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Screenshots Of emanoN v5 Rom On Galaxy Mini/Pop GT-S5570 Smartphone.

Famous for having a lot of custom features all with in stock look and appearance, emanoN rom, is one of the best custom roms out there. And emanoN version 5 seems no exception to the fact. Yes, emanoN v5 rom is out and Samsung Galaxy Mini/Pop GT-S5570 smartphone users can set their hands on this awesome update at this article. The developer, parasmi, recently told that he is almost done with his emanon v5 rom and it will be made available to galaxy pop/mini users anytime soon. He also posted some screenshots which you can view below. It seems like he has worked very hard on this rom since this update looks awesome and has many new features.

The features such as Swipe to remove notification, wide variety of lock screens to choose from, support for Right To Left (RTL) Languages, etc are some of the major changes that are to be noted. Also, the addition of emanoN parts in Settings is another great feature of this rom. Just like you could in CMParts or Cyanogen Mod Settings, in Cyanogen Mod roms; you can customize your emanoN rom from here. Along with all these cool custom features you get simple stock User Interface which makes this rom really amazing and maximizes ones desire to get this rom right away on their device. However, please control your overwhelming emotions for now and have a look at these screen-shots of emanoN v5 rom below.

Home Screen - Empty
App Drawer - List View
APP Drawer - Grid View with Menus
Notification Window - Notice the swipe to remove notification feature.
Call Settings
Incoming Call Screen
Lockscreen Styles in emanoN parts
Lockscreen Gestures to run apps directly from lockscreen.
Use of Gestures in Lock Screen
Lockscreen - Type 1
Another Lock Screen
Modified Slide to Unlock Lockscreen Style
emaonoN parts- Custom Settings List.
Support for RTL Languages
Ring Lock Style Lockscreen
Revamped Rotatory Lockscreen
Another Lockscreen style
Settings Window
System Tools Settings in emanoN parts
Display and Status bar settings -emanoN parts
Device Information - emanoN parts
So, these are some of the screenshots of latest emanoN version 5 custom rom and hopefully it will be available for galaxy pop/mini users very soon. Thanks to parasmi, for these amazing screenshots and as well as for the latest update. Now, that you know what this rom looks like from outside, it's time to give it a try on your android smartphone. Read through this article for more information as well as step by step instructions on installing this rom.

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  1. very cool..
    i'll waiting for it.. :D

  2. wow really so many new features are added im waiting for it hope release soon

  3. Looks cool, and there's a music icon on lock screen.

  4. Very soon... You can Keep connected with us at or subscribe to our RSS feed.

  5. favorite ROM has an UPDATE.......can't wait to try or have it.......yyyyyeeeeeppppiiiiiiieeeeee......

  6. i can wait thiss....I LIKE STOCK!!!!--fucking cyanogen

  7. Yes, I too love stock. But, I am sticking with cyanogen for it's awesome features. I requested to the developer if he can add some features from Cyanogen to emanon rom. If that happens then back to stock :D

  8. yeah..all the cyanogen features will transfer to emanon and it will be awesome

  9. Agreed yagya, I luv cm but somewhere I luv stock too. I just want cm features to be there in stock. Waiting for em5, plz give it soon.

  10. I have emanon rom v4. If I flash this version 5 Rom, what should I do to restore app data on my previous v4 rom to v5 rom. For e.g. If I want to restore my Calendar events currently in v4 rom, restore those events and data and settings of Calender app and similar apps (e.g. SetCpu settings, Launcher 7 settings)

    I guess using restore v4 backup from CWM recovery will make my v5 rom to v4 again. I don't want that. Just data and settings of certain apps.

    Also, if I open .zip in computer and delete .apk of apps (For e.g.s2e.apk ScreenOffLock.apk and Dual Clock widget News Weather widget apk ) that I don't want from inside system > app, and then flash, will it flash and work properly?

  11. No, you don't do that. It's simple don't wipe data after flashing emanonv5. Only wipe cache and reboot and you should be fine. [Do a backup first since this trick doesn't work always and you might need to qipe cache to work.] I will write it in more detail later on.

  12.  why can't i install some apps and games in cyanogenmod 7.2?But emanon rom supports such of these apps and games.Crux of the matter is that whenever i replace older version with the latest one,the situation goes from bad to worse.And also sometimes my cell force closes.I am sticking with cyanogenmod cause i can overclock it upto 864Mhz which is not possible for emanon V3 and v4 and also it's got a chic theme.Bro i was thinking might there be any way to use cyanogenmod's theme in emanon?If you know the procedure Please.. tell me...

  13. Hi Yagya... I don't have access to post on developers forum on xda yet... can you please do me a favour?
    Please post on emanoN forum on xda asking parasmi to upload emanoN v5 based on DDKQ7 (which he has developed but changed his mind @ last moment) as well along with XWKTH version?

  14. hi yagya....when will this new version be out for download...i'm still waiting for it...i am using the version 4 right now...i found a very simple way to make it more useful for me like editing the rom itself by changing themes, adding new system other words i have made a new rom out of the old emanon v4 rom....but still i want to have the latest version....

  15. Version 5 is released. 

  16. Yes, find more information as well as tutorial to flash emanoN v5 here :

  17. Yes, it's out. You can find the article from the homepage.

  18. I flashed it it works fine. BTW I have found some bugs and want to share them -
    1) You can't hear anything if you set volume full in settings but you can if you set it to 2 points less than max.

    2) Radio force closes if we try to change volume.

    Please post on XDA as I just joined few days back

  19. thank you so much....found it....downloading!!!!!!! can't wait to see the changes on my mini.....

  20. thank u for your efforts yagya


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