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Screenshots of Mebitek's CyanogenMod 7.2 RC1 v1.2 Rom On Galaxy Mini.

Mebitek is another person, developing custom roms for Samsung Galaxy Mini or Pop GT-S5570. Inspired from the Pure CyanogenMod rom developed by subpsyke, mebitek decided to continue the project after the original developer had to leave it from various reasons. Working hard from then onwards, mebitek has provided fresh compiled cyanongemod builds whenever the source was updated by the teamhacksung. On his quest, he fixed bugs found on the original rom, made minor changes to improve performance and stability and left rest as it is. And, now today I'm here to show you some of the screenshots of his latest build -CyanogenMod-7.2.0-RC1-tass-mebitek. While the rom is almost similar (in look) to official cyanogenmod, these screenshots will give an overview of it's look to those who are switching from stock or other roms.

About Phone Details
App Drawer
Battery Use Details
Bluetooth Settings
Android Browser - Browsing Handy Information
CyanogenMod Sound Settings.png
CyanogneMod Dialer App
CPU settings with per-configured settings for best performance.
Camera App - Works flawlessly
Contacts App
CyanogenMod 7.2 RC1 version 1.2 Mod details

CyanogenMod Display settings
Gallery App
Home Screen with ICS wallpaper
CyanongeMod Status Bar Tweaks
Cyanogen Mod  Interface Settings
Supported Languages List 1
Supported Languages List 2
Supported Languages List 1
Cyanogen Mod Lock screen Style Chooser
Lock Screen
CyanogenMod Tablet Tweaks
Settings List 3
Power Options - Long Press Power/Lock button
Play Store working flawlessly after flashing Google Apps
Notification Drawer
Settings List 1
Settings List 2

Music Player App
CyanogenMod Lockscreen Settings

That's all. These were few screenshots of Unofficial CyanogenMod 7.2 RC1 version 1.2 on my Samsung Galaxy Pop GT-S5570 smartphone. To find out more details about this rom as well as for instructions on installing this on your handset, read through this article. What do you think about this rom? Is it the most stable custom rom for Samsung Galaxy Mini? What do you think of it's other aspects? Please, reply these queries at the comment form below.

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