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4Shared Mobile: A Useful Android Application That Lets You Download Free Contents.

Back in august, I wrote an article about how you can download paid applications and games for free. There I introduced you with a few handy apps like Blackmart Alpha, Applanet, Snappz App, etc as well as explained how you can use google search technique to find paid android apps for free directly on your search results. Today in this article I will introduce you with another app, 4Shared Mobile that is very useful for android users and will let you download both paid and free applications, games as well as other contents directly to your mobile devices.

4Shared Mobile as its name implies is a mobile version of file sharing site 4Shared that is customized to work efficiently in your device. This handy application lets you search android apps and games directly in your device. This method is very similar to searching google for apps but it reduces the hassle of going through the search results to verify whether the download is available or not. It also lets you search for applications, games, images, music, videos, archives and any other files. The advance search feature of this application lets you find exactly the content that you want within few seconds without any difficulties.

4Shared Mobile is an admob application i.e. it displays ads. Also, you are required to register at to use this app. But, since it is a onetime sign up and is free it won’t be too much of hassle to set it up. And the best parts are the features that can be accessed by pressing menu key are worth giving an attention. You can directly manage you files on the 4Shared account from this app. You can also create new folders; upload files, copy files from search results directly to your account within just few clicks. The inbuilt download manager lets you download both paid as well as free contents within a click. Not only this, the search results return the files of different versions, so this is good for those users who want to test different versions of files in their devices. Here are some screenshots of the application.

Latest 4Shared Mobile App
My Files on 4Shared Mobile App
Free Contents Download with 4Shared Mobile App for Android
Application Search on 4Shared Mobile App

You can download 4Shared Mobile directly from android market or from this direct link. Since, 4Shared Mobile depends on sharing of contents by the users it is recommended that you also share your apps and other contents in 4Shared. Enjoy downloading free contents easily without any hassle with this app.

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