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Screenshots and Video of MiniSense v3 Rom On Galaxy Mini GT-S5570

Minisense is a custom android rom for galaxy mini having sense like user interface. It aims to provide full HTC interface on Samsung Galaxy Mini or Pop GT-S5570 handset. Early today, I talked about this rom and it's features at this article. However, in this article, I am going to show you a video that shows you how to configure Minisense v3 rom to get the Sense like user interface after you've finished installing it on your handset. Also, included below are some of the screenshots of this awesome rom to provide you a clear picture of the look and feel of this custom rom.

Video of MiniSense version 3 on my Galaxy Pop S5570 Smart Phone :

Screenshots of MiniSense Custom Rom on Galaxy Mini GT-S5570 :
About Phone Details
Minisense v3 Mod for Galaxy Mini S5570
Minisense v3 Mod for Galaxy Mini
Minisense v3 Lockscreen (agile lock)
App Drawer with LP Sense UI
Notification Window
LP Sense Widget on HomeScreen
LP Sense Widget on HomeScreen
Widgets on Agile Lock Screen On Galaxy Pop
Widgets on Lock Screen (Manage them in Agile Lock >> Settings >> Lock screen widgets )
Theme Choose - Alpha7, HTC theme For Galaxy Mini
Theme Choose - Alpha7, HTC theme
That's all. The above presented were few screen shots of latest version of Mini Sense custom rom on my galaxy pop s5570 smartphone. Hope you liked watching the video and the screenshots. If so then, you are ready to install this rom on your galaxy mini or pop handset. So, head on to this article and follow the step by step instructions there to get it on your handset. P.S. Please, don't forget to share this article with your friends.

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