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Greetings All! 

While the main purpose I created this blog, back in 2011, was to share tips and tricks about Android and various How-tos and Do It Yourself tutorials, I have moved on since then. I am really thankful to all the overwhelming support I have received from readers around the globe and regret not being able to keep you engaged any further through similar content(s). Now as I am pursing my Final level of Chartered Accountancy course, I am looking forward to provide management consultancy services to different individuals and businesses in India (based from Bangalore). And the posts, if any, on this blog, in future will be related to compliance under various laws and regulations and the like.

With a vision to "Rank among (and possibly surpass) the top names in the Industry" and the mission statement "to provide effective and efficient value added services and empower businesses to focus and build upon their key competitive advantages without having to worry about compliance(s) with various applicable laws and regulations through introduction of a reliable, accurate and timely support to the finance and compliance functions of the entity.", I am looking forward to build upon a business model which is virtuous, promising and truly upholds the name and fame attached to this profession, in its noblest form.

If you are looking for a consultant to oversee your compliance functions under various laws such as registration and monthly filing of returns under Goods and Services Tax (GST), quarterly filing of Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) statements, registration and filing of Professional Tax (PT) Returns, registration and filing of ESIC or PF Returns, filing of income tax return(s) and/or support for your accounting function such as maintaining vouchers and invoices, maintenance of books and records in an accounting system such as Tally ERP 9, computation and procession of payroll, preparing of financial statements as per applicable financial reporting framework, etc. reach out to us to get best quality value added services. 

Why me/us ?
  • A team of dedicated and enthusiastic professionals who believe that services rendered should add value to the business entity and empower them to focus on their key business functions.
  • Ensuring proper and timely compliance with full accountability and transparency. 
  • Get access to your data, available with us, anytime anywhere. 
  • No cheap/old client retention techniques such as withholding of client data, non-disclosure of information, etc. 
  • "Pay as you Grow" concept where our flexible billing system ensures that you are provided high quality services as you are in growing  phases at lowest cost, the deficiency is recovered subsequently as you grow.
  • We believe and practice regular training and learning, which is a must competence in today's dynamic and global environment. 
Get in touch to know more details. 

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