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Rooting Smasung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830 Having Gingebread Firmware

Rooting is a process of gaining superuser permissions (also know as root access) in any device. The device manufacturer put some restrictions to the users for security issues and by rooting you are simply throwing all the security holes open and taking the control to your own hands from the system. It's like gaining administrator access on your Windows PC or gaining root access (with sudo su) command in Linux PC. So, then why do people root their phones even if the issues is so critical and is related to security? That's because rooting provides them with full system read/write access and opens path for further customization of their android smartphone.

So, now you know what you are doing and why you are doing it, don't you? If yes is your answer than we are ready to get started. With the following process you can root any of your galaxy ace gt-s5830 device that is running gingerbread 2.3 and above (i.e. all Android version 2.3.X) firmwares. So, then let's get started.
Disclaimer : Do It At Your Own Risk!
I am not responsible for any damage that occur to your device. By rooting your device you acknowledge that you are voiding your device's warranty.

1. Download the file   [ Password : yagyagaire ]

2. Copy the file to (the root-directory of) your sd-card.

3. Power off your phone (using power button).

4. Boot up your galaxy ace to recovery mode (Press Home + Power Button).

5. Select Update Zip From SD-Card option.

6. Choose the file (named : you downloaded earlier. (Note :- Use Home button to select).

7. Wait till the zip is installed. After it is done, Reboot your device.

That's all. You have successfully rooted your android powered Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830 running Gingerbread 2.3 OS. You should now see superuser app on your app drawer which manages root permissions for various apps. If you are wondering what to do next, read this article to find out some of the best applications for your rooted device. You can now enjoy full power of android. Also, in case you rooted your device in mistake and just want to unroot it --for any reason-- then please read through the article, "How to Unroot Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830 Running Gingerbread Firmware On It?"

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  1. Ran this file on my 2.3.6 Kies-ed Ace then ran CLockworkModAce and I notice some odd behaviour: 
    1. the Home key doesn't show recently-run apps when long-pressed or the Home screen when short-pressed
    2. got FCs with processes called 'adservice ...androidapp.secad?'' and 'provider.drm'

    Do these sound familiar? Might it be something else?  It doesn't seem very likely, but what do I know**?

    Hope you might have an idea or two.

      ** far too little.

  2. It certainly doesn't sound familiar to me... This might not be due to rooting at all. But, I suggest you do a backup of your important files and data and then go to stock recovery (not Clock Work Mod recovery) and then wipe data and cache (will remove all data in internal memory) and then flash this root file and reboot. Now, it must be working fine and then restore your data and apps.

  3. Nothing seems to work for Samsung Ace Duos. There is no method to root Samsung i589. Can you pls help me root my phone.

  4. Follow the instructions at this article to root ace duos sch-i589.


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