Misc. Tools And Apps Downloads

Here, I will list some special apps and other tools and utilities that are useful for users of most android smartphone.

Google Apps
Here you can find Google apps packages that can be flashed in customs roms to get Google Apps like You Tube, Android Market, G-Mail, Calender, Google + and other Google products. It is needed to flash these files in CWM recovery if you are using custom roms like Cyanogen Mod since these roms have dropped their support. Download gapps file from below and flash as said in this article.
Some Useful Apps
Here you will get some useful apps that will come handy in many cases.
  • Jbed : With this app you can run java (.jar) apps and/or games on your android smartphone.
  • PDroid Privacy Protection : With PDroid app you get better privacy. You can 
Misc. Tools And Utilities for Developers
Here you will be able to find tools that are useful for developers or for rom modifier. If you want to start modifying a rom or want to build your own custom rom grab these tools and play with them for some while before you get started.
  • Download Android SDK and it's Components : Android SDK let's you create virtual device that emulate some features of Android devices to let you test and debug apps during the stage of their early development. 
  • Download Cygwin Packages : Cygwin setup files along with packages for offline installation. Cygwin tools are ports of the popular GNU development tools for Microsoft Windows. For more info about Cygwin please go through these FAQs about it.
  • Download Dsixda's Kitchen : Dsixda's kitchen is a tool that lets you edit custom as well as stock roms as well as allow the option to port roms (experimental feature). However, it is especially designed for HTC devices, you can use some of it features with other devices and firmwares too.
  • Download Zip Signer : With the help of this tool you will be able to sign any of your update.zip packages and that too is as simple as clicking a icon.
  • Download APK Manager v5.0.2 : This tool (or more appropriately a collection of small tools/scripts) let you do more than just edit any apk file. It's a complete tool for editing apks, signing, zip aligning  or pushing them to your device. With this tool you can edit smali, xml files, optimze/edit images and do many more things.
  • Download Covert PNG to RLE.zip : With this tool you can covert image in PNG format to RLE format (which is the format used to show boot splash screen on android roms). You can find instructions on using this tool here. Password : yagyagaire.blogspot.com
  • Download PDroidPatcher.zip : Latest PDroid Patcher v1.27 Beta 0.3 For Windows. With this you can easily make a working PDroid Patch for any android rom and then have full control over your privacy.
Ebooks Download
Here you can find e-books that can enlighten you in any specific topic. The e-books are mostly related to android and android development.

  • Learn Edify and Amend Script : With this e-book you will learn the difference between Amend and Edify Scripts as well as be able to convert one to another.


  1. yagya, the link for google apps was invalid.

    1. for the ICS Based roms.

    2. Well, let me update it with the latest one. But, remember you'll get no support if you appear as anonymous again.

  2. hello yagya, is there camera fix for CM 9 Beta 3 ??

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  4. update kitchen download link

  5. Hey yagya I m user of idea aurus smart phone I came to know about u by my bro Haresh Panchal he said me try to say yagya to built some mode or some other which can make my mobile in pics version so please wen u free just make it for me n for other user u can reply me at panchalromeo102@gmail.com or at fb

  6. I can't download Dsixda's Kitchen. Can you fix that

  7. Hello! yagya can we create a custom rom for Galaxy pocket? from this tools? Im new to this stuff but i really want to create something for my phone! please help me!!

  8. Dsixda's Kitchen was invalid..when i trying to download...??? hoho

  9. ok so I see that you stated that no one that posts as anonymous wouldn't get any support so I ask if you could fix the link to the kitchen. If you would that would be great

  10. Download Dsixda's Kitchen
    400: Invalid request

  11. what is the password for extracting the zip's

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