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Screenshots From My Galaxy Pop GTS5570 Running Cyanogenmod 7.

Cyanogen Mod 7 is an awesome rom and since Mr. tj_style ported this to galaxy pop/mini gts5570 smart phone we are very thankful towards him for his great contributions. Those who do not have cyanogen mod 7 in their phone are missing a lot, so I recommend that you upgrade to cyanogenmod 7 (cm7) right now. You can get more info about cyanogenmod 7 from the links given at the bottom of this article.

This article is especially for those who haven't upgraded to cyanogen mod but want to see how it looks like or feels. Trust me, cyanogenmod 7 is probably the best custom rom ever designed for Samsung galaxy mini/pop gts5570. So, flash it right away and see for yourself. Upgrading to cm7 has no harm as you will be able to revert back to gingerbread/stock rom at any point of time. Please enjoy these snapshots I took of my galaxy pop gts5570 running cyanogen mod 7.1.0 RC1 overclocked at 748 MHz.

Hope you enjoyed the slide show. Here are some useful links to those who want to know more about Cyanogen Mod 7 or upgrade to it.

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  1. hi buddy add me on Facebook i need to chat you b4 doing it having some issues!

  2. @N1sh What issues are you having? you can post them here directly at the comments ...(because it will help others to know about the issues and solve it if they are having same problem ...)

  3. No, market is not gone, please find this
    to find more on that...

  4. hey i installed cm7 on my galaxy pop gsm from the link you given me.and i also followed the steps thoroughly of wipping cache and data ..................but i stucked on ANDROID screen.................please help me ......

  5. Shubham Jain,
    You need to wipe data and cache in Clock Work Mod Recovery. Go to Recovery> Select Wipe data option and wipe cache option.


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