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How to download files from file sharing sites with full premium features for free?

Most of you might be thinking, How you could get a free premium account to download the files from Hot file, Media Fire, Rapid Share, File Sonic, File Serve, 4Shared, You Tube, Mega Video and many other similar types of file sharing sites with full premium features and resume capability for free? If so, then this article is for you.

File sharing sites like Hot file, Mega Upload, Rapid Share, Media Fire, File Sonic, etc requires you to have a premium account so that you can download unlimited files with high download speed and resume capability. But, now you can get all those premium features just for free and download all the files you want through leeching or premium link generation techniques. There are dozens of sites in the web that claim to generate fully functional premium link for your downloads but most of them require you to sign up with their website or others require you to click on an ads or complete a survey. But, I’ve found two sites that do this for free without having you to sign up or click ads on their website. and are two of the sites. You can also sign up for Rapid8 Premium accounts to get access to more sites but it is not recommend since mostly used file sharing sites are free.

If you are wondering how do they do that than don’t worry! I’ll explain you how they work in details. These sites ask you for a valid file URL that you want to download from any of the above stated file sharing websites, then using their premium account on that specific site they download that file to their server and make it available for you to download for free with full premium features and resume capability. The Step By Step Instructions below should help you get around with no problems.
  • Paste it in Add URL form in Rapid8 website and click Download button as show in the image below. (Notice that you can add two URLs at the same time.)
Free premium downloads add url
Add URL of the desired file from file sharing sites and Click Download.

  • It will return with a page with premium link for the same file. Simply click Begin Your Download button on this page (see the image below) and you are done. (Note that it takes some time to show the Begin Your Download button but once it shows up there is no restriction in downloading the file.)
Free premium downloads from file sharing sites will return back with premium link to your file.

That's all !!! Enjoy free Premium downloads with full resume supports.

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  1. both these sites provides data download at slow speed not at premium speed

  2. anand,
    We are not talking about speed here. It's the desire to get a resumable download and it is made possible by them. Also, for me I can download from these site at my max. bandwidth. If you have slow connection you won't get fast download for sure.

  3. I started using  tawkle.

  4. Thank you for the information :)


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