Ok... Take your time and good luck with that. Keep staying in touch.


  54. adnan:- hey plz help me i have upgrade my rom to chocobread and after rebooting it goes on startup then chocobread theme screen aaperas and it holds there only and didnt go further and light remains on

  55. try wiping data and cache in recovery and reboot. If that doesn't do the trick then reflash your device with official Gingerbread firmware.

  56. is there a way i can brick my phone while flashing clock work mod?

  57. Yes, if you interrupt the flashing process which is of about 3 minutes ( I think actual flashing is done with 10-12 seconds, but I never dared to unplug my device until Odin said pass). But, if you follow the steps above carefully, you won't have any problem. You can read through other comments here to build your confidence.

  58. yagya,
    thank you for your reply.. i will try it out.

  59. hey i just flashed my mini to cm7 music edition and i want to go back.........
    what should i do??
    i want my gingerbread 2.3.6 original os..........
    please help me..........

  60. Chose install zip from SD card:

    Finding update package...
    Opening update package...
    E:Can't open /sdcard/
    Installation aborted.
    currently am on OFFICIAL GB 2.3.6 indian version
    no CWM installed..wen amtrying to root same problem happening..

  61. Simply flash the GB 2.3.6 firmware using Odin. The steps are same as while upgrading to GB 2.3.6 , so search for it and follow the steps.

  62. hi, I did flashed v4.0.0.5 and I tried to look for the new options on the recovery mode but there is none, do I need the thing called ROM manager? I am currently using gingerbread 2.3.6 now please help me I want to install andro-id on my galaxy pop please do reply on me at costox16gmail .com

  63. No, no need to install Rom Manager. It seems like you didn't flashed correctly. After flashing go to recovery and see it should have changed. The text should be red and some more options must have been added. :)

  64. Is there any way to overclock my mini without installing custom roms?

  65. hey my keyboard is coming half only please help

  66. Which rom are you using? It might be because your status bar is at bottom or maybe a bug with your rom. Try using another keyboard or update your rom to latest one.

  67. Dear Yagya,
    I followed the above instructions to flash CW Recovery to my Mini running GB.
    I had no problems at all. After I got PASS from Odin I disconneted the phone and went to recovery mode. Now...
    Under the list of options in CW Recovery I get the following message:
    E:Can't open /cache/recovery/log
    E:Can't mount /cache/recovery/last_log
    E:Can't open /cache/recovery/last_log

    Therefore I am unable to backup my GB.
    I would be grateful for your help.

    Best Regards

  68. Please, note that custom recoveries (CWM mod) doesn't support stock roms as for now. You need a custom rom on your device for Clockwork mod and it's functions to work properly. So, your solution for now is to flash any of the custom roms available for our mini.

  69. Dear Yagya,

    Thank you for your reply, it is much appreciated. What do I need to do
    (what software should I flas)h to make a backup of my stock ROM. I would
    like to make sure I can come back to my stock ROM if it worked worse
    than expected.

    I would also like to ask about apps backup. If I use Titanium Backup I
    understand it makes a copy of all the apps with their data like
    highscores in games, settings etc. Am I right? If so before I flash the
    ROM I make all apps copy in Titanium backup, then flash new ROM,
    afterwards install Titanium backup and restore all my apps to a new ROM.
    Am I getting it right?

    My questions may be naive to you but I am just starting to play with ROMs and want to make sure I get it right.

    Best regards

  70. Yes, you are pretty much right.. But to make sure, note that you need to backup both users app and data to get your app settings and highscores back. Also, in case you want to return to stock rom, you just flash the firmware via Odin; like you did when upgrading to Gingerbread.

    To make complete backup of stock rom is not possible at the moment. Try to backup everything you need (contacts, SMS, apps, etc) --find apps in market that can help you do so-- and then flash any custom rom you like.

    Enjoy learning and Cheers!

  71. vasista Reddy AileniFebruary 10, 2012 at 2:36 PM

    Dear Yaga Gaire,
    how to flash an bug fixer zip(mods) in an custom rom.
    For an example bug fixes for cm9 beta 2 

  72. hello sir 
       i have the same problem would u plz tell me which rom i have to flash ?

  73. and would u plz but the link of this rom 

  74. Sorry, I couldn't get back too you soon. As, you might even guess, I became much busy with my work during the past weeks.

    I couldn't get what you mean. But, a question to ask is, Did you upgraded to Gingerbread rom?

  75. If you mean the link for the custom roms then you can find them almost every where here. Please use search bar (at the top right) for your assistance.

  76. I will soon update you with the bug fixes and many more as fast as I can. Meanwhile, you can follow me at here : for latest updates.

  77. phone is nt juz give a sign of connectin to pc....n in odin it toook 1 hr but that PASS dint come plz help rply asap

  78. You probably soft-bricked your device. So, now carefully go to download mode and then flash a firmware using Odin; be sure to follow the steps carefully.

  79. hello i can install clockworkmod if i run android 2.3.4 stock rom and my phone is locked?

  80. Yes, you can install CWM within a carrier locked device too.

  81.  I think there's an error with Odin in multiupload? Can I use this recovery if I bricked my phone when I try to upgrade to 2.3.6 but stopped at mibib download mode?

  82. If your device is bricked till now then you can try to flash any firmware using Odin. Also, you can download Odin from Roms and Utilities page -find mirror links there.

    No, you can't flash this recovery unless you have Gingerbread bootloader (and/or firmware).

  83. Dear Yagya
    Thank you for clarification. I was so keen to get CM7, that I finally went ahead and did it (in the end without making any backup of my stock rom - just the apps and data + system data via Titanium Backup). However I discovered that after restoring system data from GB my WiFi stopped working properly - had to chose factory settings in CM7 and restore only apps + data and then had no problems with it. I have been using CM7 7.2 for 5 days and have to say it is very customizable and would be perfect if:
    1) FM Radio was working
    2) Sound on headphones was good (I experience white noise while playing sounds at low volume)
    And that's what I have discovered so far (maybe there is more).
    Anyway I would like to update to 5.4 release as both these issues has allegedly been resolved there. If not I am planning to try different ROMs.

    Wish me luck
    Best regards


  84. Yes, the developer has tried to fix the radio sound bug as well as improve the sound quality so give it a try first, also don't forget to flash the updates given there. If you don't feel like it is nice and working fine, you can switch to any other ROM available out there.
    Good luck!

  85. Thanks Yagya. Instead, I downloaded the Indian's version of GB 2.3.6 and it worked like a charm! It didn't brick. I didn't wipe data/factory reset but in the phone settings it's Android 2.3.6. My phone bricked when I installed GB 2.3.6 from Androidadvices (strange). Anyway my phone is working :D. I'll check your site always.

  86. Glad that everything ended up well at the end. Yes, you can follow this site by various ways. You can subscribe to our feeds as well as follow me on facebook at for updates.

  87. Hey YAgya, I followed your procedure on my Galaxy pop running GB 2.3.6 . While installing any of the above versions of CWM recovery, Odin said :" An unnamed file was not found.:" so I tried using ROM manager. After flashing an older version 2.0.7 using ROM manager, i selected:"Boot into Recovery" option and my screen is blank!! no boot and no recovery mode. please help me. how can i get the OS back??

  88. You bricked your device.... Try to get to download mode and then flash a firmware. You shouldnot have used Rom Manager, never. Anyway, now find a place to get it fixed.

  89. i cant enter into download mode. Even odin isnt detecting my device. how can i flash my firmware then?

  90. N Yagya, one last ques.Samsung is replacing my motherboard. so after rooting the new installed GB is it safe to restore my apps using Titanium backup?

  91. Now, you are in real trouble. I suggest you go to a service center and get your device repaired OR if you don't want to take the trouble upon yourself then use Google to search for unbrick tutorials for ace and then give them a try.

  92. Glad to know you got your device fixed. Yes, you can restore you're apps using titanium backup but, be careful not to use the app ROM Manager at all. It doesn't support galaxy ace yet. Use the manual method provided here to get custom ROMs and/or custom recovery on your device.

  93. thanku very much for ur guidance yagya!!

  94. Try to uninstal the usb drivers for you device and then reinstall them. I think it is nprmal as it happened to me 5-6 times when i go back to official rom from custom. So don't worry.

  95. hi... i am not able to download the odin and mod files... plz help

  96. Look for mirror on Roms and Utilities page for galaxy mini.

  97. Hello, i flashed CWM on my Galaxy mini, and i get these messages:  
    E:Can't open /cache/recovery/logE:Can't mount /cache/recovery/last_logE:Can't open /cache/recovery/last_logis something wrong? Can i flash CyanogenMOD normally or just stay with my stock ROM ?

  98. Greetings, I guess it's normal to have those errors while flashing CWM on stock ROM for the first time. Yes, you may now proceed with CM7 installation poor stay with your GB -it's all your choice. Good luck!

  99. Rafael FernandesMarch 4, 2012 at 8:05 AM

    Yagya, I'm so afraid of bricking my phone. Do you know any other person who had the same problem as me? Sorry for bad english, I'm brazilian :D

  100. Hello Yagya. Just came here to thank u and tell you that I wish i could just take a plane to wherever you are just to give you a hug haha. Those errors disappeared after I wiped cache, and I decided to proceed with the CM7 installation. Everything worked fine, i'm loving CM7 and its functions. Thanks a lot and keep like this. Have a nice day, and thank you one more time (:

  101. I
    installed CWM recovery v5.0.2.7 and I can not backup system I always
    get error (can't mount /system) I have a custom rom S5570XWKQ5 can I plz
    get help

  102. The S5570XWKQ5 rom you are talking about is not a custom rom, it is a stock firmware from Samsung and that is the reason CWM recovery is not working on your device. Flash any custom rom and it should work fine.

  103. this firmware downloaded from, Is there is any custom rom with arabic enabled u now where to find it

  104. Yes, emnanoN supports arabic, but I think you can't write in arabic.

  105.  Hi.. how we can install custom rom, ODIN is not detecting the pop plus, i tried it....... Any guess ?

  106.  Hi yogya.. how can i install cw mode, ODIN is not detecting the pop plus, i tried it....... Any guess ?

  107. Hi..firstly i thanks to u. i have sucessfully flash cw recovery and chocoberad1.2 .
      how can i partition my sd? and does my galaxy mini support flash player after flasing chocobread....if yes then how i can install?

  108. Search here for instructions on partitioning your sd-card. And I think flash works on Chocobread too, I haven't tried it. But, you can sure give it a try. Use search bar at the top left to find what you want.

  109. tass file link not working in my country (malaysia) please upload new link..

  110. it is work with sasmung galaxy y pro duo b5512

  111. If this is a question then, the answer is no, it doesn't work with galaxy y pro duo.

  112. please tell me,do i must remove sim and sd card from phone before start flashing with odin

  113. Hello yagya!
    Im using official gb 2.3.6(rooted) on my galaxy pop....
    I installed adobe flash player from xda with the link u provide in above comments i followed the steps n fortunatly it works for me:-):-):-):-):-):-)
    Keep going with these good ur fan prem

  114. Hello everyone !!!
    may i ask if this working with samsung galaxy mini gt-s5570i or samsung galaxy pop plus??

  115. Waste 2 hours but Set up not completed. Even my mobile battery  became empty. Any Solution?

  116. Are you sure your device is Galaxy Mini? You need to follow the instructions carefully. Try CWM v4.0.0.5 (download form ROms and Utilities). It might work fine.

  117. i have mini gt s5570 tried CWM v4.0.0.5 again but same position accrued.

  118. Now, I'd like to hear what are you doing exactly. Tell me step by step and I'll try to point out any mistakes or errors (if any).

  119. I downloaded all three files.
    Run Odin
    Select Tass_v1.0.ops in "Select OPS"
    Check One Package Option 
    Select tass-recovery-cwm as "One Package"
    Connect the mobile with PC
    Power on the mobile in download mode
    Odin detect my device
    Press Start 
    a timer starts 
    after that wait and wait and wait about 2 hours then mobile battery become empty.
    Close all my programms

  120. just installed CWM as you problem while intalling......thanks

  121. i follwed all steps correctly in odin pass came i disconnected usb and i turning on my phone ,my cell is not starting cell sign to pc symbol came please help me to my phone recovery 

  122. it is very dirty timewaste and my phone is not working what i have to do ooooh myyyy goooddd please help me 

  123. You'll need to relax first and stop panicking. Then, you need to search for appropriate solution. Now, it seems like you semi-bricked your galaxy mini which is not that bad compared to hard brick. To recover your device, simply flash a stock firmware using Odin (search here for procedure) and it should be back. Then, try following the instructions above carefully. 

    Note: Read through comments to learn more about a topic as they contain important discussions too. 

  124. my phone says 'downloading' for more than 15 mins and No change. What can I do now?

  125. Try downloading from other browsers.

  126. if installing cwm taking longer time through odin then remove your sd card and then flash it through odin.

  127. Hello yagya! Good day! Can I install CWM using the stock recovery and not through odin? im new to this.. my mini is 2.3.4 and is rooted.. thanks a lot! -Tunechi


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