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Screenshots of Cyanogen Mod 7.2.0 RC5.4 On Galaxy Mini/Pop GT-S5570 Smartphone.

Last night squadzone, the developer of Cyanogen Mod for Samsung Galaxy Mini/Pop GT-S5570 smartphone, notified us that he got his device back from the service center and will soon release updates to all time famous and amazing cyanogen mod rom. And, voila, after a few hours of this announcement he released latest Cyanogen Mod 7.2.0 RC5.4 rom and you can now download and flash this CM7 RC5.4 rom on your device from this article. However, before giving it a try on your device, I am sure you would like to take a look at it from outside and here is your chance. Remember though, as the proverb goes, "You can't judge a book by it's cover"; you won't be able to get the real taste of the rom until you flash it on your device and use it for a while.

About Phone -  Rom Details.
About Phone - Device Details
App Drawer - See stock Memo, Task Manager for Cyanogen Mod 7
CPU Settings - Governors 
CPU Settings - Max. CPU Frequency (Overclocking)
Home Screen with widgets.
Home Screen
Lock Screen Settings - Many locks to choose and many customization
Lock Screen - Minimal Ring Lock Style
Ring Style-specific Lock options.
Memo app is now available as system app.
Music App - Now playing
Notification Window with bottom status bar.
Performance Settings 
Performance Settings - More options
Power Options
Sound Settings - You can now mute camera shutter sound.
Tablet tweaks - see the soft buttons (to the right) on the status bar, you can select which one you want to appear there from Choose soft-buttons option.
Task Manager app from stock roms
These are some of the screen-shots of the latest Cyanogen Mod RC5.4 custom rom for Samsung Galaxy Pop/Mini GT-S5570 smartphone. The rom is quite good and stable and also looks nice --as you can see above-- and you can make it look much beautiful with many themes and widgets available out there (in the market). So, let's flash this latest CM7 on your galaxy pop/mini. Follow the instructions at this article and you are done with in few minutes. That's all. Don't foget to share with me and others your view about this latest Cyanogen Mod Rom

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  1. is it possible to overclock it to maximum frequency? 

  2. It depends on your device's hardware. some devices can be overclocked to a higher frequency while others can't. For example- mine is stable at 753mhz only while I have heard of other overclocking up to 801mhz.

  3. Is applications like camera, music player, gmail is added in this custom rom???

  4. Except camera, you can find other things in the rom. Watch the latest video I posted here for clear insights.


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