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V6 Super Charger - A Complete Memory Management Script for Android Smart Phones.

UPDATE!! March 18, 2011 Replaced links with latest version and added further information below.

V6 Super Charger is a memory management system that is the only complete memory fixer for android smartphones. It claims to be the only one of its kind, so it's worth giving attention. That's the reason I wrote this article so that those who are suffering from slow system, low ram memory problem and having lags while playing games or using other apps can give it a try. I will give you a detailed explanation on how you can set it up on your android smartphone in this article.

V6 Super Charger makes your phone super snappy, fast with better multitasking management. It rearranges and fixes Out Of Memory (OOM) Groupings, Priorities and LowMemoryKiller values to make your device fast, by freeing memory when possible. This script is developed by zeppelinrox from xda forum and all credits goes to him for making it available to us. It claims to work on all android devices and on both stock and custom roms. But, I  have tested this on my Samsung Galaxy Mini gt-s5570 smart phone that has Cyanogen Mod 7 running on it and it worked fine for me. So, you can sure give it a try in your device -- please inform us if it worked on your device on the comments below. 

Before we begin, it is recommended that you Do a Nandroid Backup of Your Rom. Also, Do It At Your Own Risk -- though the risk is very less. Neither me nor the developer will be responsible for any harm it does to your device. Also, it is required that you have a rooted smart phone. Those whose isn't rooted already can root it with Super One Click. Also, uncheck Lock Home in Memory option on your settings.

1. Download V6 Super Charger Script update 8 from here or latest beta update 9 from here.

2. Download and Install Script Manager app from the Market. This is used to load the script.

3. Make sure you have BusyBox v1.18.2 or lower on your device.

4. Copy the script you downloaded to your sd card.

5. Open Script Manager, browse to where you saved script and load it.

6. Check Run as Root option, select Is Script radio button and click Run button at the top. Don't run the script at boot.

7. Select the scroll speed (1-3) --tap to bring soft keyboard-- as prompted by the script and it will load the menu for you. Read the output of the script.

loading V6 Super Charger with Script Manager
Select Run as Root only.
V6 Supercharger, the one and only memory fixer for android smartphone
See through many options available.

8. Select the best option from the available list --you can experiment with different and figure out which one provides you the performance and speed that you want. You can choose 6, its settings are best for anyone. Also, 7 is good for multitasking.

9. If the settings is successfully applied, you will see Launcher is Hard to Kill! SuperCharged Message, see screen shot below:
Free Ram Space with V6 SuperCharger Memory Management
Launcher is Hard to Kill. It shows the script is installed successfully.
10. Reboot your device and it will take care of your memory management task --now you have less burden on your shoulder. 

Main Points to consider:
  • If you are having lag after supercharging please disable compcache and make sure you disable Lock Home in Memory option on your settings and leave it disabled/unchecked.
  • For most custom roms it will creates /system/etc/init.d/99SuperCharger which is loaded automatically in boot --in most custom roms. So, you don't need to do anything after it.
  • For stock roms it will create /data/ that you have to load on boot (run as root) in Script Manager after installing the script.
  • You can try it without fear as it has UnSuperCharge option in the script --the one in number 14 on the menu-- that will remove the script from your device whenever you want.
  • If you are having problems using the script there is a help file SuperCharger.html on your sd card for you to read through.

You can create a widget on your home screen to check out your scripts settings. Make sure it says Launcher is Hard to Kill to verify it is working. It is recommended that you try with different settings provided on the scripts menu and find out the best minfree values fro you. You can also create your own using Cust-OOMizer Settings (#10) on the script. Also, this is safe as you can UnSuperCharge anytime so, go ahead and try it --make a backup first though. It will free up ram whenever possible, manage running applications and make your device super fast. Also, feel free to share your views on the comments below. For more information, please visit the developer's thread at
UPDATE!!! 18 March, 2012 
Updated the Supercharger link above with latest V6 Supercharger 9 RC7. With the latest version many tweaks are added and many existing bugs are fixed. It now supports Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich Operating System. Further more now you can Buletproof and un-bulletproof your apps from settings and not to forget that the SuperCharger menu is refined with many more options. For precaution to avoid lags and boot loops wipe caches before updating. You can wipe caches from the latest SuperCharger Menu since it is an added option there. Find more information as well as say thanks to the developer at this xda-developers thread.

Also, updated the links for the tweaks below with latest ones.

UPDATE!!! 14 October 2011 Other useful scripts from the developer.

3G Turbo Charger and Kick Ass Kernel Tweaks are also the similar scripts that run to make your system faster and optimize it for better and faster performance. These scripts are also installed in the similar fashion as above. Just copy them to sdcard, Run Script Manager and load them as root. As with V6 Super Charger most custom roms will load them automatically at boot but others and stock roms must load them manually at Boot (running them as root and boot) in script manager. Please note that, I haven't tested these scripts and am not sure whether they work or not. So, you are doing it at your own risk. It is recommended that you do a full nandroid backup of your firmware/rom before continuing. You can download the scripts installer from the links below.
You can also know more about them by paying visits to the links given below and download them directly from there. It is recommended that you visit these sites before installing these scripts.

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  1. yagya can u teach us about the others kernel : kikass kernel and 3g turbo kernel wich setting we should use?and can we use it with jew's ram script?thanks

  2. All these kernels are for memory optimizations and faster performance of our device and can be used side by side. I have updated the article above to include these please have a look.

    Also, it is recommended that you don't use it with jew's ram script -- though it might work (I haven't tested it.)

  3. i should use this or jew's ram script?

  4. Using this one is better than jew's ramscript. This is a complete memory fix and you won't be needing anything more. Though the choice is your, you can use the one, that best serves your purpose.

  5. what's the best config for 3g turbocharger fast faster fastest?

  6. You should be able to decide what is best config depending upon your requirements and your phone reaction/behavior ( such as boot loop, Force Close) after applying that config. Please go through the links given above (at the bottom of the article) to see the developer's suggestions i.e.

    However, I think faster will be better.

  7. Hey yagya plz reply.
    When is the oc kernel coming for cyanogenmod 2.3.7
    im running the one that is oc at 748 mhz audio video bug fixed version.

  8. A Guy, You can find the OC kernels for latest CM7 here:

  9. My Busybox Installer didn't work. I already allowed it via Superuser, and even forgot and restarted the BI over and over again, but it still says "No root access". What is the problem?

  10. In case if you need it, I'm using emanon v3.

  11. Archie, emanoN rom is rooted already so no need to root it again. Also, I think busy box is pre-installed. Try typing busybox in terminal emulator or shell commander.

    Also, if it says No root access, you might have to re-flash your rom. Make sure you wipe data and cache after re-flashing emanoN v3. Also, make a titanium backup that you can restore later after flashing the rom again.

  12. will this super charger work on my samsung galaxy pop which is running on gingerbread v2.3.6..?

  13. GauthaM,
    It works on stock (GB 2.3.6) rom also however, the steps to install it are slightly different. Also, I don't recommend using this on stock rom since they already have good management and are fast enough. However, if you still want to try it out find details information on the developer's thread

  14. why does mine says laucher

  15. Jeff Zeff,
    It' because you have not configured V6 Super charger correctly. Above steps are for Custom rom (CM7 esp.) and it works pretty fine if you try it nicely. Try doing again from the beginning and be careful with each step. It will surely work. Good Luck!

    Also, you will need to set a option (refer step 8) and it might also require you to reboot your device. read through the whole article carefully and you will get it working.

  16. If you are having lag after supercharging please disable compcache and make sure you disable Lock Home in Memory option on your settings and leave it disabled/unchecked.??

    where to find this option in script manager? i cannot see it!

  17. GBoy,
    That's not the option in script manager it's in SEttings>Cyanogen Mod Settings> Performance> Lock home in Memory (in your cm7 rom)

  18. I tried to install this on CM 7.2 RC 5.3 does everything the tutorial tells, but I've got an error of "LOCKED IN MEMORY . . . WEAK" then I saw that COMPCACHE should be disabled, I did disable compcache then reboot cause its required, then running script again every code I used is says wrong input. any idea sir yagya?

  19. is this v6 supercharger is working on s5570 with chocobrerad v2 costom rom?thanks in advance 

  20. Yes, it works pretty fine in Chocobread rom too.

  21. in between it says

    cannot find
    this may cause boot loop

    but continues....
    and asks for scroll speed

    what shuld i do

    continue or install some thing else ........

  22. I installed busybox 1.18.2 on my mini on CM7 rc5.5, and tried the tutorial but.. I get "syntax error"
    what is wrong?

    1. that means u have download unfinished file..redownload the script..

  23. hi there sir! i installed V6 supercharger on chocobread 2.2 and followed the instructions above but the result is Very Weak..also, SuperCharger minfrees not found too.. 

  24. Make sure you home is not locked on the memory. This setting can be accessed in Launcher settings. Then try again. Make sure you busybox version is correct and you have read through all notes.

  25. yup I followed the instructions very well since I started rooting my fone thanks to your forums!! =) Ive installed BusyBox v1.18.2 and BusyBox 1.18.1 but the result is still very weak.. by the way, thanks sir yagya for your blogs. it helps us to explore more on our Samsung Galaxy Mini GT-S5570 =)

  26. the launcher is locked in memory but i cant find the launcher settings. =(

  27. the script update 8 i download first is not working on chocobread 2.2 so i tried downloading the script update 9. it works and no supercharged. haha whew.

  28. So, still not supercharged huh! I can see you are having a tough time. Why don't you just drop the idea of using this script? I am sure it won't affect very much, will it.

  29. oh sorry sir Im in a hurry while typing the post last time. my fone is already Supercharged haha!!! thank you so much sir!! 

  30. Mention not... I'm glad it worked well.

  31. i don't understand what this  this rom or ?

  32. It's not a rom. It's a tweak. Read completely if you want to find out more details.

  33. how to get the old version of busybox.. i have.1.19.4

  34. adnan, To get Old version of busybox just install busybox installer app from market and then you can select there which version of busybox you want to install. Select 1.18.2 and you are done.
    Also, note that despite the developer's recommendation to use 1.18.2 or lower latest version of busybox worked for me.

  35. i download a script updt9 RC7  but after roboot my phone its stuck on android logo its about 30min after this i on-off but still stuck on logo.and ied choos option 7 its right?....then i reset factory in cwm and trying on script updt8 thats working fine.......but my wy stuck on android on script updt9 its a working on CM7 5.7 OR its not work.and if working then wich option can i choose for best prfomence......thanks and sorry

  36. yagya, in your opinion which is better, ram manager pro or v6 super charger? tq =)

  37. I am not sure why it is not working. But, since you managed to get previous version working fine, I suggest you use it on your device. Options 5-8 are recommended depending upon users requirements. Read the html file created in sdcard by this script to find out more.

  38. yagya, i posted a link to this tutorial in this thread..

    sorry i posted it 1st before asking you..

  39. Sorry, I missed you previous question. Lately, I'm having issues with my connection.

    Though, I don't recommend using any types of script and I personally don't use any I am not that sure which one is better. Which one do you feel has improved your performance or battery? Stick with it.

    And, please feel free to post links anywhere. But, be aware not to copy and paste the contents of the article to some other places (esp. for commercial use). However, you can print and keep it for your own use if you want.

  40. well, i think this V6 SuperCharger script is the best in ram management but for battery i don't feel any different because for me battery is 90% depending on our usage. if we use it hard, then the battery will drain faster. =)

  41. yagya, i found all in one tweaks for our galaxy mini..


    original thread:



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