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How to Download Paid Android Applications and Games for Free?

Android is an open source operating system for mobile devices. The main feature of android is its market application that contains a lot of paid and free applications. But, most of the free applications are made available at a cost of advertisement (AdMob) in your mobile devices. So, we all prefer paid applications to free ones. But if you can’t afford them for whatsoever be the reason then you might want to get them for free.

There are two common ways to get paid applications completely for free viz. Google Search and Black market applications. In this article I will describe them in detail to you so that it will be easy for you to work around these methods.

The first method is to use applications (aka Black market applications) on your phone to download paid applications directly to you handset. Blackmart, Snappz, Applanet and Apktor are the applications that let you install paid applications directly to your phone in order of preference. You might be thinking, “I’ve got four choices, huh! So, which should I use or which one is better?” Believe me, Blackmart is the best among these applications. Why? Black mart has a good user interface and contains both free and paid applications as well as games. The filter and sort options are what I like the most. You can filter apps by all, free or paid then you can sort them according to downloads, ratings and many more. Similarly, it also notifies when an update is available for your installed applications. In fact it is the best replacement for android market app. Despite of the fact that it crashes sometimes, it is the best black market application to download paid applications for free. You can download it from the link given at the bottom of this article.

Second method is also very simple. Just, Google search for the required application. For better search result and to make sure you get the download link to the application please follow the instructions given below:
  • Search for application in your market app and then note down its name and version.
  • When you get the name and version of the application you want to download google for ‘Application Name version .apk’ or ‘download application name version .apk’ without quotes. For example, to search for pro version of AppMonster app google ‘AppMonster Pro v2.0.9.3 .apk’
For better results (to download paid applications) it is good idea to include 'Pro' or 'Premium' word in your search query. As the application package files are shared by users you can also search them in file sharing sites like 4Shared, media fire,etc (If you want to download applications at full speed and with resume capability read this article). The main drawback of this method is that you will have to mount your sdcard to your computer and copy the files to it each time you download new applications and then install them manually on your device. There are some websites that provide download links and reviews of paid and free applications. Check them out from the links given below for you might find the application you want in these sites.

Please remember that piracy is an illegal act. It is always recommended that you buy the original applications from android market legally. You can use this method to see how an application is (or how it works) and then buy the original one from the android market.

Download Black Market Applications from links given below:
  1. Download BlackMart Aplha 
  2. Download Snappz v2.0 
  3.  Downlaod Applanet v2.8.0.5 
  4.  Download Apktor v1.0.8.7
Visit following websites as you can get applications and games for free at these sites:
What other methods do you use to download applications and games for free? Please share it with us and others at the comments.

Update!!! Get Free Contents with 4Shared Mobile Application for Android.

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  1. Great blog man....... i am currently trying out all the tutorials you've given for the galaxy mini............ There is another app called 4shared available at the android market for free........... it also lets you download paid apps for free.....

  2. Thank You!! Yes 4Shared is also there but since it requires to logging in & is an admob i thought i wouldn't recommend it here but today i tried it and though of its cons i found it very interesting and useful. So, i've written an review update at
    I found it worth giving a try...

  3. "The main drawback of this method is that you will have to mount your sdcard to your computer and copy the files to it each time" i have suggestion for all as i've gone thorough same coz downloading on 2g is quite slow so you prefer to download on pc then transfer to phone connecting and mounting sd card
    so i've purchased a bluetooth dongle for pc for Rs 100 (that is affordable) now every time i just download and send app trough BT!!!

  4. Hi, you are awesome , but can i make a favor? i cant seem to find this, even in the black markets that you gave , can u be the one to give this tome ? thanks ! or add me in facebook ...
    its the iPOKEDEX PRO

  5. Michio, I searched for the iPokedex Pro app you told and can't find it over the net. May be no one has shared it or have cracked it.. So, I guess you will have to buy this one --its mere 1$ app-- or search for alternative free app. You can use Pokedroid that is available in Blackmart.

  6. hi. is it possible that i can download the black market apps from another websites? this is because the website has been banned in Malaysia.

  7. Sunset in Dawn,
    Yes, it is possible to download it from other places like 4Shared and others. Just search for blackmarket .apk in Google and you will get one for sure. :)

  8. Try

    The website is updated daily with tons of paid apps.

  9. "The main drawback of this method is that you will have to mount your sdcard to your computer and copy the files to it each time" - another solution to that is if you own a WiFi router, you can share your PC folder over the network and copy apks using file manager like astro or estrong. I used this method to install some apps after reflashing different ROMs before I started using Titanium Backup. It kept my card free and apps were always in backup on the PC. If I remember correctly ES Explorer can install directly from PC without copying the apk to the phone... Today I have flashed the CM Music Mix 3.1.9 and it has a file explorer capable of networking, so I am going to check it after I get back home from work. By the way Thanks Yagya for the tip. It runs amazingly and looks way better than the stock or MORe I was using before this... ;o]]]


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