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Introducing Galaxy Nexus Smartphone and Android 4.0 --aka Ice Cream Sandwich-- Operating Sytem.

After a long wait, Finally Google and Samsung unveiled brand new Galaxy Nexus Smartphone running the latest Android 4.0 operating system at a launch event in Hong Kong today, on October 19. Previously supposed to be released on October 13, the launch event was postponed due to the untimely death of Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Corporation, for today's date. At today event in Hong Kong, Google showed some of the awesome features of the latest Ice Cream Sandwich operating system.

Ice Cream Sandwich, being a major update of android OS, has vast changes and promises to narrow the gap existing between tablets and smartphones with this release. With this update of android, the lock screen, widgets, notifications, multi-tasking and everything in between has been rethought and refined to make Android simple, beautiful, and beyond smart. Also, the feature to unlock your device with just a smile is simply awesome. And in this release is the voice typing feature that lets you type your texts, SMS, e-mail, simply by speaking and then send it to your friends or kins within few seconds.

Along with Ice Cream Sandwich is the brand new Galaxy Nexus Smartphone from Samsung which runs android 4.0 operating system. With its sleek design, 8.84mm thickness and 4.65" High Definition sAMOLED display, this phone simply feels awesome on your hand. It has got 1.2 GHz dual core CPU that makes its super fast and snappy and capable of handling all your activities that require huge processing capability. High definition display makes it crystal clear to view videos, photos, and play games. Also, the camera is simply awesome. With a single-motion panoramic camera now you will be able to capture not just anything but a very large area with in your single photo, simply by moving your camera from one point to another. There are many more features and one can get a more detailed overview of Galaxy Nexus at

Here's a video demonstrating an overview of all new features available in Ice Cream Sandwich. I'm sure you won't believe some of these features to be actually available. But, we can't distort the reality and the truth is that Google have made all this available for all Android Lovers. We can expect to see more innovations from it and its partners, in coming days. Here are some screenshots of Ice Cream Sandwich that you might want to view.

Thus, we can see how well and smartly, Google replied to iOS 5 release from Apple, just two weeks ago from today. Also, new Galaxy Nexus smartphone throws iPhone 4S behind with its sleek design and super snappy speed. Also, it has got 4G (LTE or HSPA+) that lets you surf web at the speed of light and chat and browse videos at great speed. iPhone Lacks this one feature and it is said to be added with the release of iPhone 5 --which is not going to be released anytime soon.
Though it might be some time before these latest innovations are released to the public, Google announced that the platform is available for developers to download through Android Software Development Kit to get started right away with application development for Android 4.0 devices. You can download the platform from here or install it directly from Android SDK Manager. Also, note that you will need to upgrade your SDK tools to revision 14 or later, for you to be able to install latest android 4.0 platform. Developer's can learn more about android 4.0 and its highlights at android developer's site. Android User's can also learn more about these new features here.
So, what do you think of this latest version of android OS --aka Ice Cream Sandwich? Isn't it simply awesome? What will be your next smartphone? The comments below await your answer.

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  1. Waiting 4 samsung galaxy S3

  2. I guess Sasmsung Galaxy S3 would be very nice and amazing if it ships with stock Ice Cream Sandwich. But, I think it will lack one thing that is found on these Google Smartphone. Google Smartphone's are closely linked with Google and have many (expierimental) features in them such as Google Wallet, Near Field Communications, etc that will take some time to come in other Smartphones. Galaxy Nexus is similar device that is most useful the early adopters and geeky persons. I'm sure we will see more amazing devices from Samsung and other manufacturers.


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