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Screenshots Of CM7 RC5.5 With Updates On Galaxy Mini

The developer released two updates for latest Cyangoen Mod 7.2.0 RC5.5 custom rom for some major changes in the system and kernel. In my previous post, "Updates For Cyanogen Mod 7.2 RC5.5 For Galaxy Mini GT-S5570" I informed you about the many changes that come with these updates. So, if you want to find out more about them or want instructions on flashing these zips on your android powered Samsung Galaxy Pop/Mini GT-S5570 smartphone then go through that article. However, in this article, I will show you some of the screen shots of CM7.2 RC5.5 custom rom that I took after I flashed the updates on my galaxy pop.

Home Screen - CM 7.2 RC5.5
App Drawer
Super user app updated - Root pre-installed.
S2E App on Cyanogen Mod
CM Compass App
Live Wallpapers For CM7 RC5.5
Lockscreen With Holo Ring lock style
Lock Screen with Widgets - Battery percentage and Music Widgets
CPU Settings - Ability to display Current CPU frequency as well as setting Max. CPU Frequency for Screen Off.
Performance Settings - New KSM Options
More New Options
Tablet Tweaks - Soft buttons
Sound Settings - You can now mute Camera Shutter as well as configure DSP Manager from here.
Phone Details - Galaxy Pop GT-S5570 2.3.7 with DDKQ7 baseband.
Rom Details - Latest Cyanogen Mod RC5.5 custom rom.
So, these all were few screenshots of latest Cyanogen Mod RC5.5 rom along with updates installed posted to help you find out more about the latest updates for CM7 RC5.5 custom rom. I suggest that you install these updates on your Samsung Galaxy Pop/Mini GT-S5570 smartphone too so that get can get a real taste of latest CM7 rom. You can read through this article to find more about these updates.

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  1. -.- it seems to be more complicated

  2. What is complicated? Can you be more clear? The rom looks nice and is working fine. Just follow instructions I posted to get it.

  3. yap, i think Kdot is quiet right about seems a bit have to configure a lot of things before you can have it done....but by the way it's a very nice ROM...i've tried it but there's a lot to do on it hhahahahahahaha....GOOD JOB!!!!!!!

  4. I am sure the instructions are clear, aren't they? About the part of giving it a try, I too know it is tedious and complicated but as the proverb runs, "nothing good or worthwhile can be achieved easily." Good Luck!

  5.  hi yagya....just want to know the proper maximum capablity og mini regarding to its CPU....the developer had it over 800 but instead of going fastr it always crashes...

  6. Then please decrease the max. CPU frequency to around 753 MHz -- your device should run fine at this frequency. Also, since all devices are made different you can't generalize that every mini can be overclocked upto the highest frequency, different CPUs are slightly different in capacities.

  7. the screenshot really the same upon installing....or do i need to install another apps for it....coz when i intall it there is no S2E and MARKET in the ROM....did the developer install it manually or it came with the ROM itself....

  8. Some of the screenshots are taken after I installed Market and S2E app. So, you got confused. This roms comes clean so you will need to flash gapps and install s2e by yourself. If you look or search around at this site you will find out how you can do so.

  9. Is this the latest CM7??

  10. Hi there Sir Yagya! can i install this even im using Chocobread 1.2? and the default version for my android is 2.3.4, will it be 2.3.7 after i install this cm7 rc5.5 or do i need to upgrade my version first to 2.3.7? thank you so much in advance!

  11. Yes, or maybe not. CM7 RC5.6 has been released just around a while now.

  12. No, that wouldn't be necessary. Since you have any GB and CWM recovery installed already you can flash it right away and your galaxy mini will be upgraded to 2.3.7.

  13.  hello i got an problem man...i lost all google apps while changing to cm! plz help! fastly......

  14. Find Google apps for GB and flash them. Search here.


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