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Help Nepal - Ensure That the Funds Accumulated for Recovery are Utilized Properly

The tragedy that happened in Nepal when one of the biggest earthquake of century struck it on April 25, has left many with unforgettable and unpleasant memories. The earthquake of Magnitude 7.9 Richter Scale, centered near the Nations Capital, Kathmandu, proved disastrous as it affected major parts of the country and claimed lots of lives and properties. Thousands of people have lost their lives, thousands were badly injured and many people have been displaced.  According to The United Nations reports, an estimated eight million people have been impacted by the earthquake in Nepal and more than 1.4 million people are in need of food assistance.

However, neighbor India and other Nations around the world acted immediately and started rescue operations as soon as possible. Since then, heroic efforts are continuing on all fronts to re-establish transportation and communication links with the hardest hit areas, to rescue more victims buried under the rubble, to care for the injured, and to tend to the deceased. The world is standing united to help Nepal at this time and almost every citizen in this planet wants to help Nepal. In the meantime, global humanitarian organizations are offering help while countries from around the world are pouring monetary donations into Nepal.

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies issued an appeal to raise 33.5 million Swiss francs ($35.2 million) to provide emergency assistance and a total sum of approximately US $ 56.2 million have been raised from United Nations Emergency Relief Fund, USA, Canada,  Japan, UK, Norway, Australia and European Commission and deposited in to Nepal's Prime Minister's Relief Fund. However, the political instability, corruptions, lack of coordination among various political parties and past records showing evidences of ineffective management and improper allocation of resources on the part of Government has led Nepalese People to fear allocation and utilization of the collected funds properly and effectively by the Nepalese Government.

Thus, in an effort to make the Government aware that they are being watched by people worldwide so as to ensure that accountability and transparency of the collected funds in the best possible manner so as to revive the nation and help the needy, Nepalese Women Volunteer Group have raised an petition with the Global Audience. They expect us to be responsible and helpful at this time of emergency and are not asking for any financial help. All we need to do is sign a petition titled, "Audit and Investigate Earthquake Fund in Nepal", raised at and notice the actions of Nepal Government over the period of next few weeks.

Hopefully, this should make the Government more cautious and careful and force them to act immediately and utilize the accumulated funds properly i.e. both effectively and efficient.

Along with our prayers let's support this humanitarian cause by signing it ourselves and ensuring that our family members and friends all sign the petition. This way financially incapable can help the needy without having to donate a single penny. Further, for those of us who have donated amounts to various organizations, that doesn't end our responsibility. It is up-to us to ensure that our hard-earned money is utilized for the cause donated and the intended group really get's the benefits. Lets ensure that the nation and the people residing there receive the full benefits of the collected funds and not the corrupted politicians.

I've already signed the petition myself, now it's your turn! Be a part of aid during this nation wide emergency. You're just a few clicks away.

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