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Screenshots of CM Music Mix v3.1.9 On Galaxy Mini/Pop/Next GT-S5570

With the increasing users of Galaxy Mini/Pop/Next GT-S5570 smartphone users, many developers are now starting to build roms for this android powered smartphones. In my previous post I notified of one such developer Mr_V_D who modified Cyanogen Mod 7 rom and made his own custom rom named CM Music Mix v3.1.9. This rom is also codenamed Music Mix MIUI4 since it has the look of MIUI4 custom rom as you can see in the screenshots below. This rom is very fast and stable and it seems good to the eyes also. In this article you will get to see some of the screenshots of this custom rom that will help you gain more information about this rom.

App Drawer of Muisc Mix MIUI4
Lock Screen - Holo Ring Lock Style
Home Screen
Notification Window
Long press home-screen menu.
Camera - Advance Menu Settings
Dialer App
File Manager - Able to access system files too.
Lock Screen with Music Widget
Phone Options - Long Press Power/Lock Button
Task Manager - RAM Status
Settings List
More Settings Options
Overclocking - Max CPU freq. up to 864 MHz
Performance Settings - CM settings
Tablet Tweaks - CM Settings
Phone Details - Model GT-S5570, OS version 2.3.7
About Phone - Rom Details, version, build number, etc.
So, these are some of the screenshots of this awesome CM Music Mix v3.1.9 custom rom from my galaxy pop gt-s5570 smartphone. Doesn't this rom look beautiful? Yes, it indeed looks awesome and not only from outside it is quite beautiful and smooth from inside too. Just give it a try on your smartphone and you will get to know it. You can follow the step by step instructions at this article to get this Music Mix MIUI4 rom on your Samsung Galaxy Pop/Mini/Next smartphone.

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  1. this looks good. Is this an update for the last rc5.5 or more like that?

  2. can I get the app icons of this rom in stock

  3. I guess you can theme your stock rom to look like this. You can try UOT kitchen tool for that.

  4. No, it's not an update to RC5.5. This is another mod of CM7 rom by Mr_V_D. He has themed it to look like MIUI4.

  5. looking very interesting! has any one tested it? hows the battery performance?

  6.  I will be glad if you post the detailed steps to make themes using UOT for stock,Thanks.

  7. yaga this is the best rom i have used still date ,super fast,looks great sound no lags thanks tio mr v_d

  8. I currently don't have any plans on doing so since I am very busy for next few months. Using UOT kitchen is pretty simple and you will get around it very soon. Just give it a try.

  9. which is better, the emanon v5 or this rom????what do you think??btw is there a bug in this rom????answer me ASAP

  10. I successfully installed this rom on my galaxy mini and am very satisfied after setting some cm7 options. But I found that wifi tethering does not work. When I use USB tetheing, my laptop detects and can access internet. does'nt this rom support Wifi tethering yet? Thanks for your work and effort to support galaxy mini!  


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