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Kies Air and Kies PC For Samsung Smartphones With Custom Android Roms

Samsung Kies is a Phone Management Utility that let's Samsung smart phone owners manage their mobile device from their PC. It allows you to sync and store the data and contents of your mobile safely so that you can retrieve it a later whenever needed. Samsung Kies features the ability to view, edit and sync contacts, call logs, playlists, etc as well as allows you to copy files between PC and the device. However, this great utility has it's limitations and drawback. In the time when custom android roms are becoming popular and available at a large number for varieties of devices, this software only support stock Samsung firmwares. That is, It lacks the support for custom android firmware and thus, hinders the use of custom rom by normal users. However, with latest release of  Samsung Kies and Kies Air, it has now become possible to use Kies sync even if you have a custom rom installed on your handset.

This handy PC Suite for Samsung devices has also added the support for Wireless Synchronization with the release of version 2 and above. However, Kies Air, an application that lets Samsung handset owners to connect to Kies PC wirelessly, is officially released for high-end smartphones and only Samsung Galaxy S II I9001 handset is included in the list of supported devices. But, many developers around the open source communities easily found out the way to make it work on other devices too. The below presented is the modded version of this same software that will let you sync your device's content to your PC even if you have a custom firmware such as cyanogenmod or MIUI installed on your handset.

So, whether you're going to try out new roms or updates for your custom rom or are just starting with installing your first custom rom on your handset, now there's no need to worry of data loss . With latest version of Kies PC installed on your system and Kies Air installed on your android phone, you can manage your device conveniently, without having to connect any wires via your PC. Once your samsung device and your PC are connected to the same wi-fi network, you can manage contents of your phone simply by browsing to a url provided by Kies Air application.
Connect Samsung Kies to cyanogenmod with Kies Air
Connect Samsung Kies to
Custom Roms with Kies Air

So, let's get started by installing all requirements needed to achieve this sucessful connection. However, before that let's go through some of the features of Kies Air that I've listed below.


  • Connect PC and Smasung device wirelessly.
  • View and sync contacts with Outlook, Google or Yahoo.
  • Transfer any file between PC and the device.
  • Browse through your music, videos and pictures.
  • Manage ringtones and bookmarks.
  • Read your messages.
  • View your call log.
  • Create playlists and much more.


  • Samsung Kies v2 and above : It is recommended that you have latest Samsung Kies on your PC. Please, note that Kies version older than 2 are not supported by Kies Air and thus you won't be able to connect wirelessly with your PC.
  • Kies Air : Kies Air is an application to be installed on your samsung handset to initiate a connection with your PC, so as to manage it wirelessly.
  • Wireless Connection : You need to have a wifi network to which both devices are connected for Kies Air to work properly.


Name : Kies Air.apk
Size : 6.04 MB
Play Store :
Download : Link 1

Name : Samsung Kies Version
Size : 90 MB (approx.)
Windows Download : Kies_2.3.2.12054_20_1.exe
Mac Download : KiesMac_1.3.0.12062_4_1.dmg

Instructions :

  1. Upgrade to or install latest version of Samsung Kies on your PC.
  2. Install Kies Air on your Android powered Samsung smartphone.
  3. Note : Before you proceed make sure that the computer and mobile device are connected to the same wifi network.  
  4. Make sure you've followed all instructions given at Wi-Fi Connection Setup Guide within Kies PC app.
  5. Go to the App Drawer on your Phone.
  6. Locate and open Kies Air applicaiton.
  7. Click on Start button [Note :- You might need to scroll down a bit before the Start button gets on the view.]
  8. Kies Air will provide you a url. Now, open any browser on your PC and type the url shown in Kies Air.
  9. On your mobile device, click on allow, to allow the computer to manage your phone You are all set to manage your phone from your computer.
    That's all. You've successfully configured your Kies Air to run on your Samsung handset and now can connect to your PC anytime. Play some more with Kies Air and Kies PC and you'll figure out new tricks on the way. I still have got to try it more so, that's all for now. Don't forget to share with me, your views about this app. Also, share it with your friends and let them enjoy PC sync with Samsung Kies PC even if they have a custom rom installed.

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