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CyanogenMod 10 Beta 1 For Samsung Galaxy Mini GT-S5570 Smart Phone

It's always nice to see development for galaxy mini or pop s5570 smartphone moving at a rapid pace. This low end handset from Samsung is once again up to date with latest android software, Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean operating system, thanks to the courtesy of xda developers. Yesterday, TheWhisp and his team introduced CyanogenMod 10 Beta 1 based on Jelly Bean for galaxy mini s5570 smartphone. The development for Jelly Bean based custom rom for galaxy mini was initiated few weeks ago when Google released the source code of Android 4.1.1. With the release of the source code for Jelly Bean OS, many developers community around the web started compiling latest android builds for their handset. 

Jelly Bean is the latest Android 4.1.1 software announced during the Google I/O event held back on June 2012. At the event the search giant also announced it's own branded Nexus 7 tablet for a price as low as $199 which runs on Android 4.1.0. While Jelly Bean is an small upgrade to Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, it has got some huge improvements in overall functioning of the system for efficient and effective ram management improving performance and battery life by huge percentage. Project Butter and Google Now are two special features introduced with latest version that improve the overall user experience in any android handset.

Now coming back to the topic, Jelly Bean for galaxy mini comes as an unofficial version of CM10 and is already in Beta 1 stage of development. With this release the developer has tried to improve many aspects to create a usable Jelly Bean update. However, due to low specs of our handset, many things are still not working on this rom including Deep Sleep (which means less battery life), proximity sensor, camera and HQ video playback. Rest things are supposed to work fine but, you might also find few other minor bugs. You are also likely to experience some lags within the rom, so, it's recommended to overclock your handset by substantial frequency for smooth performance.

Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean For Galaxy Mini S5570
Jelly Bean For Galaxy Mini S5570
Below is a list of what's working and what's not working within the rom as well as a short changelog of the latest Beta 1 version taken directly from the developer's thread at xda forums.

What's Working?
  • Most things except those listed below.
    Note : You might still feel issues while using some features of your handset.
What's not working?
  • Proximity sensor
  • HQ video playback
  • Deep sleep
  • Camera
Changelog : Unofficial CM 10 Beta 1
  • Fixed browser and some other graphical glitches.
  • Fixed SIM PIN lock
  • Fixed USB Mass Storage (UMS) - USB is now working fully
  • Fixed superuser permissions (root)
  • Fixed updater-script (now flashes boot.img properly)
  • Includes fixes from patch 1 (Wi-Fi)
  • Fixed video playback (LQ in YouTube working perfectly, HQ lags a little)
  • Re-sized stock and CM wallpapers.
So, these are some changes that are done after the alpha release of 23 July. While alpha release was quite unstable, this beta 1 release of cyanogenmod 10 should be more usable and as a result you should be able to get a better taste of latest android v4.1 Jelly bean software. However, it's not recommended to use for daily activites until further improvements are introduced.

So, let's move ahead and try out this awesome rom on your galaxy mini or pop gt-s5570 smartphone. Charge your phone completely and then , follow the instructions below carefully. But, first you can take a look at some screenshots of CM 10 on galaxy mini handset at the bottom of the article. 

Disclaimer : Do It At Your Own Risk!

Note : Those who have Gingerbread (Android 2.3 and above) can skip Step 1. Moreover, if you have any  Custom Recovery and/or  Custom Rom installed on your device then you can skip both Step 1 and Step 2.
  1. Upgrade your firmware to Gingerbread using Odin Multidownloader v4.38
  2. Install Clock Work Mod Recovery for Samsung Galaxy Mini/Pop.
  3. Download required files and updates from below :
  4. Copy the downloaded files to the (root directory of) your sd-card.
  5. Reboot your device to Custom Recovery (Press Home + Power Button).
  6. [Optional but, RecommendedDo a Nandroid Backup of your current rom.
  7. Now from recovery main menu and select Wipe Data option.
  8. Confirm data wipe by selecting Yes.
  9. Now flash this android 4.1.1 jellybean based cyanogenmod 10 rom using clockwork mod recovery. Follow these steps :
    • Choose Install Zip From Sd Card option.
    • Select Choose Zip From SD Card option.
    • Now select downloaded in step 3.
    • Confirm the installation and wait till the rom is installed on you handset.
  10. Flash Latest Google Apps for Jelly Bean in CWM recovery.  
    • Choose Install Zip From Sd Card option.
    • Select Choose Zip From SD Card option.
    • Now select the file which you downloaded in step 3.
    • Confirm the installation and wait till the zip is installed on you handset.
  11. Reboot your device from your recovery main menu.
Note : If gapps from above doesn't work, use this one : 

Cyanongemod 10 Beta 2 Update for Galaxy Mini S5570 Smartphone
That's all. You've successfully installed latest android software on your galaxy mini or pop s5570 smart phone. Take some time to look through the this new custom rom on your handset and enjoy the latest jelly bean experience on galaxy mini. And, when you  have enough of cyanogenmod 10, you may restore your backup of a stable custom rom from clockwork mod recovery and be back to your previous rom. Don't forget to share your Jelly Bean experience at the comments below.

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