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Screenshots Of CyanMobile 20120510 Release On Galaxy Mini GT-S5570.

The developer of CyanMobile reVo A for Samsung Galaxy Mini/Pop GT-S5570 has provided another important update to his custom rom which makes the rom much more stable, adds some new features and enhances the old ones. While there's not much change in the user-interface of the rom, I was still able to collect few screenshots of new and improved features. In this article, we'll have a look at the various parts of this update and you are suggested to have a careful look at all the new features introduced with the update. If you like this update to cyanmobile revo A then, you can flash it on your galaxy mini and enjoy using it.

App Drawer - Modified ADW Launcher
Battery Details
Boot Animation and Boot Sound Settings
Bottom Status Bar and Soft Buttons Tweaks without Navigation Bar
Camera App with ICS look.
CyanMobile Rom Details - CyanMobile-reVo-A-GalaxyMini-20120510-Release
Dialing Screen
CyanMobile Settings => Display Settings
Holo Ring Lock Screen Style
Lockscreen with centered widgets and ICS wallpaper
Circular Lockscreen Style with Music Widget
Sense Style Lockscreen
Lock Screen Style Chooser (CyanMobile Settings => LockScreen => Lockscreen Style)
Removed Navigation Bar from bottom - Tablet Tweaks
Tab Layout Notification Drawer
Notification Drawer with bottom Power Widget
Notification Power Widget Layout Options
Phone Details - Android 2.3.7, S5570DDKQ7 firmware, kernel from squadzone
Dialer Application - Ice Cream Sandwich Style
Text Font Style ( CyanMobile Settings => Interface => Text Font )
Simple2ext app (Fully working app2sd)
So, these were few screenshots of latest cyanmobile update on my galaxy pop gt-s5570 smartphone which I took to show you a taste of CyanMobile update before you actually try it out. No doubt the new and beautiful looking Ice Cream Sandwich theme and other cool features are tempting you to flash this custom rom on your galaxy mini. And, let me tell you that not only from the outside this rom is awesome from the inside to and is suitable to meet all your daily needs. So, without any further delay, go through this article to find out more about this update and to flash it on your device. Don't you agree that this cyanmobile update is awesome? Share your thoughts with us at the comments below.

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  1. Looks promisng.. cant wait to try..!!

  2. looks really cool!!

  3. Is there any bugs in this rom??

  4. hiii just a small sugestion u put the screan shots of the rom which will be exactly what it is. quickoffice and google applications not there then y have u putten those. also mension that there are no google app

  5. Well, you can always install those apps manually from market. I try to be careful from next time.

  6. Yes, few minor bugs here and there. But, they don't affect for using your device for daily purposes.

  7. can we set vertical wallpapers in this rom?

  8. Now, I'm not sure what vertical wallpaper is, but, my guess is you want the wallpaper to stay the same in all screens and not change or scroll as it does now. If so, you can do that from ADW Launcher settings and look there for option like Allow Wallpaper Scrolling and uncheck the option.

  9. yes thats the thing,like in stock rom we had to chose from entire picture/vertical rectangle or horisontal rectangle/scrolling from window to window.. ok thaks a lot yagya.. :)

  10. Well, yes I remember it from stock rom. For this rom, you simply try out what I say and you should get exactly what you want.


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