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[Video] Installing Dsixda's Android Kitchen On Your Windows PC

Few days ago I wrote an article on How to Setup Android Kitchen and Cygwin On Your Windows PC? This is an update to the post and here I will not only tell you, but show you how to setup Android Kitchen on your PC and get started with modding or making your own custom rom. As said earlier, Dsixda's Android Kitchen is a utility that has many handy features and tools that can help you through the procedure of making or modding your custom rom. You will get to know, what I mean exactly, after installing and using it for yourself. So, without wasting time watch the video below and setup Android Kitchen on your PC and get started.

So, that was all about Setting Up Android Kitchen on Your Windows PC. Hope you enjoyed watching it. I will surely post more information and/or videos on getting started with making your own custom rom as and when my time permits me to do so. However, for now try to figure out a way around the Dsixda's Android Kitchen by yourself. And, believe me that's the best way to learn.

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  1. I get java error even though it is installed.

  2. Try updating to latest version of Java. Also, make sure you install Java at the very first before beginning any other steps.

  3. Phew!  All I can say is thanks loads for the tutorial, could not have worked it out otherwise!,Even so.......what a learning curve!.......Take heart all you who have not managed this process yet it has taken a few attempts and quite a few hours to do all this in the right order!!!!!  its a good idea I think to re-start your computer after installing the jdk before you move onto installing Cygwin/dsixdas Kitchen ( I found this was the only way to ensure that the jdk install was recognised by the system.)    :-)         Before each attempt you must remember to delete the cygwin registry key in regedit, and all files installed by the previous attempt, a bit tedious but the only way as I found out to ensure a proper "clean" install.    Good luck to all, My best regards and respect to gitagaire for the blog and video  to dsixda for the kitchen and Thanks go also to Chains DD and Clockwork mod for the inspiration.........just got to work out the rest now! Happy Modding,Killer

  4. Hey i have all steps does ther is a problem i doe on the terminal the comands and he say the application CLEAR is not installet wat is the problem ? PLS HELP

  5. Why are trying CLEAR command in terminal. Also, I don't remember asking you to use that command anywhere. Please, check out this step by step instructions and follow them carefully.


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