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Screenshots of EmanoN v3 Rom on Samsung Galaxy Pop/Mini.

EmanoN version 3 is the latest release of emanoN rom. It has many new features added in this new release some of which are pretty cool too. So, if you haven't already tried out emanoN v3 rom on your galaxy pop gts5570, flash it right away and see for yourself. It's a good alternative to cyanogen mod rom. Also, since it's stay very close to stock rom in design and core features, it's fast and has got better performance. It's pretty good for those who don't like cyanogen mod or/and who like design and user interface of stock rom but want cool features of custom roms such as overclocking, tweaking, added features, etc.

Here, in this article I will show you some of the screen shots I took while I was running emanoN version 3 rom on my Samsung galaxy pop gt-s5570. It has been modified from previous versions to included more features such as status bar toggle, over clocking kernels inbuilt, screen capture app added for capturing screen shots easily, and many more. I am sure you will like these screen shots from emanoN v3 rom.

App Drawer

Home Screen.

File Manager with the ability to browse system files too.

Notification Window. Notice the Screen Capture Shortcut, it stays there always so you can take screen shots more easily. However, you can remove it if you want by going to screen capture app settings.

No Frills CPU Control app is pre-install and you can overclock your device upto 801 Mhz right from this app. You don't need to flash any zips or overclocking kernel after you flash emanoN v3 rom to overclock your galaxy pop.

Task Manager and Recent Apps windows. You can launch an (minimized) app  instantly or  use Task Manager to kill/stop app manually.

This is the default Screen Capture app installed in emanoN v3 rom. It creates a shortcut in Notification window to let you capture any screen shots  instantly.

Notification Window. Notice the options (Wifi, Bluetooth, Flashlight, etc);  You can scroll this bar to see more (upto 14)  other options. This is the new feature called status bar toggle and it's awesome.
These were some screen shots of emanoN v3 rom just after fresh install. So, you are not able to see any tweaks or widgets. Hope you enjoyed viewing them. If you like this rom and want to have it on your smartphone, please read through the article 'How to Flash EmanoN v3 Rom on Galaxy Pop/Mini GTS5570?'. Also, if you have any screen shots you want to share with other many people around the world, you can send them to me at yagyagaire [underscore] 2009 [at] yahoo [dot] com and I will include them here. Please read about and contact me page for more details on how to do so. Regards!

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  1. It's a nice rom for the ppl who like the original samsung rom with some adjustments. However I like the cyanogenmod rc3 the most :p

  2. wat are the ROM's avaliable for samsung galaxy mini?????

  3. ashok jalagam,
    Custom rom's available for Samsung Galaxy Mini are in increasing trend. However, popular custom roms are CM7, Andro-id v3.2, emanoN rom v3, Minimod X , Vanialla rom, etc. Also, different other roms which are modded from above roms are available such as CM7 Music Edition, Chocobread, Gingergear, Ginger Fire, etc and many more.


  5. ashok halagam,
    Don't know if galaxy pop will get Ice Cream Sandwich or not. If it will get also, then it's a long way to get it officially through Samsung. Let's hope for the best that we can get it through the means of Cyanogen Mod 9. But, it's also a long way (at least few months. So, you better wait up till then.

  6. hey yagya.. plz upload new veersion of cynogenmod..i.e.CYANOGENMOD 9.0.0 ALPHA..

    i'm so excited for that...!!

  7. coomar,
    I can understand your excitement. I am excited too. However, I am quite sure you don't want to lose(brick) your Samsung Galaxy Mini/Pop smartphone. The Alpha version of Cyanogen Mod 9 you are talking about does nothing except booting up on your device(which is also not guaranteed).So, I suggest it's better to wait for a more stable release.

    However, if you seriously know what you are doing and want to give it a try, you can wait till the developer squadzone uploads it. You can find more detail at the xda thread

  8. i have been having problems on the music playback in this rom.. ive used the stock player and other players out there (MIUI for exaple) yet i experience flakiness in the music playback.. any suggestions?

  9. hi Yagya,
    I already flashed Xloud into this emanoN v3. How do i know it's work or not? how to check in system? Thank in advance.

  10. SuenEry,
    I guess there is no any way to know if xLoud has been configured in your system or not. The only way is to feel/experience the change/improvement in playback.

    You might notice it after using it for some while or just leave it.

  11. droly23hp,
    Don't know about the problem. Music was working fine when I flashed emaonN v3 during test. I don't know about it, may be it's a problem with your music file. Try playing any other file (and/or with any other player).

  12. i think xloud can't be configured in this rom.

  13. SuenEry,
    The thing is you don't get any configuration options on any roms for galaxy mini since it is not pre-installed or supported fully. It must work fine just by flashing it in CWM recovery, if it doesn't then it's not supported.

  14. Is the Status bar configurable ?
    Because I use in the Order .. Wifi/BT/GPS/Vibration/Auto-Rotate !!


  15. coolsandie,
    Yes, you status bar (notification window'd icons) are configurable. You can change their order adn not only this you can also choose the icons from 14 (actually 13 since flashlight toggle is not working) icons and keep which ever you like.

  16. what is maximum and minimum frequency that can be set in galaxy mini running emanon??????

  17. suriya kumar,
    emanon is overclocked by default to 801 Mhz. So, this is the maximum frequency you can set and (am not sure) but you can set around 200 Mhz for minimum frequency. But, setting frequencies such low is not recommended since it might/will affect your device and your device may be unusable. Use No Frills CPU control app to see what lowest frequency can be set.

  18. i flashed my pop with emanon .but my central selection key cant be used to reach my home page directly while using apps or anyother stuffs. please help. thanks in advance

  19. goutam niwas,

    Don't know what could be your problem. You might have chaged some settings, try searching though the setting for a fix. Since it has been long I used emanon I can't remember them exactly. Also, if you can't figure it out then flash the rom again and wipe data and cache along with it. I am sure all the settings will be default and it will work fine. :)


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