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How to Move Apps and Data To SD-Ext Partition on CyanogenMod 9 Android Rom?

With the introduction of latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Operating System, CyanogenMod started to work on ICS based CyanogenMod 9 android rom. Since then, many developers have already started porting CM9 custom rom to various android smartphones out there including some of the mid-range and low end devices that have very less internal memory. Such devices include Samsung Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Mini, Gio, Fit and others which suffer from the low internal storage problem. But, the problem was tackled with App2sd scripts (or apps) like Link2SD, S2E, Darktremor's A2SD, etc. However, these apps doesn't seem to be compatible with the latest Android software released from Google. In this article I'll discuss about the solution to this issue, so please continue reading after the break.

Low internal memory has been a serious issues and unless we find a solution to it, utilizing our android device to the maximum level is almost impossible. But, thanks to the original developer of simple2ext (S2E) app, S2E app seems to work fine even in CyanogenMod 9 or any other Ice Cream Sandwich based roms with some minor modifications. Moreover, I've packed up everything you need in a zip file which you can flash via clockwork mod recovery and get the job done easily.

So, let's proceed with the installation and configuration of s2e app so that you can move your data and applications to sd-ext partition on your android smartphone running ICS based roms.

Note : This article assumes that you have already partitioned your sd-card and created a second partition (sd-ext) with a considerable memory size allocated for it. If you have not partitioned your sdcard then, please go through the instructions at this article.

UPDATE!!! The latest updated version of Simple2Ext (s2e) app on play store now supports Cyanogenmod 9 and other ICS based roms. So, try it out directly (without the need to go through the rest of the article). However, if that doesn't work for you then, you might as well want to give this a try.
  1. Download from below. You can also download it from Misc. Apps & Utilities Download Page in Roms and Utilities section.
    File Name :
    File Size : 246 KB
    Download : Link 1
  2. Copy the downloaded zip file --named to the root directory of your sd-card.
  3. Reboot your device into clockwork mod recovery. Follow the steps below to do so manually.
    • Turn off your android smartphone.
    • Press Volume Up + Home + Power buttons simultaneously.
    • Note : Use Volume buttons to navigate and Home button to make choices while you are in recovery.
  4. Select Install Zip From SD-Card => Choose Zip From SD-Card option and then select file from the list.
  5. Wait for the script to install simple2ext app on your device.
  6. When completed, Reboot your system from the recovery's main menu.
  7. The S2E app will now appear on your App Drawer as shown in the screenshots below. You'll need to configure it to get everything working.
    S2E app for CM9
    S2E app for CyanogenMod 9
    • Run the s2e app from App Drawer.
    • Press Menu button within s2e app and go to Settings.
    • Check Mount as Ext4 option.
    • Check Advance Mode option.
    • S2E App Settings
    • Now, reboot your device.
  8. After the reboot, run the application again and then select (check) Applications, Private Apps and Application Data and then reboot your device from s2e menu.
  9. S2E app - User Interface
    Note: You can also check Download Cache (if you have trouble downloading large files from Play Store (aka Android Market)). Selecting Dalvik Cache is not recommended but it's all your choice.
Memory Usages Information
S2E - Memory Usages Information
That's all to moving applications and data to sd-ext partition on CyanogenMod 9 or ICS based roms. To confirm that app2sd is working fine on your android handset navigate to /sd-ext/apps/ directory and check to make sure if all your applications are listed there or not. Alternatively, you can see the memory usages details by selecting Usages Information option from the s2e menu and see if sd-ext memory is used or not.

The above method have been verified to be working on my Samsung Galaxy Pop GT-S5570 running cyanogenmod 9 beta 7 from GalaxyICS team. I'm also quite sure it will work on other android smartphones running CM9, so do give it a try once as there is no harm even if it is unsuccessful. However, please do notify me at the comments below if you are successful in using it on other devices too. Also, if you have doubts or run into problems then feel free to ask me at the comments below.

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  1. Hey Yagya... its been  while. I was wondering if there is any way to move a certain app to the internal memory once you move the apps to the sdext. Some apps just run better or need to be in the internal memory. Thank in advance...

  2. Ext partition is quite fast partition and apps on it should have no problem on running time as long as the cache remains in internal storage. So, I'd suggest you not to meddle with it. However, if you still want to move apps manually then Link2sd is there for you. You can manually move apps and data as per your choice.

  3. can u tell me how to remove data usage notification from phone?

  4. Upender,
    Which data usages notification you are talking about? 

    1. actually i m using galaxy mini n every time it shows data usage notification ,like data session charge something n data left 5gb. . plz help me

  5. Hi yagya, this is out of topic but could you do a review/post Xperia Gamerz edition ROM, it seems to have a good potential. Well its just a suggestion :) 


  7. is this really needed? I have installed link2SD and all work well so far...

  8. hi yagya , can you help me solve my problem. i had already installed s2e. then after seeing this i uninstalled it. then i flashed your modded s2e app. i opened it up and put alll settings like yours in the screenshot. even after 2 to 3 reboots its not working. its seems its not reading my sd ext.

  9. Well, it seems you'll need to set permissions to sd-ext partition to 755 or rwx-rx-rx. Anyway, I've edited the zip file and now, it should set the required permissions automatically. So, just download and flash the file from above again in recovery and try again.

    1. I had to wipe data to make it work
      but still thanks in advance

  10. Well, if you are using CM9, the usual s2e app doesn't work. So, the above one will allow you to move apps to sd-ext in ICS based roms too.

    It is not needed if you don't want app2sd feature or using some other scripts to do the same task.

  11. Read this :

  12. well then should i uninstall the one i have now????

  13. Yes, you can uninstall it if you want, or just flash the zip file in recovery directly. Most probably it will work fine.

  14. Hi yagya, I have a problem here. When I install s2e, I try to install systemremover, suddenly is not enough memory, but memory is empty. I've tried to reformat the sd-ext, but still like it. when I install the apk as titanium backup, the application was moved to the sd card instead of the sd-ext. I have followed every step that you write. Finally I try to use darktemor a2sd, success. is it good? I mean if it's okay if I wear darktermor not s2e to cyanogenmod 9? sorry for bad english

  15. If a2sd is working then it's fine. But, I heard it is not working in CM9. About Titanium backup, it supports system's app2sd feature (which was introduced by google in Android 2.2.1 and above ) and so it is moved to sd-card by the system. There's no problem with that. With s2e or other a2sd scripts only those apps that don't support native app2sd or can't be installed to sd-card are moved/installed in sd-ext partition.

  16. ~~ Okay!! my first entry!! ~~ => DESPERATELY SEEKING HELP !!
    Yagya- youv gotta help me out here PuHLEEEaasssE!!!
    Iv got a galaxy mini .. my problem -- I CANNOT RUN CYANOGEN OR ROMS BASED ON CYANOGEN !! :( :( :( phone rebbots as soon as the homescreen appears..rather as soon as the network signal is detected..
    iv been looking into the problem really close..n it happens only when i use the sim card of my carrier..BSNL ! any other works fine..
    n iv kinda done some tweaking n found out the bug is caused by phone.apk.. n i replaced the phone.apk with the stock rom version of it..and the phone stopped rebooting but since it couldnt support the replaced file..there was a truckload of force closes!! Now what id like to know there any way i can replace the phone.apk file of cyanogen or miui rom ..with the same file from any other roms..? i know it has to be modded first and all..but how to do it..i tried with apktool..FAILED!!

  17. Hay sir have used uot kichen.Its amazing you make you theme online you can change the style of battery you make your app drwawer tranparent many more features. I have made one but i have not complete information so it was not made propery. Please make themes from uot kitchen . Plz....make themes for galaxy pop
    whats your email id i hqve made an app

  18. I did all the steps, but after pressing reboot from s2e menu, even though in titanium backup it shows that its using the sd-ext, s2e doesnt recognize the ext. And under applications and private apps, it says "requires reboot" Galaxy ace, cm9 last nightly

  19. Did you followed all the instructions above carefully? Try again, format the sd-ext partition, then flash the zip and instructions from above. You'll need at least two to three reboots.

    If it still doesn't work, download the zip from above once again, format sd-ext partition and follow the instructions. It will work for sure. As you can see in the screenshots it worked on mine.

  20. can I find the video from somewhere for this procedure?

  21. It's very simple... I've detailed everything above and you probably don't need any video tutorial. Simply following the steps above carefully will lead you to success.

  22. s2e for CM9 in Google Play

  23. Thank you for the update. Thanks to you even users with small internal storage can enjoy many apps from the market. :)

  24. If anyone needs titanium backup pro and patcher get to these linls..


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