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Overclocking Kernels For Latest Cyanogen Mod 7.2.0 RC5 Rom.

Recently, a new version of cyanogen mod rom is released and I covered the event at the article, Latest Cyanogen Mod 7.2.0 RC5 For Samsung Galaxy Mini/Pop. And, for the best the developer has included some features from Cyanogen Mod 9 rom which in turn needed us to use new Overclocking Kernels for the latest rc5 rom. So, in case you were about to flash OC kernels for previous roms on latest cyanogen mod RC5 rom then drop the idea and only use the Overclocking Kernels developed for latest Cyanogen Mod 7.2.0 RC5 rom.

If you don't know already let me inform you that you can overclock upto 768 MHz directly from within the rom from CyanogenMod Settings>>Performance>>CPU Settings>>Max CPU frequency option. However, if you want to overclock more than that frequency download the overclocking kernel from below and then follow the instructions afterwards to install and use this overclocking kernels on your cyanogen mod rc5 rom.
 Disclaimer : Flash it at your own risk. Neither me nor the developer is responsible for any damage that may occur to your device through the use of these OC Kernels.

Instructions to Flash Overclocking Kernel :
1. Download from above. 

2. Copy it to your sd-card.

3. Reboot your phone to custom recovery mod (Press Home + Power button).

4. Flash this zip file on any custom recovery on your device. If you are on Clock Work Mod Recovery, Select Install Zip From SD Card>>Choose Zip From SD Card>>Select (with Home button) the file which you copied earlier to your sd card. [It is the file that you downloaded from above.]
If you have RZ Recovery, Select Install Menu>>Choose the file you copied earlier to your sd-card>>Choose Install option.

5. Wait till it finishes flashing/installing the kernel.

6. Reboot you device when everything is done.

You have successfully flashed OC Kernel on your device. Now to overclock your Samsung Galaxy Pop/Mini GT-S5570 simply go to CyanogenMod Settings>>Performance>>CPU Settings>>Max CPU frequency option and choose the max frequency according to your preference/need. Though overclocking will improve the speed of your device, it is to be noted that it will also drain your battery fast and may even harm your device during long/short run. So, I suggest you don't overclock beyond 801 MHz, but, it's fully your choice. Have a nice time using your supercharged, lag-free phone with latest cyanogen mod rc5 rom.

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  1. mr yagya are u there

  2. yagya which frequency do you prefer to your galaxy mini??

  3. Please, do not wait for me to be here. Because of many reasons I can't be available here all the time. So, if you have anything to ask or need help then just post your queries and then I will reply to it whenever I am here. (It won't take longer than 7-8 hours, but I can't guarantee that always since I am living in a country where we have got load shedding (power cut) for more than 10-12 hours a day). Hope you understood. :)

  4. I use my phone at normal 604 MHz Frequency. I don't use OC as I don't like using them as well as I don't need them too (I don't play games and all so no need of OC).

  5. mr using gb2.3.4 nw in my pop, i need the steps for  installing apps in memory card

  6. Please use the search button at the top right for that purpose. Search for installing apps to sd-card or similar terms and you should get what you are looking for.

  7. hi yagya,

    I rooted my phone to cyanogenmod 7.2.0 and since then its become slower and force closes on i thought of overclocking.......can u please tell me what are the upsides and the downs of the way i use galaxy mini.

    thancks in advance

  8. If you want give it a try. Make sure you set Max Frequecy around 753 MHz (not recommended above 800 MHz). Upsides are your speed will be slightly improved and you are sure to feel less lags. Downs are your battery will drain faster and you are also likey to burn your device if you overclock to a high frequency (or if you are not careful with it).

  9. hiiiii yagya.....for samsung si1903 also the same procedure........

  10. can u give tips on how to not burn it please urgent

  11. Yes, that's what I said stay close to 800 MHz and you should be fine, if you want to try at higher frequency (and at the same time overload your phone like by paying games) then there is likely to be a burn. Also, if you noticed your phone being very hot while using it, then stop using and lower the CPU frequency.

  12. Yes, the procedure is same but the rom is different.

  13. hey is it possible to increase ram.?

  14. hey i updated my ROM with new release on 1st of may, so will this work with the new one or should i wait for this ROM, it is already having smartassV2 but when i overclock it to more the 768 it becomes unstable

  15. Which rom do you have... Most custom roms these days comes with an overclock kernel so, you can simply overclock your device by going to settings or using No Frills CPU control app or Set CPU app or similar app.


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