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[Video] CM9 Beta 4 On Galaxy Mini/Pop GT-S5570

The latest good news for Samsung Galaxy Mini/Pop Gt-S5570 smartphone users is the release of Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich based CyanogenMod 9 Beta 4 custom rom. Thanks to the GalaxyICS team featuring xda-recognized developers, Maclaw and squadzone for their continuos dedication towards android development for Galaxy Mini GT-S5570 smartphone. As a result of their hard work the development if CM9 for Galaxy Mini has reached  a whole new level and I'm sure galaxy mini/pop/next android smartphone users aren't far away from getting a stable and fully working ICS based CM9. So, without dealy let's have a look at this latest CM9 Beta 4 on my galaxy pop smartphone in this short video presented below.

So, this was a short video showing Cyanogen Mod 9 Beta 4 on my galaxy pop gt-s5570 smartphone. Though, the rom is still not very smooth it is also not as laggy as it appears in the video. Hope you enjoyed & learnt a great deal of info about the latest Beta 4 from the video above. You can also view these screenshots of CM9 Beta 4 to get further insights. Or, if want to give it a try then you can find more information about this rom as well as full step by step instructions on flashing this custom rom on you galaxy mini/pop at this article.

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  1. hi man. I just follow the instructions and my galaxy mini stood when I installing the "" and said "Installation aborted" bla bla bla "Error in/tmp/" . And when i reboot system the display shows a black background and the word Android . so U know what is the problem? Thanks you very much

  2. Tamtomo Abdi NegoroMarch 24, 2012 at 6:57 AM

    Still has lots of bugs. Couldn't stay connected to a hotspot even if the source is right next to me, Couldn't connect to camera and FCs very often. Tried 5x with same result.
    Oh and it keeps saying Galaxy ICS setup stopped after first and (sometimes) second boot

  3. Yes, those are known bugs alright. Users are waiting for CM9 Beta 5 eagarly with the hope it will be a good update. You too hope same and wait for next release.

  4. Why ICS version (both CM9 and MIUI ) have Camera and Radio bugs, and its taking so much time.
    Was there similar long delay when there used to be custom ROM development of Gingerbread, when Gingerbread was newly launched?

  5. Read this

  6. Hey man can this work on the
    Samsung galaxy pop cdma ? Model
    no sch-i559 running froyo 2.2.2 .
    If not is there any other ROM
    I can use ? Even gingerbread
    has not been released for
    Indian cdma pop

  7. Yagya what is the software you use for record the video...


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