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Screenshots of Caynogen Mod 9 On Samsung Galaxy Mini GTS5570

It hasn't even been a week since the developer started alpha release of latest Ice Cream Sandwich based Cyanogen Mod 9 rom and the developer has already released a beta version. So, yesterday I thought of flashing cyanogen mod 9 on my galaxy pop/mini gt-s5570 and giving it a try. After I successfully upgraded my firmware to cyanogen mod 9, I took a look around it and wasn't surprised to find out that there were many bugs in it. However, I managed to take some screen shots and here in this post you will get to taste this awesome Ice Cream Sandwich based rom, if you haven't tried it already on your device.

About Phone Settings, Pure Android 4.0.3 based Cyanogen Mod 9 rom.

Lock Screen in Cyanogen Mod 9 rom. It's awesome and you can even open the notification window here.
Albums/Gallery. It was finding difficult to show me the pictures however I used a trick to display them for a while.

Home Screen with Power Control and Music Widget. I also included the volume slider so you can get it's taste as well.

Notification Window. See, it's got a new design, no power control toggles, transparent and stylish alignment.

Power Button Options. The one you get by long pressing power button. Screenshot option doesn't work for now.

Pokemon Battle Frontier episode on QQ Player.

App Download window on Android Market. Downloading of app need to flash gapps from here.

Android Market. It is available by default, however, you need to flash gapps to get it working.

App Drawer in CM9. Isn't it cool? A whole new design.

Application info, a new feature where you can see apps permission as well as disable, uninstall and do many more with an app.

Handy Informations on latest ICS based Browser. It has got some amazing features like save for offline reading.

Simple, clean Home screen. The one you get just after flashing CM9.

Display Settings

Menu button options in Desktop/Home Screen.

Music Player. Fine and running with some sound enhancement.

Personal Settings. The few lines text you are seeing is CPU data that you can enable in Developer Option Settings.

Running Apps Window. Similar to CM7 it shows used and free space of RAM as well as a option to see cached app is available.

Storage Settings. You can see used and unused space of various (internal and external) storage devices.

An Introduction to TouchPal keyboard.

Touch Pal v5 keyboard. It's seems cool with some good features. However, I didn't like it's small keys.

Widgets in CM9 can be accessed directly in App Drawer.

Widgets Drawer. You can't access it via Lon Pressing in Home Screen. To set a widget come here and drag and drop one to Home Screen.

Wireless and Network Settings. You can even see you data usages.

So, these were some screenshots of latest Android 4.0.3 based Cyanogen Mod 9 rom. If you can no longer wait to get your hands on it, then read through, 'Flashing Cyanogen Mod 9 on Samsung Galaxy Pop/Mini GT-S5570' article, that I wrote some hours ago. However, this rom is just a beta version and has many bugs and thus can't be used for day to day activities. So, I suggest you wait for more stable version but, the choice is up to you. So, now that you have got a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich or Cyanogen Mod 9 rom, what do you think about it? Isn't it just yummy? Please share your views in the comments below.

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  1. OMG it's AWESOME! can't wait for it :3

  2. Furanchisu,
    Yes, it's awesome and we will get a stable build soon (maybe within a month or even before that).

  3. wow...great news! so excited bout this..

    Maybe i'll wait for the stable version..

    Thanks in advanced yagya for the infos...

  4. im on official GB 2.3.6.....can i directly flash it....

  5. ashokjalagam,
    Yes, you can directly flash it. There is an article I wrote about flashing it, which might help you (to be clear). Read through it here :

  6. hey yagya if i flash the Cyanogen Mod 9 on Smasung Galaxy Pop/Mini GTS5570 then will i download the application/games/and many more from the market.........................

  7. really n android 2.3.5 gingerbread version can i upgrade directly to this version ...pls help....

  8. Awesome awesome news.

    Can't wait for a more stable version, but until than I will play with different ROM's and test them.

    Amazing news.

  9. Mani,
    Yes, you can directly upgrade to CM9 from 2.3.5. Here's are the instructions for flashing if you need any help :

  10. So excited to have the stable CM9. I hope to flash it soon. Keep up the good work.

  11. how much time left for bugs to be fixed...i m so excited to flash this rom...its awesome... :)

  12. Hey Yagya, any ideas on how to support Indic fonts on CM7? As you know, that Indic fonts were supported in Stock 2.3.6

  13. Hey, yagya, I have a question,,though this isn't connected to Galaxy or Samsung,,

    Do you have any infos on upgrading firmwares on Alcatel running android OS???

    hope for some help. :D

  14. coolsandie,

    Yes, since you are talking about it, please use Arial Unicode MS font as said here :

    I am also working on a alternative way to render the Indic characters more properly and also to use a less heavy font but, it will take some time so for now go with the above one.

  15. The Third,
    Sorry, but I doubt if I can help regarding the firmware upgrade for Alcatel. I don't have much info regarding it. However, I could have done some research regarding it for you but with the info you provided it's more than difficult.

    I suggest you search in Google for that. Or, if you can provide me the phone details maybe I could help more. Or, maybe this link will help you to find the firmware for your Alcatel device:

  16. Thanks friend..

    BTW, here's the full model name : ALCATEL One Touch 890D

    Thanks in advance!!!!

  17. Thethird,
    Thanks for your input... It helped me a lot and after looking around for a while I got to know about One Touch Firmware Upgrade Tool/software for Windows PC that can help you upgrade your device's firmware from your own PC with the help of net connection. Please download the software from here (not recommended) :

    OR here (official site link and recommended):

    Once, you download the software, install it on your PC and run it to upgrade your firmware. It's like OTA update but seems like much safer one. If you have doubts/confusion how to use this tool to update your firmware go through this :

    If you need further help regarding your device, I suggest you go through all the FAQs at:

    I am sure all your queries are replied with above info and links.

  18. yagay?
    can we flash a rom on our galaxy mini which is made for any other model??????

  19. Harman,
    No, you can't do so. Flashing roms made for other devices will damage your phone and may even lead to a bricked unusable device.

  20. WOW..thanks again for that lift man!

    Will try it..actually this is for my sister who bought this Alcatel Droid phone days ago. She was jealous that I am running Android 2.3 so I rushed in to your trusted blog.

    BTW, still waiting for the stable version of CM9 for Mini..I am still enjoying CM7 but would be better if ICM will be on my Mini.

    More Powers Yagya!
    Merry Christmas!

  21. thankss yagya
    nd i have also heard about ported ios for samsung phones
    can v port ios to samsung galaxy mini???????

  22. Thethird,
    Glad to be of any help... I am sure the link I provided are enough to know about your sister's Alcatel One Touch 890D smartphone. Tell her to relax now and help her upgrade with the information you can get from the links.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas to you too.

  23. Harman,
    I haven't heard of such till now and don't even think it is possible to get iOS for android smartphones. And by the way, if you want iOS go for iPhone. It makes no sense buying an android powered device and wanting to get iOS or iPhone from it. Be happy with android and what it has to offer to you.

    All the best and Merry Christmas!

  24. thanks yagya for ur hardworking to make this small device turns to big n mighty superpower smartphone. I tried all n all n working great, yesterday I flash mine to 4.0.3... gteat!! look similiar emanom but many improve,I used fot a couple hour n flash back to cm7,I want to flash again to CM9 after this n patiently wait for fix cm9 released soon. and 1kkk thanks to squadzone for making this happen.

  25. I downloaded and flashed it but there are many bugs so ill wait for stable version....

  26. can we play asphalt 5/6 on galaxy mini...??

  27. coomar,
    I think you can play it if you have QVGA version of Asphalt 5/6 that is optimized for Galaxy Mini. Try searching for Asphalt 5/6 QVGA apk file on Google and then give it a try on your phone.

  28. coomar,
    you can download asphalt 5 nd more qvga games from the link given below

  29. coomar,
    you can also download the game data from the link given above

  30. how to restore .vmg type of format of massages into my galaxy mini...???

    thnx for giving the link...!!

  31. coomar,
    I am not sure about this. Which app did you make the backup with. You might want to search on Google for it too.

  32. thank u yagya for your awesome tutorial..i have install the stable cm7 yesyerday and its really good overlocking at 782 mhz..but if cm9 gets stable i will give it a try...i am a newbie of android and flashing roms but i did manage to have cm7 on my mini because of your step by step tutorial..thank u so much..and thank u for the genius developers.they did a verry good job..keep up the good work yagya..

  33. what about galaxy pop india its for mini or pop

  34. It's for both --all version of Samsung Galaxy Mini GT-S5570 having GB and custom recovery.


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