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[Video] Extracting System Files And Folders From Stock Firmwares.

Extracting .zip and .rar is a simple task. But, system files from stock roms are packed inside system.rfs or system.img files and extracting system.rfs file and getting the files inside it is quite difficult, for those who have little knowledge in tech field or has less experience with computers. In this video,  presented below, I  will guide you through the steps to extract your system files and folders and then pack them on a .zip file that can be edited using Android Kitchen and then flashed on your device after wards using any custom recovery. If you can't understand any part in the video then go through the step by step instructions I wrote for the same process at the article, 'How to Extract System Files From Stock Firmwares?'

That's all in this short video. Hope you enjoyed watching it. If you have doubts regarding any steps or topic I am sure you know where to ask for help (Hint: it's at the bottom of every post).

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