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Screenshots of CyanMobile X on Galaxy Mini S5570 Handset

CyanmobileX, the latest and final release of the awesome cyanmobile series was announced by the developer squadzone yesterday on 21st July. Begin the final release of the cyanmobile experience rom, this latest updates packs some more refinements and improvements at the same time removes unnecessary or less useful features. The new features introduced with the latest release of cyanmobile experience rom include Auto Dial of a contact while moving close to ear, display of unread message and missed calls count in Lockscreen, option to set separate wallpaper for lockscreen, shutdown system timer, ringtone loop options, etc among others. More details of this custom rom along with flashing instructions can be found at this article. So, let's take a look at some of the screenshots of this cyanmobileX custom rom and get clear idea of changes introduced with this last version.

CyanmobileX bootanimation
CyanMobileX Homescreen On Galaxy Mini S5570
CyanMobileX Homescreen

About Phone Information for Cyanmobile X custom rom.
CyanmobileX modified HomeScreen
App Drawer

Battery Use Details - Quite good backup
Boot-animation and boot sound settings

Cyanmobile Development Settings

Notification Drawer

Notification Drawer Layouts
Android Version 2.3.8
Android Version 2.3.8

Lockscreen With Honeycomb Lock and Music Widget
Lockscreen With Honeycomb Lock and Music Widget

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