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How To Install Clockwork Mod Recovery v4.0.0.9 On Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830?

UPDATE! Latest CWM recovery v5.0.2.6 is available and you can download and flash it from here.

Clock Work Mod Recovery is a custom recovery and that too an awesome one. Thanks to the developer, koush, that this recovery is supporting wide range of devices including less popular devices such as galaxy pop/mini gt-s5570 or/and galaxy ace gt-s5830 itself. So, if you want to get extra features such as doing a nandroid backup or restore or just want to flash a custom rom to your device then you sure need to install this awesome custom recovery on your device first.

So, let's get started. To flash this recovery you need to have any Gingerbread firmware installed on your device. So, if you fulfill the requirements then follow the steps below to get this clockwork mod recovery on your galaxy ace gt-s5830 smartphone.

1. Download the file,

2. Copy the downloaded file, ClockWorkModAce, to (the root-directory of) your sd-card.

3. Power off your phone (using power button).

4. Boot up your galaxy ace to recovery mode (Press Home + Power Button).

5. Select Update Zip From SD-Card option.

6. Choose the file (named : you downloaded earlier. (Note :- Use Home button to select).

7. After it finishes installing the zip file, reboot your device.

And, you are done. Wasn't it simple? Indeed it was. Now, you can enjoy your new recovery and all test all it's new features by simply rebooting your device to clock work mod recovery. That's all. If you need any help with this then please do post a comment. Enjoy! :)

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  1. Do I need to root to get CWM ON my POP

  2. No, you don't need to root to get clock work mood recovery on your device; simply flash it in recovery following the steps from above.

  3. Thanx. It's working properly.

  4. how much time its take after reboot ?
    my ace takes too long to reboot..

  5. It should boot within five to ten minutes. More than that means an retire had happened. Do try again by double checking everything.

  6. Hey Thanks. It look pretty easy... Would it work on my GT-S5830M ?

  7. I'm not sure, but most probably it works.

  8. it's work for GT-S5830i?
    it take too long to reboot...

  9. No, it doesn't work for GT-S5830i. This one is different handset with different hardware.


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