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How to Flash emanoN v3 rom on Samsung Galaxy Mini GTS5570?

Due to the effort of some developers out there, Samsung Galaxy Mini GTS5570 has got to see some amazing roms on it. Adding to the list of this custom roms is emanoN rom, another amazing modification of Gingerbread by parasmi, a developer from xda-developers forum. emanoN rom which sounds somewhat unusual while you hear it's name, truly proves the proverb, 'Don't judge a book by it's cover' (in our case name), since it provides awesome custom stock experience from inside. In simple terms, emanoN rom is a simple modification to stock gingerbread to improve it's performance rather than changing the user interface or design.

Unlike Cyanogen Mod 7.1.0, emanoN looks alike Gingerbread firmware so we can say it as a stock rom with the features of custom rom. emanoN currently on version 3 supports custom recovery like Clock Work Mod, ext partitions, overclocking and many more. It has been customized to make fast and improve performance. It also supports Samsung and Google apps i.e. you can connect to Kies (and) or also use one of those Samsung Mobile Codes to access hidden options and many more that was possible with stock Gingerbread. Let's have a look at some of it's features below:
  • Latest Gingerbread or Android 2.3.5 (S5570XWKS7) Operating System
  • OC Kernels are included no longer require Dalvik-cache to be moved to sd-ext; New CPU Governors and I/O Schedulers are added. 
  • You can overclock directly using No Frills CPU control app that is installed already.
  • 14 statusbar toggle buttons (customizable via QuickPanel Settings); Flashlight toggle force closes so don't use it.
  • Ice Cream Sandwich Transition Animations
  • Open Virtual Private Network (VPN) pre-enabled.
  • Darktermor APP2SD is replaced by Simple2Ext (S2E). However, you will need to activate S2E manually from the app.
  • Better RAM management and speed optimization.
  • Many new apps including Screen Capture, New File Manger, etc are added.
So, these are few of the many features that can be found at the original thread on xda-developers forum. Now, let's head to flashing it on our Galaxy Mini. Users who already have Gingerbread 2.3.4 and Clock Work Mod Recovery can skip Step 1 and Step 2.

2. Install Clock Work Mod Recovery v4.0.0.5 using Odin. Please install v4.0.0.5 as said since there is some problem flashing with CWM recovery v5.0.2.6.

3. Download from this link.

4. Copy it to the root directory of your sd-card.

5. Reboot your device to Clock Work Mod Recovery (Press Home + Power Button).

6. [Optional but, Recommended] Do a Nandroid Backup of your current rom.

7. Choose Install Zip From Sd Card>>Choose Zip From SD Card option and then select the file you downloaded from above.

8. Wait till it finishes installing the update zip and then Wipe your Cache and Data in the CWM recovery main menu. [Note: It worked for me even if I didn't wipe data while going from CM7 to emanoN rom. However, it might not be the case with you, so wipe both data and cache so that you won't get into any problem.]

9. Reboot your device from CWM Recovery main menu.

Your device will boot up with emanoN_ROM.It took me about 5 minutes for the first boot, but please wait until 10-15 minutes. If it doesn't boot up even after above 15 minutes please wipe data and cache and dalvik cache and try again. You might also need to re-flash the rom if it doesn't work even after wiping data and cache.

Also, you might want to get Google Apps such as Android Market, Youtube, G-Mail, etc. If that is the case and you are wondering how you can get them then please go through the article, 'How to Flash Google Apps on any Custom Roms?' article in this blog.

That's all. You have successfully flashed emanoN v3 rom on your galaxy pop. Though it will look like stock Gignerbread from outside it has many difference in features and performance. As said above, you can overclock your device using pre-installed No Frills CPU Control app upto 801 Mhz. Also, there is a Screenshot app that will help you take screenshots whenever and however you want. There is many more, so don't forget to explorer through it. If you have any problems regarding this rom, please feel free to ask at the comments below or post your queries at the rom's thread on xda-developers forum.

P.S. Also, please stop by and say thanks to parasmi, the developer of this rom on his original thread.

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  1. How about the battery life?
    Is there anything that doesn't work in this ROM?

  2. no bugs at all.. :) im using it right now. max 801mhz no freeze no lags. SMOOTH!!!!!!!!

  3. Archie, Battery life is good. The Flashlight toogle in notification window doesn't work (force closes) and you can't change your boot animation without editing it to stop infinite loop. Other everything is good and smooth just try it.

  4. can i overclock over 801 MHZ??
    and also how can i solve the problem of playing big file video (Example.650MB) smoothly???

  5. how to go back to gingerbread 2.3.4 from emanonN......i tried to go back to gingebread but now my internet is not working......"h" sign only shows uplink downlink is there

  6. FaRo0kZ, I guess you can't at the moment. Also, about the video try different app from market (maybe QQ Player can help). If you are not able to play then also, then try to break it in parts using any video editing software and try playing again.

  7. Anand, simply falsh GB from ODin as you did when upgrading to GB from Froyo. Also, you need to wipe data and cache in by going into recovery mod.

  8. there is no mobile network settings in setting menu ! and the signal show x signal . can i fix this ?

  9. renoelmarco, I have no idea about the signal thing which you are talking. Your mobile network settings will be in Wireless Settings inside the SEttings, search through and you will find it. Also, for the signal if it is not working then try flashing again, else if mobile data is working leave it.

  10. Hey Yagya you told me a method to make CWM work in our mini. Flashing it over CWM works.....thanks.

  11. Ashish Kotnala, Glad Flashing CWM v5.0.2.6 over CWM recovery v4.0.0.5 made latest clock work mod recovery working for you. But, I found it not working for many other.

  12. Can i do this on my galaxy mini 2.3.4 dxkpd?

  13. Haha, Yes, you can flash emanoN v3 rom on any GB version above 2.3.4 including DXKPD too. Go, ahead and ENjoy flashing!

  14. if I setup this room on my phone, all my apps and games will be removed?

  15. Thnx a's very smooth..woohoo

  16. Mahmoudll2020, yes all your apps and games will be removed when wiping data. But, you can backup them with the help of many apps available on market and then restore them later. Titanium Backup Pro (TB), AppMonster Pro, App Control Pro, are such apps. TB is recommended for backup and restore of user apps and data.

  17. Sir, do I need to partition my sd card first or it will automatically partition my sd card, so when it's automatic what is the size that it will have?

  18. Mang Mang,
    Yes, you will need to partition your sd-card since it will not partition your sd-card automatically. However you can do it even after flashing the rom. Also, if you have partitioned your sd-card already (before) then there is no need to partition it again (as partitioning is done once), just flash a2sd zip. If you need help on partitioning your sd-card kindly go through:

  19. Which is better ROM EmaNon or Cyanogen?

  20. Jayant D. Kulkarni,
    Both are nice roms and both serve different purpose. EmanoN v3 tries to stays as close to stock rom in design while improving features and performance while, CM7 focuses on both design and performance. It's really a matter of personal preference to reply your query. However, I personally like Cyanogen Mod.

  21. I personally liked EmanNon. Few things to mentioned,
    1. More stable.
    2. Very close to STOCK rom.
    3. Faster.
    4. I observed CM 7 crashes lots of time. Especially ADW launcher.
    5. Have all default apps. Especially FM radio which drove me crazy when I installed CM.
    6. Can add support for Local fonts.

    Thanks for your nice tutorial. Please keep on posting updates on EmaonoN.

  22. I have the cyanogenmod installed and I would like to change to emanNon since I am not completly satisfied with cyanogen. Do I have to uninstall cyanogen first or do I apply emanNon over it? If I have to uninstall, how do I do that? (I managed to apply the other os and rom with step by step help from this site, thank you very much and keep up the good work!)

  23. Theodore,
    You don't need to uninstall Cyanogen mod to switch to emanoN v3 rom from cm7. Simply flash the emaonN zip file from above (over it) in CWM recovery using the steps above. (i.e. Just skip steps 1 and 2 since you have Gingerbread and clockwork mod recovery installed already).

  24. @Yagya can i install this with GB 2.3.6?

  25. tugtuganm
    Yes, you can install emanoN rom (as well as other custom roms) with GB 2.3.6. Have a happy flashing!

  26. Hey all,
    I flashed emanoN 2 days ago and it is really worth it! With cyanogenmod I had issues with stability, both adw launcher and the android market kept crashingand I had witnessed a couple of switch offs...however with emanoN when I tried to overclock to 806hz I had 2 crashes so I went to 746 and now everything runs smooth (806 was probably too much stess for my poor mini....) Thanx again Yagya for all your help!!!

  27. i flashed my pop with emanon . cant i access android market anymore ? - goutam niwas

  28. goutam niwas ,
    You will need to flash Gapps for GB in CWM recovery before you can get to set up Google Account and Market app. You can flash them from here:

    Follow instruction above and you will be ready to rock!

  29. pop works well with 786 mhz. it gave neocore results upto 80 fps. but with 806mhz it didnt perform well.

  30. Hi yagya
    In ur earlier blog you have written that adobe flash palayer is working with cm7 on samsung galaxy pop.
    My quistion is that does it also support on emanon rom. If that is than i whould sure like to flash to emanon rom.
    Thanks in advance.

  31. sohil,
    I think it works on emanon too since it is a custom mod. however, I am not quite sure about it. you can try and see for yourself. Do a nandroid backup of your rom> Flash emanon v3> Check if flash player works (if it works stay with it else, Flash CM7>Restore your backup).

  32. Thanks yagya
    i will try it and tell you weather it works or not.

  33. Good morning yagya!
    I flashed emanon today.
    Flash player is working fine fore youtube videos , it is lil bit scrapy for other videos but still gives resonable viewing experience.

    One more thing is that i didnt need flashing gapps i just restored my backup of my google apps and created google acc. I also didnt required clear cach and data.

    How can i use s2e ? Do i need to partition my sd card for it ? Please help im new to s2e.

    anyway i am happy flashing emanon.
    Looks quite speedy and stable.. Loved it.

    Thanks a lot yagya
    also many thanks to parasmi.

  34. Shoil,
    I am glad everything is going fine. ANd, yse you need to partition your sd-card for S2E. You can find more detail at:

    Read through it. If you have any problem feel free to ask me.

  35. Hi yagya..
    I partitioned my sd card and moved app data, private app data and dalvick and download cach..
    Soon after reboot when settings applied, no frills cpu, rom manager, s2e, screen lock, started force closing. Now i am unable to open those apllication im not able to open s2e now. Whenever i open it it force closes.
    Have i done anything wrong?
    Wwhat shold i do now?
    Please help....

  36. Hey yagya..
    Its resolved now , i just rebooted my system with power off butten and after reboot everything works fine.

    S2e works like a charm. Before s2e use my phone mammory was 80% occupied but after using s2e only 20% of phone mamory is occupied rest 80% is free.

    Thanks boss !!

  37. shoil,
    Glad everything worked fine. You are welcome! And happy new year 2012. Enjoy and Cheers!

  38. I have flashed emanon on my pop . Wen a process is running minimised it automatically terminates the procesws after sometime

  39. goutam niwas,
    That's the feature of Android (Dalvik) it terminates app which are of low prority (which are minimized) to free space for other open and running apps.

  40. but even downloads in opera stops wat can i do to stop it . plz help.

  41. goutam niwas,
    I don't know about that. I haven't tried it and also haven't heard any complains regarding downloads. I think there is some error with your setup or network. Did you wiped data and cache? Also, for more help on this please visit developer's thread @

  42. Thank you Sir! I learned so many things here in your blog.
    BTW, I love this rom. So fast and hassle free. Can I overclock this to 801 (max)? Will it damage my system? Thanks. :)

  43. Falling Fred,
    Yes, you may overclock this upto 801 too. However, if your device becomes too hot then you might want to decrease the Max Frequency.

  44. Dear Yagya, thanks for the quick reply.
    Just a question, can I play Tap Tap revenge 4 in this rom? I have difficulties on running this at CM7. It always force closes. IDK why.

  45. Falling fred,
    I can't tell for sure. but if it didn't work on CM7 then it might not work on emanon too. But, you can try your luck if you want to.

  46. Yagya,
    Thanks you so much. Oh BTW, when do you think is the release of the stable CM9(ICS)? Can't wait for that. Lol. :)

  47. Yagya, I have just test the TAP TAP REVENGE 4 and it works fine. I experienced a few bit lags but just a few. Thank you :)

  48. i just flashed this rom and it looks gud...can i just use the no frills without installing overclocking kernels like i did for cm7(is it already overclocked??)?....and y is rom manager preinstalled wat gud is it in our device??.......and where is the thank you button!!(:D) in xda ,I want to thank a lot of people....

    Thank you yagya for this blog

  49. yeah i forgot market and maps are pre installed

  50. Ravi,
    Yes, you can use No Frills CPU control app to overclock simply without flashing OC kernels since it is already overclocked. You just have to set the max CPU as you want.

    Also, to see thanks button on xda you will need to use/browse it thgough PC.

  51. Will emanon v4 or somthin will be released built on android 4.0

  52. goutam niwas,
    I think we might get v4 (though it might not be Android 4.0 based) but, am not sure about it. Just wait and watch for the updates.

  53. now i use Chocobread, can i flash to emanon??

  54. ferr ahmad,
    Yes, you can falsh any roms until you have GB and Clcokwork Mod recovery. So, go ahead and falsh any roms you like, emanon too.

  55. Hi Yagya,
    My music application is crashing in emanon v3 when go artist tab. Any fix for this?

  56. can i use ginger bread 2.3.6 to flash this rom?

  57. Yes, it can be flashed on any GB firmware with custom recovery (clockwork mod) installed on it.

  58. hey yagya 

    what is PARTITION OF SDCARD? and can i place the to the sd card inside the folder?.. sorry for my sentence :(

  59. hey yagya. tnx i successfully flash the rom. nice work. btw how to set NO FRILLS CPU CONTROL?.. tnx

  60. Partitioning sd-card means dividing your sd-card storage in two virtual storage locations --aka parititions-- (with either different or similar file system) . You can find more about it in the article, How to partitition sdcard and install a2sd? search for it here.

  61. Search for overclocking using No Frills CPU control app here and you might get more info about it. Just select the max frequency you want, choose a governor if you want and then close the app.

  62. hey yagya

    can i reflash GB on my mini while this rom is currently installed on my mini ?

  63. Yes, you can. That's how you switch to stock rom from custom rom. You can simply follow the instructions for upgrading to GB.


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