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Screenshots of My Phone Explorer Software

MyPhoneExplorer is a powerful phone management software that supports a large number of handsets. In my previous post I explained some of it's features and shared with you how easily and efficiently it help you manage and organize the data in your device. Also, you found that with it's help you can easily sync your SMS, calls, contacts, notes, etc between your Personal Computer and your device as well as backup and restore your device's data easily. It also let's you install and uninstall apps and provides you the ability to launch the applications right from your PC on your device. And, the list continues....

However, all the useful features of this tiny but power application can't be explained with words, so I've got some of the screenshots of MyPhoneExplorer below to help you find out more about it.

MyPhoneExplorer - List of Installed Applications
MyPhoneExplorer - Calls Lists sorted in chronological order.
MyPhoneExplorer - Client App viewed with the help of Phone Keypad tool.
MyPhoneExplorer - MultiSync in Progress
MyPhoneExplorer - SMS from PC to device.
MyPhoneExplorer - Extras Menu Options
MyPhoneExplorer - File Browser (Internal Memory>System directory )
My Phone Explorer - View Memory Status (used/free memory of both NAND and external memory).
MyPhoneExplorer - Monitor (Device and battery information -- IMEI removed for privacy)
MyPhoneExplorer - Extras>>Phone Keypad (Let's you view your device's screen on your PC. In the screen above you can see my Galaxy mini )
MyPhoneExplorer - Settings (configure preferences here)
Text Input via PC keyboard (settings in device)
MyPhoneExplorer - Select Remote keyboard to input text via PC keyboard on your device.
MyPhoneExplorer - Select Remote keyboard to input text via PC keyboard on your device.
MyPhoneExplorer - Textinput (I'm typing in my PC and the text is seen in my handset.)
MyPhoneExplorer - Textinput (I'm typing in my PC and the text is seen in my handset.)
So, these are few screenshots of MyPhoneExplorer app. This freeware project on it's latest version (1.8.2) support large number of devices including most android smart phones and let's you easily manage your device. I hope you could get a more detailed picture of this powerful phone management application from the screenshots above. Some of the features of this application such as Phone Keypad and TextInput are simply amazing and no doubt anyone seeing the pictures above will agree with me. So, if you don't have this helpful software already installed on your Windows PC then, grab it right away from here and have fun organizing your handset.

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