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[Video] Cyanogen Mod 7.2.0 RC0 v1.2 By Subpsyke For Samsung Galaxy Mini/Pop S5570.

Another update to one of our favorite vanilla (or pure) cyanogen mod 7.2.0 rom by subpsyke is out and available for download. I will be working on the instructions to flash this awesome rom later on (when I get some time), but for now I am here with this video in which you can see me configuring my device after flashing this rom on my Samsung galaxy pop gt-s5570 smart phone. Watch carefully and take notice of features available and you will learn a lot about this rom simply by watching this video. This rom seemed perfect (good speed and stability) during my short test of this rom.

So, this was a short video of latest vanilla cyanogen mod rom on my Samsung galaxy pop gt-s5570. Though the availability of this new version (CM7 RC0 v1.2) is a good news for all of us, there's also a bad news --it seems like the developer, subpsyke, has lost his hands from the galaxy mini device and he won't be releasing further updates for this vanilla cyanogen mod rom. My great thanks for him for what he has done with the development for our device. Thank you, subpsyke, for all you have done.

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