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How To Overclock Samsung Galaxy Mini/Pop Running Andro-id v3.2?

Andro-id is another great custom rom for Samsung Galaxy Mini/Pop developed by tj_style. It has quite similar appearance to Cyanogen Mod Rom and has got some awesome features of custom roms like support for ext3/4 partitions, clockwork mod recovery, overclocking, and many other features. Here in this article you will get to know how you can overclock your galaxy pop/mini gts5570 which has Andro-id v3.2 installed on it. Please read through the instructions below carefully to overclock your galaxy pop/mini.

First of all for these overclocking kernels to work on your galaxy pop, you will need to have Andro-id v3.2 installed on your device. If you don't have it (and want to give it a try) please follow these instructions to flash andro-id v3.2 on your device. Or, if you are looking to overclock some other roms, please search through them here. Once you have Andro-id in your galaxy pop/mini download any of the Overclocking Kernels from below and copy them to your sd-card. All these OC Kernels are loaded with 15 feature governors, SIO, VR, BFQ, CFQ, Deadline, noop with UV module.
Now that you have got all the required things please follow the steps below carefully to install and use these OC Kernels properly on your device. Please note that overclocking is not compatible with all devices and it might even harm your device. So, Do It At Your Own Risk.

Instructions to Flash Overclocking Kernels :
1. Download any OC Kernel from above (as per your requirement and preference).
2. Copy it to the (root directory)  of your sdcard.
3. Reboot your phone to recovery mod (Press Home + Power button).
4. Select Install Zip From SD Card.
5. Select Choose Zip From SD Card.
6. Select (with Home button) the file which you copied earlier to your sd card. [It is the file that you downloaded from above.]
7. Wait till it finishes flashing/installing the kernel.
8. Reboot you device when everything is done.

How to Over Clock Your Galaxy Pop? Or, Instructions to Set CPU Clock Frequency?
1. Download No Frills CPU control app from market (It's available for free).
2. Select the desired Max CPU Frequency you want in Max. clock freq. field.
3. Also, select a governor in Governor field. [Smartass v2, powersave, ondemand, are some of the best and perform like performance boost, battery save and auto mode respectively.]
4. If you want the settings to remain intact even if you reboot your device, then put a tick mark beside Set on Boot option.
5. When everything is set close the app.

That's all. You have sucessfully overclocked your device. Please remember that your device might not be able to handle overclocking to a much higher frequency (esp. above 800 MHz). In such case it will show strange behavior like occasional reboots, reboot while installing an app, phone getting hot very soon, or similar behaviors. If you noticed such strange behaviors after over clocking please decrease your Max Clock Frequency or set it back to 600 MHz. If you have any problems or confusion regrading this, you know where to ask for help, don't you?

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  1. Hi, I have a doubt regarding over clocking.

    I downloaded an avatar game and install it, working fine also. But while running the game it stacking in between and wait for some time and working. it is very irritating me. If I overclock the device, this issue will fix?

  2. Balaji,
    Yes, if the lag is because of your low CPU speed (which is usually the case) then it will be fixed after overclocking. Overclocking increases your CPU power and thus it's speed and prevents lags in between playing games or running heavy apps.

  3. This is not suitable for galaxy pop(indian version of galaxy mini).I flashed with your recovery mod that is you given in this post.I tried it twice but both the times I failed.And more thing is that I had to flash it again with the android 2.3.6 firm wire both the times because my hand set got bricked.

  4. I have the same device that you are claiming to have and all the articles written here are tested by me at least on my galaxy pop. It works totally fine. The thing is you are doing it wrong, you need to flash Andro-id v3.2 (a custom rom) first and then after that flash and use this Overclocking kernels as instructed above.

  5. sir/mam is it possible to switch from cyanogen7 to andro-id. With only clockworkmod. I want to try this overclock for better speed, my mini now constantly slows down with cm7.

  6. p.s. And also do i need to partition my sd before this overclock kernels to work?

  7. hey i mainly overclocked my mini because i wanted to play nfs hot pursuit. tried to play it in 801 mhz and cf3d powervr plugin but it wont work. please help if you can.

  8. hey yagya the 868 mhz overclock kernel dosent work. i tried it thrice in vain.

  9. Sorry to say! But, I can't help you in this regard. In fact nobody can do since you are trying impossible (and probably unnecessary) thing.

  10. Don't complain such thing here... You can either buy a new phone or complain to the manufacturer. Since, all mini are quite different you may get unstable at any frequency -if that is the case try another one, instead of complaining.

  11. 3rd kernel didnt work. Can i try the 2nd one directly or i have to again install another firmware?

  12. What do you mean by third kernel didn't work? Were you able to flash it or not? Also, please note that these OC kernels are only for andro-idv3.2 custom rom. And, yes, you can try any (2nd too) kernel if you have got andro-id v3.2 custom rom.

  13. thx very much for your valuable information


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