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How To Unroot Samsung Galaxy Pop/Mini GT-S5570 Running Gingerbread OS?

Rooting is the process of gaining superuser permissions by using a exploit to throw the system open for user to modify it. Similarly, unrooting is the process just opposite of rooting. By unrooting your device, you block the hole and remove the exploit so that your system is secure again and can't be modified by normal users or any other root apps. So, the question might come, I have rooted my galaxy mini but, I want to remove the root access now - How do I unroot my device? And, the answer till now was simple -flash a new firmware using Odin. But, no more, you have got an alternative way to unroot our device.

Thanks to me, that after some research through the web and some of my own work, I came up with a method that will unroot your Samsung Galaxy Pop/Mini GT-S5570 smartphone and close all the holes and remove all the exploits installed during the process of rooting. Now, with this method of unrooting, no need to flash complete firmware using Odin, no more restoration of backup, no hassle of configuring the device again and again; it's easy and simple. Just, follow the instructions below and unroot your device within seconds.
Disclaimer : Do It At Your Own Risk!

1. Download the file, from Roms and Utilities page.

2. Copy this file to (the root directory of) your sd-card.

3. Reboot your device in recovery mode (Press Home + Power button while the phone is turned off).

4. Select Update zip from sdcard option and select the file (named:

5. Wait till the zip is installed and then reboot your device.

That's all. Wasn't is simple? You should now notice that your superuser app is removed and all traces of rooting are removed. You can also now claim your warranty in case your device happen to malfunction. So, now since unrooting is very easy, don't hesitate to root your phone if you want to see what it means to have root access, as you can easily unroot your device later if you want.

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  1. Hi, this is only for gingerbread os? I want unroot, but I have froyo 2.2.1

  2. You can use Super One Click for that. Just plug in your phone, load latest version of super one click and then hit Unroot button. Or, you can try upgrading to GB and your root will be gone by itself.

  3. yagya sir,
     when i am trying to flash ""
     the output is
      Error in /sdcard/ 
      installation aborted
    can you plzz help me in sorting out the problem
    i'm using latest CWM for my mini.

  4. Thank you for your report. I will take a look at the zip and try to fix the problem. I will notify when the zip is fixed, why don't you find me at facebook at
    You can get latest updates if you follow me there.

  5. yagya sir
    wat is super one click?
    Me too want to unroot n i have overclock to 845mhz
    now i want to restore...i dnt want overclock wat i do?
    Plz help
    thank you

  6. thanks yagaya sir, definetly

  7. thanks yagaya sir, definetly

  8. Mention not! I couldn't test it since I don't have a stock firmware and I don't want to unroot my custom rom so please do report if it works or not.

  9. i tried unrooting my galaxy mini using ur, but it ends up with error.(E:ERROR/tmp/ any solution???

  10. When did you download the zip? Try downloading it again from the zip named above. This one is treated by others and is supposed to work fine. Try again.

  11. Sir Yagya, I was wondering if I upgrade my Froyo (rooted) to gingerbread, will the SuperUser stay? If not, and I root my gingerbread (if I upgrade), if I install a custom rom, do I need to root it again? or if I'm on a custom rom, will I still able to root? Thanks in advance :)

  12. Rooting is not that big issues. So, just upgrade if you want to. After you upgrade the root will go but you can root it again by following the instructions here. Also, custom roms are rooted already, meaning you don't need to root them manually by yourself --they come pre-rooted.

  13. unrooting successful.but it didnt remove superuser app..pls. help..

  14. Anonymous, if so remove the app by yourself. Simply uninstall superuser app.

  15. hey thanks! it worked well with my mini. the superuser icon was at first hard to remove but a simple reboot did the trick.

  16. Hello ! I've do the unroot and it works but i can't uninstall superuser i mean in the task managare is not shown but his icon it's shown and i can enter in app it's there a chance that I have a root phone please help  uninstalling superuser...thx 

  17. In that case you will need to root it again and then remove the application first and then flash the unroot zip file in recovery. It seems your device is half rooted, half unrooted at the moment.


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