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Top Ten Android Applications for Rooted Smart Phones

An unrooted/stock device is controlled by the manufacturer but you can take over the control to your simply by rooting your device. Rooting will give you the ability to use your smart phone devices according to your will. So, if your device is not rooted till now don’t waste your time. Go through this article to root your android devices running Froyo 2.2. Now that you have a rooted smart phone you can tweak it according to your preferences.

To help you do so there are many applications available in the market. I will make you known to some of the popular and mostly used applications for rooted android smart phone. Please go through the rest of the article to know more about these handy applications. The best way to know ‘How an application is?’ is to try it by yourself. So, follow the links given after each short review to try them out.

1. Root Explorer: Root Explorer is an ultimate file manager application that lets root users access files stored in your device’s internal storage which was not possible using your stock file manager application. Its features include but are not limited to SQLite database viewer, Text Editor, create and extract zip files, extract rar archives, multi-select, search, remount, permissions, bookmarks, change file owner and group, etc.
2. Root Manager:  Root Manager is another great tool for root users that lets you to reboot in recovery or bootloader. It also has features such as mount system as read-write, backup system apps and data, wipe factory data, manage data connections and many more.
3. ROM Manager:  ROM Manager is an application for root users that lets you install ClockWorkMod recovery on your device so that you can make full backup of your roms/firmwares, flash custom firmwares/roms, etc.
4. Titanium Backup: Titanium Backup is also for root user that lets you backup and restore your both system and user installed applications with the help of one click. It is great tool for those who want to keep backup of their apps for future.
5. Set CPU for Root Users: This wonderful application lets you to over clock or under clock your processor to increase the speed of your devices or to save battery according to your requirements. It also allows you to build custom profiles that over clock or under clock according to given conditions.
6. ROM Toolbox Pro: ROM Toolbox is an application that lets you tweak you phone to the farthest extent. From flashing custom roms, freezing, deleting or backing up system apps, changing themes and icons to setting CPU speed, it can do everything. This tools claims to provide ultimate rooting experience to its users.
7. Install Manager v3: Install Manger is a tool that lets rot users install any app to sdcard. It also supports batch moving to/from sdcard, freezing and backing up system apps, and change default application install location to sdcard. It’s a great tool for those who have memory issue in their phone.
8. Android Terminal Emulator: This is a great app for both rooted and unrooted device that provides you command line interface so that you can run Linux command line utilities in android. With rooted devices you can do a lot more with the help of su, pmSetInstallLocation, etc. commands which are very useful.
9. Wireless Tether for Root Users: Wireless tether for root users lets you share your mobile data connection (2G, 3G, 4G) with your other devices over wifi. It turns your mobile to an internet hotspot. Features such as wifi encryption, allow or disallow client to use data packet, etc. make this app a great application for root users.

10. BusyBox Installer: BusyBox Installer installs a working version of busybox for your devices. It also lets you update your busybox version. Since most root applications require you to have busybox, it is always a good idea to have it updated. This application helps you in doing just that.

There are other root tools that you can search for in market. But, these are the mostly used popular root tools that will help you in tweaking your device according to your desire. If you have any problems with the direct download links given above please go through this and this articles. 

What other root tools do you use mostly/frequently? Comments await your answer.

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  1. I have heard many times Root Explorer, Root Manager, Rom manager and some similar apps are brick to samsung galaxy phones exp. galaxy mini/pop

  2. No, that ain't true. Only Rom Manager can currently brick our phone, but it will soon be compattible with our galaxy mini. The developer tj_style is trying his best to make it work in samsung galaxy mini gts5570. So, it will be working just fine like other, But it is also true that you shouldn't play with these apps if you are not sure about anything..

  3. I havent yet rooted my Galaxy MINI but I intend to do it very soon.
    Firstable Ive been told to get a larger SD Card than the current 512MB one I have. So I am going to buy a new SD Card ASAP.
    After that I intend to root my phone.

    One question I would like to ask.

    If ROM Manager can brick the phone, can I still use CyanogenMod 7 without installing ROM Manager. Or at least having it installed but never even opening, let alone playing with it.

    Is that possible.

    Thanks for your great blog. It has helped me very much indeed.

  4. agonn,
    Yes, you can go to cyanogen mod rom without using rom manager. In fact you don't even have to install it let alone using it. So, feel safe and go ahead. Also, however, you might find it pre-installed in some CM7 versions but, you don't really need to open/use it.

    Good Luck and Best Wishes!

  5. Thank you for your response man.

    I am awaiting your reply in another post and I will go to root my phone very soon, hopefully if everything is good.

    Thank you.

  6. I think your articles are very informative and gives a large insight to all Galaxy mini owners . is there any app in the android market which takes advantage of a rooted phone and helps in conserving battery power. I have a Samsung Galaxy Pop and it is rooted. Rajdeep Singh

  7. Rajdeep Singh,
    There are many apps in android market which claim to save/extend battery life. Juice Defender, Antutu Power Saver,etc are some to name. There are many other that you can find just by searching the market with the keywords 'Battery saver' or 'extend battery life.'

    I will look into the problem and am hoping to write for some solutions/tips to extend the battery life when I get some time. Good Night for today!

  8. Hi Yagya. I rooted my SGM based on your tutorial here, and it was successful.
    Thank you for that.

    Now I am trying to use my rooted phone to its maximum, and got to this post.

    I would like to donwload Root Explorer but the direct link is dead. The file has been DELETED it says. Will you fix the link or should I try another way.

    Thanks in advance.

  9. 123google123,
    Sorry, for the dead links. It was expected since they were not hosted by me. Anyway, if you really like root explorer then, I suggest/recommend you get it from android market. If you can't do so for one or many reason please try to find a mirror, you can find many on Google search.

  10. hi yagya, i just want to know what is the recommended max and mini range for SET CPU?...waiting for your reply....all your posts and tutorials are very useful and working...thanks...ayun

  11. It is better to left the min as it is however, for maximum you can set upto 753 MHz (it is stable for most phones). Then use smartassv2 as governor and you are done with overclocking.

  12. Wow, that worked wonderful, not to try and increase space using sdcard partition. Lets hope that works too.

  13. i successfully rooted my phone!!

    now how to move apps2 sd card??

  14. Please, search for the article How to Install app to sdcard? and go through it.

  15. With rooting my phone can my device install flash player, till now its not working

  16. I am confused due to a lot of sources are available. can you suggest which tool best to Root Samsung Galaxy s5?


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