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CM7 Music Edition v1.1 For Smasung Galaxy Pop/Mini GTS5570

Cyanogen Mod 7.1 recently made official for Samsung Galaxy Mini is a very good custom rom available so far for Samsung Galaxy Pop/Mini GT-S5570. While it is said to have official support for Galaxy Mini smartphone, Cyanogen Team is taking a long time to release an official stable version of cyanogen mod for galaxy mini. In such a situation, many enthusiastic developers form xda are compiling their own CM7 from the source and some are modding the compiled ones with new tweaks and User Interface Design. One such rom available for galaxy pop/mini gts-5570 is CM7 Music Edition released by crazy_k_p after modding original cm7 with his own tweaks and designs.

And here we today have Cyanogen Mod 7 Music Edition v1.1 for you to try it. It is an update to Music Edition v1.0 released few weeks ago by him. This rom is said to be optimized for optimal music experience and thus is named Music Edition. 'This is great for music lovers', says the developer. So why not try it. Here is what you have got inside CM7 Music Edition v1.1.
  • Bravia Engine Enhancement.
  • Bass Enhancement.
  • Improved Graphics
  • Darktremor APP2SD Pre-Installed
  • 3D Sound Enhancement (You will have to use your earphones to feel it.)
  • A New Customized Lock Screen that looks like that of Ice Cream Sandwich OS.
  • Ice Cream Sandwich Style Transition Animations (Thanks to me and crazy_k_p).
  • Included GAPPS.
  • Included Swype --the best touch type keyboard for Android Smartphones.
  • Added W8 Walkman music player app.
  • Launcher Zeam Launcher.
  • Added Sony Ericsson Wallpaper and Ice Cream Sandwich Wallpaper Picker with cool wallpapers.
  • Added tweaks including SD Card Speed Fix, VM Heap Management Tweak, Smoothness Tweaks and Many other Tweaks to improve sound quality.
  • Galaxy Nexus Style Boot Animation.
  • Wait there is something more; xLoud for better music experience. Download and Flash this file from CWM recovery after installing Music Edition v1.1.
You can get more details of features and tweaks at this thread post on xda. Now that you know what is Music Edition, here is how you install/flash it on your galaxy mini.

Do You Already Have Any Version/Mod of CM7? Follow these steps.

1. Download Music Edition v1.1 from this link.

2. Copy it to the root directory of your sd-card.

3. Reboot your device to Clock Work Mod Recovery (Press Home + Power Button).

4. [Optional but, Recommended] Do a Nandroid Backup of your current rom.

5. Choose Install Zip From Sd Card>>Choose Zip From SD Card option and then select the file you downloaded from above.

6. Wait till it finishes installing the update zip and then Wipe your Cache (only) after it is done.

7. Reboot your device from CWM Recovery main menu.

Your device will boot up with Music Edition v1.1. Please, note that it will reboot twice itself during the ANDROID Logo. It is to activate darktremor a2sd and is normal, so don't worry about it unless it's doing the same for above 10-15 minutes, which is the total time required during the first boot. If your phone doesn't boot even after 20 minutes try wiping your data in clockwork mod recovery and reboot again.

Are You New to Cyanogen Mod? You will have to begin from the start.

2. Install Clock Work Mod Recovery v4.0.0.5 using Odin. Latest CWM recovery v5.0.2.6 seem to have problem while flashing.

3. Follow steps 1-7 from above.

Note that you will also need to wipe data in Step 6 if you are flashing CM7 for the first time. Also, note that you won't be able to backup your Gignebread rom as it is rfs based partition and Clock Work Mod doesn't support such backups. So, you may also skip Step 4

Overall, I must say CM7 Music Edition v1.1 is nice modding of Cyanogen Mod 7.1.0 rom. You can also customize other things yourself to make it look more beautiful and useful for you according to your preferences. Also, you can overclock it by using squadzone's Overclocking Kernels if you want it overclocked. Have a happy flashing. Please, feel free to share your review of Music Edition v1.1 in the comments below.

P.S. Don't forget to stop by and say thanks to crazy_p_k for this cool rom if you really love it.

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  1. Sorry guyz, There had been some error in the post above due to my technical carelessness. But, thanks to crazy_k_p it is solved/corrected now. It seems there aren't any bugs in Music Edition till now. Please, post here incase you find any.

  2. yagya gaire

    today i have flashed CM7 Music Edition v1.1. thanks u guys.

  3. Hi Yagya,
    can i flash CM7 with Asian firmware? Right now i'm using ZSKPB.

  4. Yes, you can provided that it be Gingerbread and CWM recovery is installed. If you have no problem then (for precaution) it is better to flash GB European version XXKPK first. But, it is okay with your too.

  5. Hey do i need to partition my s d card before flashing this rom ??

  6. Suraj, Since it has a2sd script it is better to flash. Also, if you are going to partition it later than do it before flashing. But, I don't think it is a must to partition your sd-card.

  7. hi i have been using this from yesterday and i am unable to connect using WIFI . Please help me !!!

  8. It's normal that on Market (PC) appears "You don't have any devices" instead of my device name??? :( it's there any way to make it work??? :)

  9. Prem Nambi, You are having unusual problem since it worked for me when I flashed it. Please, try wiping data and cache in recovery. You might consider flashing the music edition rom again if it doesn't work.

  10. iRapsody, Yes, it is normal to see "You don't have any devices" text in market when accessing it from PC. To, list your device in PC Market make sure you have setup an working goolge account on your device/galaxy mini and also, you are looged in to the android market using your Google Account.

  11. Hey mate need some motivational help, bricked my phone usin rom manager but the samsung guys replaced the motherboard n now im a bit tentatiuve to flash cwm. is there still any risk involved?

  12. Shahnawaz, Don't worry there is no ay risk involved. Make sure you don't use ROM Manager to flash CWM recovery. Also, use older version of CWM recovery (which is v4.0.0.5) and not the recovery in UPDATE part on my blog post about Installing CWM recovery in Galaxy Mini.

    There are two main points. You must be in Gingerbread OS and don't plug out your device unless the Odin says PASS. Everything will be fine then.

  13. Why not to use the latest CWM Please Explain in brief.

  14. Ashish Kotnala, It is because many are having problems while flashing using Latest CWM However, you can use it if you don't have any problem. Also, I think I figured out a solution ( not sure if it works but is worth trying) to make it work. Just Falsh latest CWM over older CWM recovery to make it working.

  15. hiii not feeling good with this edition..couldnt find any bass enhancement with this music edition, when compared with 21102011.. so now am again using the cm7 21102011 version only..

  16. Venice, Ok! But there were no any bugs in latest CM7 which I have posted. I guess you didn't wipe data and cache so you got into that problem. Either way good luck with cm7. The latest one is working fine on my galaxy mini, so you can try again if you want.

  17. thanks yagya.. i just flashed this again two times with wiping data and cache.. but didnt find any seems fonts are blurred and screen has less pixels but animations are really gud..loved it.. anyway..good rom.. but am not able to use it. :( u people enjoy it..

  18. Sorry but i have the problem that i did everything like posted (flashed GB 2.3.4) and everything works fine but when i flash any version of cm7 using the newest version of cwm (yes, i installed version 4.0.5 before) my mini stays with the ANDROID letters on a black screen and nothing else happens for hours...what happened?

  19. Anonymous, use CWM recovery only and it will work.

  20. Sorry for my anonymous, and thank you for the help. Is it possible to downgrade from CWM to

  21. Stickybit, Yes, just flash CWM v4.0.0.5 from Odin using one package and you will be downgraded.

  22. can this ROM use overclock like other CM7? if can, where I can found the overclock?

  23. Anonymous, I guess you don't read through the article very well. It is said there that you can use squadzone OC Kernels on this ROM and even the link is given. Here is the link :

    Also, don't comment from next time being Anonymous. I won't reply. Use your name for that.

  24. Hey can I increase my RAM in any way?? If yes then can you post a guide for it? I use this custom rom only...

  25. Suraj,
    No, you can't increase RAM in anyway. Only way to use less space in RAM is to check which of you apps run on background (or are services) and then remove those which you think are of less use or of no use at all.

    RAM is a fast temporary memory and it can't be replaced with any other thing except another RAM card which you can't add in our case.

  26. sorry for late reply mate. kinda findin it difficult to search my posts on ya blog. can u send me the download link to the most latest cwm recovery?

  27. Shahnawaz, You don't even go through my post clearly. The link is right above in the post and you can search it in my sidebar or at site map page at the navigation bar. There are many way to search for article here and using sitemap page is best one. You can also use search.

    ANd, as you said you can find latest CWM recovery here . Please go through all the comments and article over there before you ask anything. Thanks!

  28. hey man!can i ask 0ne thing?what is better rom for galaxy mini!this cm7 music edition or the latest cm7-17112011?just curiuos ^_^!

  29. mike14,
    It depends. Many ask the same question, however I fail to reply it since it is just a matter of choice and personal preference. You might like one rom and me another. So, it's better to try all and see through them for few days and decide which you want to go with yourself.

    I like latest CM7, since it is quite stable. But, I don't like it's some aspect such as sound is very low in it. In contrary, Music Edition has quite better sound. However, many also like emanoN v3 rom. So, you see it's just a matter of choice.

  30. there is no boot do i get my boot sound back.i'm using cm music 1.1

  31. Anand,
    maybe you disabled the boot sound. Go to system/media/ folder and then see if you can see poweron.ogg file it is the file that contains boot sound. If it is poweron.ogg.bak then remove .bak and rename it to poweron.ogg only. If the file doesn't exist try copying it from other roms or cm7 flashable zip file.

  32. hi. this is a great music rom. working perfectly with poweramp player. great bass and clear treble with the use of poweramp built-in equalizer. nice! good job! looking forward for updates on this rom. :-) thanks yagya.

  33. ezrha12,
    Don't worry! You will get an update to CM7 Music Edition v2.0 very soon. Just to be sure you are updated subscribe to our feeds or like us on Facebook.

  34. Hi Yagya.

    I really love your blog and you seem a great guy willing to help us noobs. :P

    Anyway, I have a question if it doesnt bother you.

    I recently flashed CM7.2 RC3 and I am pleased with it so far, overall.

    One thing is not working properly though. And that is a very important thing to me.

    YouTube or any other videos do not seem to work fine. They just keep lagging all the time, and most of the videos only start for a sec and then stop there, the sound however keeps playing.

    I just want to ask if this MusicEdition ROM has this problem, and I also want to know, If I can upgrade from my actual CM7.2 RC3 to MusicEdition directly without having to flash Stock Gingerbread again and so.

    Thanks in advance.

  35. 123google123,
    I guess it's a bug in the RC3 rom and it might have been fixed in RC4. So, I suggest you give CM7.2.0 RC4 a try. You can download CM 7.2.0 RC4 from here:
    Pasword : harry

    Also, yes you can switch to Music Edition even without going back to Gingerbread rom. Also, I think you will have no problem while viewing videos in Music Edition, however, I am not so sure about it.

  36. Will try first Music Edition for 1 or 2 days, and if I am not pleased will change back to CM7.2 but now in RC4.

    One more thing. Can we apply the same themes for Theme Chooser just like in regular CM in the Music Edition ?

    Thanks in advance.

  37. 123google123,
    Yes, you can apply themes via themes chooser in every CM rom and that includes Music Edition.

  38. 1.1 i cannot open any music player

  39. hi guys. im new here.
    hi yayga,
    do i need older cm7 before i can use cm7 music edition?

  40. reycarmigz,
    Welcome to the site. Make sure you take some time and have a look around while you are here. I am sure you will find many handy information around here.

    No, you don't need to have older cm7 before you can use this Music Edition rom.

    All the best and Merry CHristmas!

  41. finally installed CM7 music edition and it work...
    thank you so much...

  42. yayga,
    cm7 music edition is nice but why the contacts dont load when in sms, i have to type the name instead...

    Merry christmas..

  43. hi yayga,
    i like the cm7 music edition but i want to downgrade it back to gingerbread 2.3.4... can you help how to downgrade please..

  44. reycarmigz,
    If you want to downgrade simply flash the stock Gingerbread Rom using Odin (the procedure is same like upgrading to GB 2.3.4, so find that article and follow all the instructions there.) All the best.

  45. hi yagya ,i like cm7 music edition but usb tethering is not working

  46. For USB tethering, use wired tether v1.4.apk app. You can find it in google code.

  47. thank you for ur reply

  48. hi yagya. can i flash ONLY xLoud but not this ROM on my samsung galaxy mini?


  49. james,
    I suggest you don't try xloud at all (not even with this rom, so there doesn't comes a situation using it on other roms). xLoud is a feature (tweak) from handsetr other than samsung and is does not work that well with our device. But, if you want you can give it a try on Music Edition rom only. P.S. Do it at your own risk.

  50. Hi yagya..

    I currently have the CM7 already.. can I download the zip for the music edition and then extract it using the phone without flashing the cwm again?

    thanks and more flashes!

  51. i installed this rom....initially i has two icons in app drawer of some apps....i thought it was due to catalogs in cm 7.1 so i wiped data and cache before and after flashing it second my back button stopped rotation was reverse and it started downloading the apps automatically(the ones which were removed by wiping data)......i did a restore :( i the only one who faced these kind of probs??

  52. wannabewhizkid,
    Yes, you can flash any roms without installing CWM recovery again if you have clock work mod installed already.

    I think you are the only one having the problem since I haven't heard such from others. Make sure you do a clean flash and then don't restore your data (at least for a while) and give it a try. It won't have any problem.

  53. thanks yagya.. so clear now.. :D this blog is such a handy.. fast reply also.. more power!

  54. Running now on cm7.. not happy to it... music aint that good.. I think i will be going back to the old cm7..

  55. wannabewhizkid,
    I am thankful to visitors like you who find it useful. It's your choice and taste to decide which rom you want to stay with. After all Old CM7 is not bad.

  56. just flashed it and works fine but my mobile network doesn't work. Any idea?

  57. Alistair,
    It's because probably your APN (from your network operator) has been removed while falshing the rom. To use mobile data make sure you have correct APN settings and also make sure Use Mobile Data is checked in Wireless and Networks settings.

  58. wow!! this CM7 Music edition is really the way, what is A2SDGUI????

  59. A2SDGUI is an app with which you can manage settings for dark tremor a2sd script in GUI based interface. Otherwise, you can use a2sd commands in terminal emulator app.

  60. hi yagya i have cm7.1.0 overclocked.will upgrading to music edition harm it

  61. Yes, it will replace CM7 with Music Edition. You will need to then flash the OC kernel again to overclock. You can however try to preserve your data and settings by not wiping data. That may even preserve your OC kernels so test it before re-flashing.

  62. Hi! 1st of all, thanks for great blog! I really love transitions in cm7 music edition, can you make them flashable for cm 7.1.0? I had to revert back to it, music edition wasn`t stable enough for me :) thanks in advance ;)

  63. Oh yeah, I found that transition on xda in your thread, but it didn't worked, I was stuck on bootloop :)

  64. hi yagya where can i find information about music edition mix v2.1 rom by mr v_d

  65. You can download the rom from Roms and Utilities Page. However, I currently don't have much info regarding it. If you want you can flash the rom and see for yourself. Don't forget to report back how you feel about it.

  66. Does this version contain gapps flashed or do we reflash it?
    If yes, then can we use cm 7.1 gapps.
    P.S. Please reupload RC5

  67. Yes, it contains gapps already. But, you might need to flash them if you have any problems. Yes, the same the the latest gapps for GB. Search for them here and you will get them.

  68. Hello Yagya,

    How do you do?

    Hope everything's ok with you and all the people reading.

    Here's what I want to ask you:

    Currently I have CM 7.2 RC5.3 on samsung galaxy mini. I am frequently experiencing hitches on the sound (mainly on wma's) with this custom rom.

    I also think that when the music plays (or any other sound as a matter of fact), the noise level is disturbing. I can even notice when the phone is doing some job (for instance, rendering something on the screen).

    So I am wondering if this music edition would be a solution to these problems.

    What do you think?

    If I decide to go ahead with this ME, can I do it from current 7.2 RC5.3? Or should I do it to the 2.1 ME? I know this question may seem silly, because you've said on an answer to another poster, here at the blog, that they could switch back from their CM 7.2 RC 4 (or 3) to this ME. Does that hold to my CM 7.2 RC 5.3?

    Thank you in advance for all the information you gave and also that you may give.


  69. Thanks for your concern; I am well and going just fine but, you seem to have a trouble out there : D . So, yes you can directly flash music edition ROM from cm RC 5.3 but don't forget to do a backup of your ROM in case you want to revert back later on.

  70. Hello!!!

    Thank you for your input.

    I must say that I flashed ME, and  the problem with the hitches in the wma's seems to be solved.

    But the sound noise while rendering something on the screen is still present (although when you hear music at a loud level this is unnoticeable) (didn't imagine me as kind of an audiophile freak but it turns out that I am :D ;) )

    Wifi doesn't seem as responsive as the one that was present over 7.2 RC 5.3 from which I had migrated to this one. But in compensation battery indicator seems to be much more reliable.

    About ME 2.1 is its stable version out yet? Will check it out at ME forum...

    Must also say that I still didn't figure out where are those Bravia enhancements settings. It seems more like a 'ruse'... :P

    As it seemed the sony walk... too... It seems more like the power of 'branding'... So I must say that, on that regard, power to the POWERAMP!!!! It's definitely a must for all music lovers!!!


    Verdict: since the battery indicator is more reliable and the sound rendering seems hitch free, for the time being, I'll stick to this ROM.

    And I'll thank krazy_p for it! And yourself too, since you too played a role in it.

    Cheers Yagya!

  71. Don't pay heed to those small problems and stay happily with one rom. As, you can know these are not the official roms, glitches are there for sure. So, you try to ignore those that can be.

    And, those bravia and all the other things are of less or no importance for us Samsung mini users. However, if you do want to learn then search about it at wikipedia.

    Cheers and Enjoy!

  72. Hello,

    Thank you and will do.

    One last question If I may say so.

    Wifi is less reliable here. I mean, the device takes longer to connect and many times it doesn't connect at all.

    Do you have any advice about that?

    Thank you!

    C U soon!

  73. Wifi is working fine in latest Cyanogen Mod and you can try it out to see if it solves the problem.

    And, sorry but I dotn't have any idea about changing the SMS encoding to utf-8. Why do you want to change it anyway?

  74. is the camera working

  75. it works great :)

  76. no frills cpu control doesn't open.i have flash the 801 mhz in the recovery mode.
    it means that i have overclocked my samsung galaxy mini

  77. when will have the final version of cyanogen mod 9?

  78. No, you'll probably need to configure Max. CPU Frequency manually from either CM settings or by using No Frills app or Set CPU or Master CPU app or any of these kinds.


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