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Latest Cyanogen Mod 7.2.0 RC5 For Samsung Galaxy Mini/Pop GT-S5570.

UPDATE!! Please download and flash the latest from Roms and Utilities page or flash the update from below in your custom recovery after flashing RC5.0.

Cyanogen Mod is one of the best custom rom available and thanks to some of the developers out there we are getting to test a new flavor of this rom every week or so. Though, previously the developer, squadzone, had abandoned the project of releasing further kang builds --as his device was broken/damaged due to high CPU frequency-- he is now back to action and has already released another kanged version of latest CM7 rom - Cyanogen Mod 7.2.0 RC5. So, get ready to flash this update on your phone as I guide you step by step through the flashing procedure.

Cyanogen Mod RC5 has got some very good improvements and seems much stable than previous version. A new feature - Tablet Tweaks - is the main attraction of this rom among others. It seems to have good battery life and overall improvement in performace. Below is a short overview of what has changed over the previous versions, however, you can find complete change logs and details can be found at squadzone's github source.
  • Optimized All Apks
  • Fixed Some Bugs
  • Improve Some Libraries
  • Improve LDPI layout
  • Using 764Mhz OC Kernel With CM9 Features
  • Improve Tweak Kernel Again
  • Calculate AHB Again
  • Enable Tablet Features ( CM8 )
So, these are some changes in CM7 RC5 and among them a feature to look at is Tablet Tweaks in Settings>>CyanogenMod Settings>>Tablet Tweaks. With these tweaks you emulate soft buttons just like in tablets and other latest Android Smartphone that removes the need of using hardware buttons. But, it is sure it will take some time to get adapted with these new features if you are not used to with them already.

Also, here are few screenshots of Cyanogen Mod 7.2.0 RC5 rom on my Samsung Galaxy Pop/Mini GT-S5570 smartphone.

So, you seem to be pretty satisfied with these new changes, aren't you? If your answer is 'Yes' then get ready to flash this on your galaxy pop/mini and enjoy it. Follow the instructions below carefully.
Disclaimer : Do It At Your Own Risk

Note : Those who have Gingerbread OS and any Custom Recovery installed on their device can skip Step 1 and Step 2.

3. Download from here.  [For those whom the link beside is not working try to download CM7 RC5 from here ; password is myandroid007 ]

4. Copy the downloaded file to the (root directory of) your sd-card.

5. Reboot your device to Custom Recovery (Press Home + Power Button).

6. [Optional but, Recommended] Do a Nandroid Backup of your current rom.

7. Choose Install Zip From Sd Card>>Choose Zip From SD Card option and then select the file you downloaded from above. Note : If you are using RZ Recovery, choose Install Menu>>Select file you downloaded>>Select Wipe Data and Wipe Cache>>Choose Install  and wait till the rom is flashed.

8. Wait till the rom is flashed/installed on your device. Once done, Wipe Data and Wipe cache from recovery menu.

9. Reboot your device from your recovery main menu.

Optional Stuffs/Updates
After few minutes your device will boot up and you can then enjoy using the latest cyanogen mod rom on your galaxy pop/mini gt-s5570. Please, note that you can overclock upto 768 MHz directly from within the rom from CyanogenMod Settings>>Performance>>CPU Settings>>Max CPU frequency option. If you want to overclock over that limit please Flash the latest Overclocking kernel for CM 7.2.0 RC5. Please, don't use Overclocking Kernels released for previous roms as the kernel of this rom is different than that of previous releases. 

So, now you have got latest Cyanogen Mod on your galaxy pop/mini/next. Enjoy exploring various parts/options of this new rom. Also, don't forget to post your review of this awesome rom below in the comments. You may also want to find out more or thank the developer at this xda-developers thread.

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  1. Mirjam en Harro SmitJanuary 19, 2012 at 9:53 PM

    Hey Yagya,

    I had it installed, it seemed fine, but wifi tethering did not work (it just said 'error') I also did not like the startup screen which clearly showed it was the work from Squadzone... A matter of taste!
    Furthermore: the taskbar was at the bottom, which was correctable though. Also the themes for the lockscreen did not work.
    Finally i went back to 7.1, since i need the wifi tethering.
    Overclocking out of the box is perfect of course (but dangerous for you cpu). Overall it seemed pretty stable. I forgot to test if google maps worked. I didn't work in 7.1 and 7,2 RC4.
    If there is a solution for the tethering, i'll be back with this version!!
    Keep up te good work!


  2. Thanks. did u find any bugs yagyagaire?

  3. You can tether WiFi with the help of wired tether app and with the help of wireless tether app via USB. Also, squadzone deserves to keep the splash screen for his hard work so you should accept it whether you like it or not. And, Google maps probably works fine, however, I am not sure though.

  4. Hi Yagya,

    I want to instal rc5 but also want to use dartremor script... is it compatible? is there a better way of plutting apps on sd.. can I manage it so that system apps are on internal and only user apps on sd? Thanks

  5. Yes, it is possible to sue dark tremor a2sd in CM7 RC5. Also, you can backup apps to sd using Titanium backup or use App Control app. Also, I think a2sd does the same thing, move only user apps (which are on /data/app/ partition to /sd-ext/app . System app remain on /system/app the whole time. However, you can alternatively use Link2sd that provides the flexibility to choose which app to move where (but, I don't recommend using it).

  6. Mirjam en Harro SmitJanuary 20, 2012 at 12:19 AM

    Ok, in that case, i'll give it a retry!

  7. it is strange because I checked my prtition using the mount! grep sd-ext check on the emulator and it was ok, but when i do  code:

     then it says not found.. and i have used it already... i even did a format of my sd card and my sd-ext

  8. hello..pardon for my disturbance...just one to ask something..
    i just flash my mini to this rom..and i find that no time shown in notification bar..i didnt have a clue whats the problem..really appreciate if can help me..thank you in advance :)

  9. Guess, it's your first time flashing CM7. This is a bug that is there since last few releases. The problem is that the clock is there but you can't see it since it's color is black by default which matches the color of Status Bar. So, show is change the clock color to white in Cyanogen Mod Settings>>Interface>>Status Bar Tweaks>>Clock Color.

  10. Did you mount /system and /data before flashing the a2sd script. Also, it might not work if you are trying it on recovery other than clock work mod. Also, try flashing only the script at one reboot and see if it works.

  11. No, you can load this on your galaxy Y. Please, find one for your device elsewhere.

  12. yagya,, i had a problem,, although i solved it,, i wanna know what do you think about it,, after flashing this rom,, it's seems to be fine,, but i accidentally repartitioned my sd card,,so i used your partition tools,, but after that,, my phone automatically reboots,, it deletes the applications but,, leaves the data,, i got exhausted so i just reflashed the rom,, and still i'm observing it,,, what do you think abaout this??? thanks in advance yagya,,,

  13. One thing, I would suggest in the above case is to remove all partitions and then create a single sdcard partition. Then partition it using CWM recovery (only once) and then restore your data to sdcard and sd-ext partitions. But, since you fixed it already you are ready to move ahead and use the rom without any problem.

  14. hello Yagya.

    I've been testing this CM and I found it very interesting although it FC's sometimes (more than previous Stock Rom 2.3.5).

    Want to show you my appreciation for all your time and effort to this cause.

    I really appreciate all that you are doing!

    Can I ask you one question?

    It's about the sound of the camera shooter everytime I take photos. Is it possible to disable it? How?

    Also, I tried the flash player that you posted on the (...)Flash for Armv6(...) post (the 11...153 version) and it is working!!!! Amazing!!!!

    About the FC's I am pondering to downclock a bit (maximum OC is at 768). So I guess I will put it one level down...


  15. Hey Mate
    Can I install this on Galaxy Y? ( Indian Version only)

  16. can you optomize onlive for arm 6 plz plz plz plzzzz

  17. No, you can't flash this on Galaxy Y. Please search for a version specific to it. :)

  18. For the shutter sound go to Settings>Cyanogen Mod Settings>Sound and check Mute shutter sound option.

    Also, about the force close, it is likely to happen if you didn't wipe data and cahce after flashing or even when if you install an app that is not fully compatible. You can also try to remove the app which force closes. Also, overclock only if you feel it's need (if it is really slow or laggy) otherwise it's just a waste of time.

  19. yagya,
     Can you please tell me if it will remove my games on the sd card. And  please tell me the advatages of this rom.
    Thanks in advance,

  20. Hello,

    Thanks for all your input.

    I will follow your advice.


  21. This ROM is quite great! I've never seen a better battery life in custom ROMs before! However, I can't figure out how to create notes. And AnTuTu and Quadrant benchmark won't work. V6 Supercharger script works great, somewhat more efficient than CM's script itself. I'd give it 4.5/5.

  22. yagya,
    i have GB but no custom Recovery installed will it work??
    and most important i haven't "rooted" my phone will it work???

  23. oh
    Dissapointed.... :(

  24. No, it won't work. Both GB and custom recovery are essential. Pleas flash any custom recovery (CWM suggested) first and then continue with the steps.

  25. Games in your sd-card might not be removed (I am not sure, so it is recommended to do a backup of all apps first) It is a custom rom with new look and additional features unlike that in custom rom. Please see the video of CM7 RC5 rom and you will see why it is needed to install this.

  26. I can't get what you are talking about. Pease, be more clear.

  27. A question out of the topic,
    yagya, after i did this i cant play modern combat sandstorm.
    It only gives me a black screen then returns to my homepage.
    Please can you help me yagya.
    Thanks in advance yagya,

  28. i want cyanogen-mod-720-rc5-for-samsung-galaxy....
    so the first setp will be rooting right ???and then CWM or i can continue without rooting?????
    and plss tell me what r the precaution to be taken while flashing cm7 rc5...

  29. Yaga,
    The rom is totaly unstable can't do a single thing ... upset :(

  30. Hi yagya, what is theoritically the max overclocking frequency the mini can handle? And what is the optimum (average) freq needed so as not to cook the phone but still get a decent speed , no lags etc... :o Thnx for ur help :D

  31. I did all steps correctly... Used cwm5 version...

    After flashing wiped--- rebooted--- got stuck in android before the boot animationBefore flashing wiped--- rebooted--- got stuck in android before the boot animation...
    waited more then 30mins but no use...

  32. im currently using cyanogen mod 7.1 rc1 
    can i used this to update my sgm without wiping my data and caches?
    coz i dont want to remove my apps again and install it,im sick and tired of it,
    and cyanogen dont have a 3x4 keypad thats why.

  33. Hello Yagya,

    I need your help:

    How can I restore previously backed up (via kies) scheduler (.ssc) files?

    I also have to report that immediately after downclocking the device, it never FC again. I also have the impression that wifi is much more stable.

    Another thing, there are 2 camera apps pre-installed on the device. I cannot turn off the shutter sound on the one on the desktop. The other camera, I cannot use power button (or any other button) to take the picture.

    About the FC's (I really believe they happened because of OC. I had wiped cache and data...

    Enough for now.


  34. No need to root... All step by step Instructions have been provided above... Flash to GB and then install CWM recovery then flash the rom in CWM recovery. Follow the steps carefully and you are done. Make sure you have your phone charged above 50% as well as don't forget to wipe data and cache after flashing the rom.

  35. No, this is quite stable rom and I have been using it for a few days now and am not having any problem. Try to wipe data and cache in recovery and then give it a try again.

  36. Theoretically the Max Frequency is 600 Mhz. However, practically most/all mini can be overclocked around 753 MHz frequency and I think this should be enough for our poor mini. It is also sure not to cook your device.

  37. That's because you use CWM v5. Please use CWM recovery v4 and try again.

  38. Yes, if you are on CM7 then you probably can do so... but, there is a chance you might get stuck at the Android text or CM7 logo (even after for 10-15 minutes). If that is the case then you will need to wipe both data and cache. So, at least do a backup of everything before proceeding.

  39. thanks for the reply yagya... im gonna do it now. 
    well i think i really have to wipe my data and caches, just case it gets stuck up. but im still hoping it woulndt. hehe.. thanks again bro.

  40. im flashing cyanamode 7.2.0 rc5 on my galaxy pop gt-s5570and  im using gingerbread 2.3.6 im copy file root file of sd card and one copy in sd card
    then im install the set up by in  costum recovery menu the an a error after that set up is install 2nd step taking wipedata or reset factory yes delet all user then 3rd step wipe cache  then im reboot from the recovery menu then after that phone re start menu of new galaxy mini is shown then after that on black screen andriod is shown after that nothing is happened wats the problem 

  41. Can i install it with 2.3.4

  42. Yes, you can install it with any GB firmware.

  43. Wipe data and cache in recovery again and reboot. Also,if it doesn't boot after that try flashing the rom again in recovery.

  44. Sorry, for the late reply. Are those .ssc files really necessary? If not I suggest you leave it, other wise I will need some time to figure it out, if you haven't done it already. Or, maybe you can even try google search about this matter.

    About the camera, I also noticed it can't be turned off. I will talk with the developer about this matter and maybe he can solve this problem in next release.

    That's all for now.

    1. Hello Yagya.

      Thank you for your answers and suggestions. I believe that those files could only be manageable through Kies but since I've flashed a CR Kies is no longer available. On with it...

      In the last week you've introduced us to 2 new CM 7 2.0 RC 5 roms. I'd like to know which did you like the most. Are you using any of the two? Which would you recommend?

      If I decide to install the latest will I be able to restore data that I've introduced since last installation?

      Again, thank you for all your work. I must say that I've visited xda's developers site but only at a glance, so wasn't able to decide by myself which rom would be the one...

      Thank you and all the best!

  45. i exactly done which were you btell ,me  but same result 

  46. i cannot get the android market....i thought itll be preinstalled  because there is gmail and maps but i couldnt find i flashed gapps from ur previous tutorials  but no it common or just my rom.....i wiped data and cache after flashing

  47. You ought not to wipe data and cache after flashing the gapps.... Follow the instructions, properly, mount system and data and then flash and reboot without wipe.

  48. Then check your CWM recovery version. Try with v4, it works fine.

  49. i didnot  wipe after flashing gapps.....i wiped data and cache aftr flashing cm 7.2.0 ....i just said that because u mention it as  a common mistake......i tried flashing othr gapps(previous version ) too but i cant seem to install market on my phone

  50. i didnot  wipe after flashing gapps.....i wiped data and cache aftr flashing cm 7.2.0 ....i just said that because u mention it as  a common mistake......i tried flashing othr gapps(previous version ) too but i cant seem to install market on my phone

  51. i didnot  wipe after flashing gapps.....i wiped data and cache aftr flashing cm 7.2.0 ....i just said that because u mention it as  a common mistake......i tried flashing othr gapps(previous version ) too but i cant install market on my phone 

  52. Try installing market from your sd-card. Search google for Android Market 2.3.6.apk and download one and install it and see.

  53. Hello! I installed this Cyanogen RC5. I am very pleased with him, but I have a problem with notification bar that is at the bottom of the screen. please help me to move the top one. thank you

  54. Go to Settings->CyanogenMod settings->Tablet Tweaks->uncheck Bottom status bar

  55. hi yagya. can we use wireless tethering on galaxy mini ( i mean sharing our 3g network via wi-fi) I have rooted my mini and have cm7 cs5. Any special app needed or does cm7 have it? Or in the worst case, our device doesn't support it?
    Thnx for your help dude!

  56. Yes, you can do so. Just download and install wireless tether app from market or (search google for it) and install it and you are set to go.

  57. its a good cfw. im using it right now,, except for a little problem theres no market, i install the gapps update but still market is not responding but at least an icon appeared.

  58. sorry problem solved i just restored everything from titanium back up...thanks for this rom.

  59. It's ok! Am glad everything worked out fine at the moment. Enjoy!

  60. Hello to all!

    Yagya has posted some  updates.

    Currently I have CM7.2 RC5 by Squadzone. How should I update?

    Flashing RC5.1 first?

    Or flashing the updates from Optional stuff/ updates would be enough??

    How should I install these updates (if it is needed or if I want)? Should I install them through CWM?

    Thanks in advance

  61. after install update, when rebooting,my phone is stack at 'android' logo for a long time..

  62. Yes, if you want you can install them via CWM recovery or simply flash the updated version RC5.1 that has these fixes included. [However, I suggest doing a nadnroid backup before flashing these updates or the new rom, since i heard it has some problems with it.]

  63. Wipe data and cache in CWM recovery.... IF that doesn't solve the problem flash the zip again. :)

  64. what the range of time when install zip from sd card? it is because my range of time when install from sd card is fast..about 2-3 minutes,and then it says at cwm 'updating is complete'...when i wipe data and cache, and phone is stack again at android logo..are posible my zip is corrupted?

  65. what the range of time when install zip from sd card? it is because my range of time when install from sd card is fast..about 2-3 minutes,and then it says at cwm 'updating is complete'...when i wipe data and cache, and phone is stack again at android logo..are posible my zip is corrupted?

  66. what the range of time when install zip from sd card? it is because my range of time when install from sd card is fast..about 2-3 minutes,and then it says at cwm 'updating is complete'...when i wipe data and cache, and phone is stack again at android logo..are posible my zip is corrupted?

  67. Hello Yagya,

    I've tested a little bit of 5.1 RC but after a while, my s2e's apps didn't show no more.

    Also Market app didn't function quite well.

    I am wondering about which was the culprit. It was the first time I tried s2e. I got to install it through the pc while at my google account. All the other apps I only installed them through sd backup. Still they were not recognized by Market app. Every time I tried to update something from Market I got 492 error code, and didn't succeed.

    So I got back to RC 5.0 by squadzone, by restoring previous nand backup that you so thoughtfully suggested.

    That's it. Hope you or someone back at the developer's corner can get some of this feedback. There's certainly a lot of effort being made, and I'm thankful for someone with more skills is giving a hand in all these experiences. The dev team really deserves a hand. Hope they can sort these bugs (apparently).

    All the best!

  68. Hi Yagya 
    I had flashed update-cm-7.1.0-GalaxyMini-KANG-signed-17112011 on my mini and its having a random reboot problem plus the voice quality of calls is horrible .. should i flash again with 7.2 ???

  69. Yes, try it... There have been many improvements since the release you have. Maybe all your problems might also be solved.

  70. Market should have worked fine if you have flashed Google apps properly. Also, the problem I think is with the restore you made via sd-card. You ought to have done restore first and then install and configure s2e but, you did it other way round which might have been difficult for s2e to figure out.

    And, even if it really is a bug.. then I am sure the developers will put their efforts of fixing it in the next release.

  71. Yes, that the time while at recovery but it takes some time at Android Logo too. So wait for some time about 5-10 minutes during the first boot.

  72. Thanks Yagya for all the trouble you are having to answer all the queries.

    I must add that I did not realize that I had to flash Gapps. On the squadzone rom that I had (and that I turned back to now) I didn't flash Gapps either.

    So I will try that.

    One other thing, I had backed up ADW and Desktop settings to sdcard. When I installed this RC 5.1 I got them back, I restored those ADW, and It was only then that I noticed that something was going wrong.

    One question: should I move dalvik cache too? I tried this stunt about the same time when I restored ADW settings. So I'm not sure what really caused the problems. This dalvik moving or ADW or BOTH.

    But perhaps what caused it was all those issues that you've pointed, namely:

    1- not having flashed GAPPS;
    2- installing s2e before restoring the apps that I had on the phone.

    This leads me to another point: does s2e handle future installations of apps? Or was it just because there might be a conflct between Google Market App and s2e and restoration of apps from SD?

    Thanks and see you soon. For now I will try again to flash this 5.1 but being careful about what you've pointed out.


  73. Please UPdate the link

  74. hi yagya
    I had flashed update-cm-7.2.0-RC 5.1GalaxyMini-KANG-signed-17112011 on my pop and it works pretty well but after flashing i having a problem that map always force closes though after updates from market, i have also updated optional stuff/updates for cm-7.2.0-RC-5.1. I faced the only problem after flashing cm-7.2.0-RC-5.1 from update-cm-7.1.0-GalaxyMini-KANG-signed-17112011 on my pop. Please help me on this.
    Thanks in advance for all the good work that you have done !!!!!!!

  75. The links are updated in Roms and Utilities page so please find your download there.

  76. Try the latest RC5.2 rom, it is good and stable and maps v5 works fine (though you might get some error with v6).

  77. Hello to all!

    Yagya, I've got some problems with s2e so I've given up using it. Now I'm using a2sd (and a2sdgui) and it seems that my CM 7.2 RC 5.1 is much more stable.

    I am going to try out Custom recovery 5..0.2.7 from LilG and after flashing it I will give CM 7.2 RC 5.2 a try.


  78. Yevgeny KosarzhevskyJanuary 31, 2012 at 11:50 PM


    I wonder if someone manager to make google voice search to operate. When I click a microphone on google search widget I am being forwarded to market app with '' on the top and 'no results found' as a result.

    Also I have no voice input available when I try to write something. Is that an expected behaviour?

  79. No, that's only expected if you don't have the required app Voice Search installed on it. And, it says no result found since the app is not available for your region. You need to note that, not all google apps/features are available at all locations.

  80. I cant believe this blog exists. a lot of thanks to the owner. btw what 3rd party apps for usb tethering/wifi hotspot are compatible with this

  81. Welcome to this blog!! I hope you will have a good time reading and learning through the posts here at this site.

    Wired tether and Wireless tether are the two apps you can download from market or from Google for USB and wireless tethering resp.

  82. thx for the reply. but do i need to wipe data every time i update for a new rc?

  83. No, that's not necessary, if you can figure out what to do in what type of situation that you might have while flashing a ROM. But generally it is recommended since you won't likely be in trouble if you flash that way.

  84. hi...i just want to ask if the 5.5 has the S2E apps already or do i have to install it manually....i really like that apps it's very easy to move application

  85. It doesn't have so you will need to install it manually.

  86. how to install android market??
    i lost all my apps plzz help....

  87. i did exactly as u said. but d screen shows me only a live wallpaper of cyanogen mod 9 android. what can i do?

  88. can u plz tell hw much time it takes for the device to boot. i m struck on cyanogen logo for 5 min

  89. Sorry, for the late reply. It should take a maximum of 10 - 15 minutes to boot up. For your case it seems like you need to flash the rom again. SO, just follow the instructions again and flash the rom in CWM recovery.

  90. Hello yagya, i want to tell you that the password for the link is wrong. Can u pls check the password. Or just post another link pls. It'll be really helpful n thanks in advance.


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