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Recent Changes Undergone At Handy Information

If you are a regular visitor of this blog, then you might have noticed that the design of this site has undergone a major change. Yes, recently I upgraded the design of this blog to make it more better and easier for navigation and sharing contents as well as to look beautiful and professional for the visitors eyes with an aim of overall improvement in end user experience. Since we launched around August, last year, I have always wanted a site that would stand out among others (competitors) out there. And, soon I was able to drive quite a lot of traffic to this site and now we have over 110K views monthly --thanks to all of you. But, the look of this site was what kept me thinking that something is wrong here and I decided that it just had to undergo a change and toady what you see here is it's consequence.

In this post I will make you all aware about some of the changes we have undergone to improve the experience of our followers, fans and readers. And, as a reader or a daily visitor of this blog you are the one who interact with the front end most of the time and thus, I want to know from you all about further possible changes that can be done to improve the overall user experience. I think the current design of the site is quite good in overall cases. But, if you can come up with some idea to refine this design further more or if you can see something missing which I can't, then please suggest us at the comments form below. Your suggestions are highly appreciated and will be considered as and/or when appropriate.

And, the news don't stop right here. With the change in look and feel we have optimized this to make it easier for you to share the contents that you read and/or like with your friends. With the floating sharing buttons at the left of each article that go where ever you go you can easily like and share the contents as well as recommend it to other users in Google search results by using +1 button. Search button at the right top will help you easily discover what you are looking for at any specific moment. I encourage you to exploit these features and use them most of the time as and when applicable.

Along with the above changes I recently decided to welcome young, enthusiastic and creative fellows (readers, writers or maybe a fan) to join this Handy Information community and guest blog at So, if you are an Android lover, who wants other to hear him, who cares and want to share with others then please, go through this article for further information/instructions.

And, that's all for now. I will keep you all informed about the changes we do at this site as well as keep you updated with latest, useful and handy information as and when possible.

Yagya Gaire.

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  1. The overhaul looks pretty nice. Just wanted to point out that the share bar on the left side is overlapping on the post and obstructing the view. My guess is you wanted to place it outside the margin. Hope you look into it. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. For me there is no such problem --maybe it's the browser you are using, that is causing the problem. I will look onto it as soon as possible.


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