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Screenshots Of MIUI4 On Galaxy Mini GT-S5570

MIUI4 which features many richer themes and better user experiences has created a lot of buzz in many android communities out there since past few days. This custom ROM was previously available for only HDPI and high-end devices such as Nexus One, HTC Desire, Desire HD and others. But, with the release of MIUI code to public by MiCode community few days ago, many hungry developers out their put everything they have learnt so far to port this rom to many LDPI or MDPI devices including low-end or mid range devices like Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Mini, Fit and other smart phones. But, these ports not that smooth and stable at the moment. So, if you own a Samsung Galaxy Pop/Mini GT-S5570 smartphone then you can now give this rom a try on your device as explained on this article. But, before that view these screen shots of MIUI4 Apha1 rom I took on my galaxy pop.

Home Screen
Home Screen Menu
Home Screen with Widgets and Utilities folder.
Apps List or Drawer whatever you call.
Add or alter widgets Screen
Adding widgets to a screen - Drag one from the bottom to the screen and you are done.
Smart Dailer
Anti-Spam MIUI Utility - Firewall to block calls.
Notification Window
Status Bar Settings
Status Bar Toggles Location Setting
Toggles Window - Page view.
Compact Notification Window - Notice Toggles at the bottom.
Contact App
File Manger - Browse
File Manger - SD Card
MIUI Launcher Settings
Location Consent Dialog
MIUI Notes. very handy with beautiful appearance.
MIUI Utilities apps
Running Android Apps - App Manger.
Messaging App - Phases, You can add you own too.
Permission Manger app - You need to turn on Root Permission here before  superuser can get root access.
Permission Manger Warning - Instant ROOTING
Power Button Options
Customize Theme options - You can customize wallpapers and ring tones specific to themes.
Styles Options - Customize Theme
Wireless FTP - Remote File Browser
Screen shot with Pointer Location checked on Developers Settings.
Wireless and Device Settings List
Wireless And Networks Settings - More Options
Accessibility Options
Settings - Personal Preferences
Language and Keyboard Settings.
System Settings Options
Sound Settings
Volumes Settings
Developers Options Settings
CPU Details on Screen - Developer Settings.
Display Options - Settings
Battery Usages details.
About Phone Details - Model No. and Hardware Specs. Notice RAM is 512 MB : It includes both RAM and System ROM.
About Phone - Baseband & Kernel version; MIUI build number.
So, these are quite a lot of screen-shots I managed to capture so that you can get a detailed overview of MIUI4 build 2.2.17 custom rom on our galaxy pop/mini gt-s5570 smartphone. As I said in my previous post, being in alpha stage of development this rom has quite some bugs and a major one seems to be the bug that reboots the device into a boot loop when the screen timeouts or when you try to lock the phone manually by pressing power button. The only way to get out of this is doing a data and cache wipe in  custom recovery which is very annoying and tedious. However, I have also managed to get a short video of this rom on my galaxy pop which I will post later sometime today.

And, for those who like this rom and want to give it a try, I suggest that you go through this article. I have posted step by step instructions on installing this MIUI4 custom rom on Samsung Galaxy Pop/Mini GT-S5570 smartphone at that article.

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  1. This should be my favorite ROOM once it is stable. 

    I wouldn't try it now since it has some bugs, but I will do it when a more stable version comes, definitely. 

    Thank you Yagya for, once again keeping us in touch with the latest about our lovely SGM.


  2. Thank you very much! maybe you can show us the languages that this rom have?

  3. This ROM currently supports only English and probably Chinese languages. Maybe more languages will be added on next release

  4. hey yagya
    again thnx for rom and your support
    just want to ask one question is this rom having any bugs like wi fi not works usb debbuging pls tell me i am waiting....................................



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