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Screenshots Of Chocobread v2.0 Rom On Samsung Galaxy Pop/Mini GT-S5570

As I outlined in my previous post, "Chocobread v2.0 For Samsung Galaxy Pop/Mini GT-S5570", version 2.0 of our favorite custom rom, chocobread, is out on the streets and you can now grab it and flash it on your device by following the instructions from my previous post mentioned above. In this article, I am going to show you some of the screenshots of this awesome custom rom so that you can get an overview of its look and feel right away. However, to get full experience as well as to exploit its complete features I suggest you flash this rom on your galaxy pop/mini gt-s5570 and take some time exploring through it's features.

Lock Screen

Home Screen
Notification Window
App Drawer
LockScreen or Unlock Screen Settings - You can choose from 9 different lockscreens.

Adjust CPU Frequencies using No Frill CPU app - You can overclock upto 864 MHz
I/O Schedulers
APP2SD GUI app - A2SD Script is pre-installed.
About Phone Details.
So, these were some of the screenshots of latest chocobread v2.0 custom rom. Thanks to flowish for these awesome rom as well as these screenshots. If you liked these screenshots (and this rom) then please follow the instructions here to flash this on your galaxy pop/mini gt-s5570. Do post a comment below sharing your views about this rom.

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  1. Sir..Yagya.. can i flash this Firmware is s5570wwkpk 2.3.4 not 2.3.6

  2. im not yagya,, but yes you can,, but first you have to flash clockwork recovery or rz recovery,, you can find the instructions at this site,, just explore and youll learn lots of things fron this site made by yagya..

  3. Jounin, 
    Yes, you can flash this on any rom even with android version 2.3.4.

  4. pllz help the lock screen does not work ( 9 unlock screens) and the lock screens (pin,password, and pattern) plz help

  5. never mind i installed a custom lockscreen from market

  6. It works fine, you can change lock screen from display settings and then choosing unlock screens.

  7. Yagya it didnt work but i reflashed and everything worked ( home button wasnt working too)

  8. which is the best roms for galaxy mini 

  9. It depends upon the user. One might like Chocobread while other might love emanon rom. So, as you see different users have different taste. But, I like Cyanogen Mod rom. Try any and choose one that's best for you.

  10. i have installed many custom roms on my galaxy mini but the wifi stops working what to do?

  11. Wipe data and cache in clockwork mod recovery after you flash any rom. And, then try reconnection again. Make sure you have stable connection and you are in the range. Also, if that doesn't help, flash back to stock GB firmware and then install any custom rom and try again.

  12. to install a rom is it important that the baseband version should be matching.  if so then i have a baseband ver. s5570xxkpi i think that its a strange version because i have never seen an android phone before with this version

  13. No, that's not a rule to be defined while flashing custom roms. However matching basebands are recommended.

    And, the version you have is not a new thing. Many users have it. So, just follow the instructions and flash the rom.


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