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Screenshots of Ice Cream Sandwich Operating System, Latest Android 4.0 OS by Google

In my previous post I explained some major features of latest Android 4.0 Operating System, Ice Cream Sandwich, released today by Google at a media event in Hong Kong. Ice Cream Sandwich is really great operating system, and has major changes from design to its performance. Here in this post I have some snapshots of Ice Cream Sandwich for you to watch --Don't let it make your mouth watery. Please note that all these snapshots are from Google and can be viewed here.

Enjoy these beautiful snapshots of the juicy and attractive Ice Cream Sandwich OS on the latest Google Samsung smartphone namely Galaxy Nexus. Hope you will enjoy viewing them.

Lock Screen of Ice Cream Sandwich

Home Screen of Ice Cream Sandwich
Recent Apps list making it easier for multitasking. Just tap the app thumbnail to switch to the app. 

App Drawer. It's Simple, organized and apps have redesigned icons.

Widgets more beautiful and resizeable on Home Screen
Widgets are now more beautiful and customizable. Resize them to any size you prefer.

Notifications on Ice Cream Sandwich
Now you can use Camera or View Notifications without Unlocking.
Capture High Resolution Images with the Camera on Ice Cream Sandwich
Camera on Action. See the High Resolution image that is crystal clear and looks real.

Edit image on the go with the new gallaery edit Feature From Android 4, Ice Cream Sandwich
Now you can Edit image as you capture them and share it with your friends instantly.

Browser Tabs feature of Ice Cream Sandwich lets you surf web more easily and faster
Browser Tabs let you quickly switch between your open Tabs and make browsing faster and simpler.
View and Limit Data Usages From within Ice Cream Sandwich Operating System
View Data Usage Details and Set Limit if needed from within Android 4.0 OS
Calling and Texting in Android 4.0 is made very easier
Incoming Call. Use the SMS icon available to text the caller if you don't want to take the call.
Unlock Your Device Instantly with the Face Recognition Feature found in Ice Cream Sandwich
With Face Recognition, You can now instantly unlock your phone just by glancing at it.
These are some screenshots that demonstrate major new features of Ice Cream Sandwich Operating System. You can learn more about these features in details and view these screen shots at Android 4.0 Highlights page at android developer's website.

Hope you all enjoyed viewing these screen shots. So, what do you think about the latest Android 4.0 operating system --aka Ice Cream Sandwich? Do you think this is good enough to win against Apple's iOS 5? Or, Should Google introduce more new features on Android? What specific features do you think might be useful for android users? Please share your views at the comments below.

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  1. Wish I could flash it to my Galaxy Mini

  2. Me too... But, we can't do nothing at the moment than to wait for Samsung or someone form xda to make it availble to our device. Don't worry though there are some enthusiastic, claiming to make Ice Cream Sandwich available for Samsung Galaxy Mini GTS5570 --if it is not provided by Samsung Officially. Let's hope for the best to happen.

  3. Didn't know where else to comment on this (I don't have facebook): The Transitions animations didn't work for me. The phone is stuck on booting. Also, could you rewrite the readme file, it's hard to undrestand what you mean with these things:
    Navigate to the folder that contains framwork-res file. - In phone or PC?
    Run this command in adb - On phone or PC?
    adb push framework.apk /system/framework/framework-res.apk - Where did the framework.apk come from? The destination dir should be path to the folder where it's in, not the path to the file.

  4. Gribonn, Sorry for the trouble but I found it not working. I again tried to remake the Ice Cream Sandwich Transistions animations but it didn't work again. So, I guess no ICS Style Transition for our device. Don't worry though... Cyanogen Team has already started working on ICe Cream Sandwich based Cyanogen Mod 9 (CM9) rom and since our device is also added lately, we also have chance to get it in our mini. Cyanogen himself said to check back later after two months for the latest ICS based CM9.


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