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MiniS3 v2 Rom For Samsung Galaxy Mini or Pop S5570

MiniSIII is an outcome of the galaxys3roms project by safariking, which aims to provide Galaxy S3 user experience on ARMv6 devices including Samsung Galaxy Mini, Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Gio, Galaxy Fit and other similar devices. Thanks to the developer, we are getting the chance to experience S3 rom on our low end handsets. For more details about this project, you can visit the project's website at In this post we are concerned with MiniS3 rom for galaxy mini or pop gt-s55570 handset. This rom, in short, is Cyanogenmod 9 rom with TouchWiz 5 launcher and few other user interface elements from galaxy s3 firmware to emulate same user experience within galaxy mini device. Let's look into few details of this rom.

As I mentioned above, this is a touchwiz user interface in cyanognemod 9 roms. So, this rom is similar to that except for the user interface elements. The beautiful looking touchwiz launcher makes this rom awesome and to your surprise this rom is smooth and responses fast. The transition animations in the homescreen are what I like the most in this rom. Overall this rom looks like stock Ice Cream Sandwich rom on galaxy s3 and provides a better taste of the latest Android 4.0.4 Operating System.

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While the rom looks beautiful and works quite fine, it still has some bugs and glitches. It inherits the camera and radio bugs for Cyanongemod 9 rom. Also, sometimes it lags while multitasking, but it's quite rare. However, minis3 rom should fulfill most of your daily needs but, if you are a heavy user playing games and watching too much movie then, this rom might not be the better choice for you.
SGS3 Rom For Galaxy Mini GT-S5570
SGS3 Rom For Galaxy Mini S5570

There's nothing for me to tell more about it. You can take a look at these screenshots if you want to know how this rom looks on Samsung Galaxy Mini smartphone before trying it out. I suggest you simply try it out and enjoy the new and improved touchwiz v5 user interface provided with this awesome rom. Below is the changelog of version 2 or minis3 rom and after that are instructions to follow to get this rom up and running on your galaxy mini or pop smart phone.

Changelog : MiniS3 v2
  • Updated to the newest ICS or CM9 sources.
  • Updated SSugest
  • Updated Flipboard
  • Theme pre-installed
  • Launcher pre-installed

Disclaimer : Do It At Your Own Risk!

Note : Those who have Gingerbread OS and any Custom Recovery installed on their device can skip Step 1 and Step 2. Also, those who have any custom rom installed can skip both Step 1 and 2.
  1. Upgrade your firmware to Gingerbread using Odin Multidownloader v4.38
  2. Install any custom recovery available for Samsung Galaxy Mini/Pop. You may either have Clock Work Mod Recovery or RZ Recovery -- any is fine.
  3. Download latest SGS3 rom for galaxy mini from below.
  4. Copy all the downloaded files to the (root directory of) your sd-card.
  5. Reboot your device to Custom Recovery (Press Home + Power Button).
  6. [Optional but, RecommendedDo a Nandroid Backup of your current rom.
  7. Now flash this latest MiniS3 rom using clockwork mod recovery. Follow the steps below :
    • Choose Install Zip From Sd Card >> Choose Zip From SD Card option and then select the MiniSIII file which you downloaded in step 3.
    • Note : If you are using RZ Recovery, choose Install Menu >> Select MiniSIII >> Select Wipe Data and Wipe Cache >> Choose Install MiniSIII and wait till the zip is installed.
  8. When you've flashed the rom, Wipe Data from recovery menu. 
  9. Reboot your device from your recovery main menu.
  • : Flash this in recovery, if you get errors such as screen flickers and others. Note : It will replace your boot animation to CyanogenMod 9 boot animation.
That's all. You've installed galaxy S3 on your galaxy mini or pop s5570 smartphone. Note that you might need to flash the update provided above in clockwork mod recovery if you get any errors after flashing the rom from above to make it work completely.

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