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[Video] Cyanogen Mod 7.2.0 RC5 On My Samsung Galaxy Pop

Few days ago, the developer -squadzone, released the latest Cyanogen Mod 7.2.0 RC5 custom rom and I shared with you all this good news in a post titled "Latest Cyanogen Mod 7.2.0 RC5 For Samsung Galaxy Mini/Pop GT-S5570". So, those who want to have this awesome rom on their galaxy pop/mini gt-s5570 can download and flash this rom on their device from this article. I have given it a try and it feels awesome. Most of you might have already got this up and running on your device but, for those who haven't given it a try; I have got a short video below showing you this latest Cyanogen Mod rom on my galaxy pop/mini gt-s5570.

That was a short video I shot showing you all the different features (or settings) of Cyanogen Mod RC5 rom on my galaxy pop/mini. Hope you liked and enjoyed watching it. I am quite sure that the video told you almost everything, but, if there is anything that you doubt then please don't hesitate to ask me in the comments below. Also, don't forget to tell how much you like the video.

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  1. Hi yagya,which is the best ROM for us emanoN v4 or cyanogen mod 7.2RC5?
    Which is best for simple daily usage?I have installed android 2.3.6 on my galaxy pop a few days earlier (thanks for your proper guidance)and then installed clock work mod recovery v4 .Now confused about which is the best available custom rom.plz suggest.....

  2. I've flashed it yesterday the release needs some more tweaking currently im facing the problem with backed up apps
    i don't know why but the rom is force closing (crashing) the apps
    that i've backed up before flashing & restore them through
    other than that it's fine if somebody can help i would appreciate that !

    1. i had that same problem,, so i tried reflashing the rom,, so now it's working fine,, but,, i dont know if the laggy problem is from the rom or may be from my overclocked kernel,, try reflashing it and tell me if your having the same problem,,

  3. one more thing hands down for the guy who made this rom squadzone!

  4. Which rom has best battery backup

  5. Hi yagya, just flashed the rom and it's great. Found a few minor bugs, but I've fixed it already. I was just wondering though, what would happen if ever I've decided to flash on this rom? Would it also improve sound like in the music edition or what?

  6. I'm not yagya as you can see, but I suggest that you use titanium backup. It works perfectly everytime =) Hope I helped

  7. have you tried flashing the,,

  8. great ROM!!!! i thought Emanon was fast but this was really really fast...

  9. I don't think so... And, even if it does I suggest you not to flash it on your device since it is not compatible with our galaxy mini. xLoud is itself removed from Music Edition v2, so it makes no sense flashing it in RC5.

  10. Welcome to the site...

    I am sure it didn't force closed till you restored the apps. There might be some problem while restoring the apps or you have restored apps that are not compatible with the rom. Do a data and cache wipe to solve the problem and then restore app manually one by one. That would surely help you.

  11. Hello Yagya ,
      out of all roms which rom has good battery backup for pop  can u give ratings for all roms for battery backup  

  12. srry my name is hemanth 

  13. The latest one has got good battery and performance. Also, it can't be told as you are asking to rate. It depends on how you use your phone - pay games or not? wifi or 3G? bright ness of your rom? etc- however, in overall this rom is very good. Download version RC5.1 from roms and utilities and try it.


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