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Internet Download Manager: Resume, Accelerate, Schedule and Grab Downloads With Just One Click

Internet Download Manger is a paid application for windows x64/x86 platform and is available as a 30 day trial and is the best download manger available till now and I recommend you buy it immediately. Now, you might want to debate why should you buy this when there are other download mangers that can also accelerate, resume, schedule and grab downloads like IDM does, are available for free as well as you may cite examples of Orbit Downloader, Flash Get, etc.

Yes, you are right I too agree Orbit Downloader and others are available for free and can do similar tasks but internet download manger is quite different. But, I probably don’t need to reply your query, just use it for some days and you will know why it is the best and is actually worth paying $29 bucks to get it. But, if still you are not satisfied, let us look at some of its feature that makes it better than other.

1. Download Acceleration: IDM has the best accelerating algorithm that makes it capable of easily accelerating twice the normal speed. While, the official site claims it to be 5 times, I have never faced such huge increment in bandwidth.

2. Built-in Scheduler: You can schedule downloads to begin at any time of a day. Just make sure there are some files to download in a queue and your computer is turned on and has a working connection. It will automatically download the files for you.

3. Download Resume: Its comprehensive error recovery and resume capability can resume any type of broken or interrupted downloads because of power failure, unstable connection, network problems or whatever be the reason. The main advantage of IDM over other download managers is the ability to resume interrupted download even from file hosting sites like HotFile, MegaUpload, Rapidshare, File Sonic, File Serve, etc even without the need of premium accounts on these free file sharing websites. Can’t believe that right, but you hear me correct, it can actually resume any type of broken downloads and you got to try it to believe it. Read More to Learn More.

4. Any Browser Integration: Internet Download Manger can integrate itself with any major browser and lets you grab download links with just a single click. Just select the text that has download links (one or many) and IDM will automatically recognize and add them in its download list and download them for you. You can also download embedded videos, pictures, etc with one simple click. Just Click ‘Download with IDM’ button that appears on you tube videos or other and it will download it too.

5. Customizable and Easy Interface: The best part of using internet download manger is it is easy to use and has many options that you can customize according to your preferences. It’s easy setup wizard, simple and hassle free graphical user interface are its attraction. It has many options for you to test and play with.

These are some of the core features of Internet Download Manger. Currently stable build of Internet Download Manager 6.0.7 Build 11 has many more features that you are definitely going to like. For more features, please go to this link. You can buy latest Internet Download Manger or get a free 30 day trial by paying a visit to its official website. Or you can download it from file sharing site (not recommended though) given below:

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