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iDroid v1.2.2 - A Rom With iOS Look & Feel For Galaxy Mini or Pop S5570 Smartphone

Nowadays, we are witnessing many new roms with different new user interface available in the web. Only yesterday, I talked about Minisense rom for galaxy mini, which has HTC Sense like user interface. iDroid --another custom rom for galaxy mini smart phone-- is similar to minisense, however they are different as while Minisense tries to provide HTC user interface, iDroid aims for a full iOS user interface within galaxy mini gt-s5570 smartphone. iDroid is a port of aftermarket JOYOS firmware, translated to English and with re-sized and re-designed layout to better fit the screen of galaxy mini handset.

iDroid, a JOYOS port for Samsung Galaxy Mini or Pop GT-S5570 handset by PrinceEndymion88, is based on CyanogenMod 7.2 RC1 rom by mebitek. While the developer has been successful to get the look and feel of iOS on this rom, but still there is much more work left to do with it. Maybe it is the limitation of iOS style interface or the error in translation that some of the options are not very clear. Moreover, the landscape mode doesn't work with many applications and those with which it works still have errors. Similarly, some of the cyanogen mod settings simply don't have any effect. That is to say, some settings don't work as they should.

However, looking in a overall viewpoint the above mentioned errors are very minor ones and some of them are not noticeable at all. Even with all these error, this custom rom is very good and is successful in providing an awesome iOS user experience. Unlike one of the JOYOS port which I tried few weeks ago which didn't function at all (I couldn't get past the lockscreen, as it was not re-sized properly), this rom is a huge improvement. All I can ask you now is look through these screenshots of iDroid rom and if you like it then follow the instructions provided below to install iDroid on your galaxy mini. I've also listed some of the features of iDroid rom, known bugs and bug-fixes below for your quick glance.

iDroid rom Features:
iDroid v1.2.2 for Galaxy Mini GT-S5570
iDroid v1.2.2 for Galaxy Mini GT-S5570
  • Latest JOYOS v1.2.2 based on CyanogenMod 7.2 C1 v1.2 by mebitek.
  • Languages: English, Italian, Chinese (China) and Chinese (Taiwan)
  • UI re-sized for Samsung Galaxy Mini
  • 3D Notification and redesigned applications layout.
  • JOYLauncher re-sized or Espier Launcher with 1 new theme created by the developer.
  • Added Compass Iphone Style
  • Included Google Apps (gapps).
  • New Cyanogenmod settings
  • Now you can share your screenshot
  • Backup SMS/MMS mode in Message.
  • New system to remove duplicate contacts.
  • SIM card operation: can read, edit, create, save the contacts of the SIM card.
  • Added Sim Toolkit
Bug Fixes :
JOYOS v1.2.2 For Samsung Galaxy Mini or Pop GT-S5570
JOYOS v1.2.2 For Galaxy Mini or Pop
  • Re-sized Music, now you can see control volume and more...
  • Re-sized JoyLauncher (90% resized)
  • Translated from Chinese some applications (like Note or AppStore)
  • Framework-res redesigned.
  • Fixed the lock screen, now it is re-sized.
  • Fixed Swipe to unlock, now you can shutdown your phone.
  • Redesigned Settings menu.
  • New theme added for Espier Launcher, JOYOS created only for Galaxy Mini (in Ldpi quality)
  • New system sounds (camera, video camera, lock, unlock etc...)
  • New Keyboard (thanks to brainmaster)
  • New boot-animation (iDroid style)
  • Status bar redesigned.
  • Swipe to read message in the lock-screen
  • Swipe to see a missed call in the lockscreen
  • Build.prop tweaked
  • Adrenaline Engine
Know bugs :
  • Tethering Wi-Fi doesn't works.
  • Tethering USB doesn't works.
Disclaimer : Do It At Your Own Risk!

Note : Those who have Gingerbread OS and any Custom Recovery installed on their device can skip Step 1 and Step 2. Also, those who have any custom rom installed can skip both Step 1 and 2.
  1. Upgrade your firmware to Gingerbread using Odin Multidownloader v4.38
  2. Install any custom recovery available for Samsung Galaxy Mini/Pop. You may either have Clock Work Mod Recovery or RZ Recovery -- any is fine.
  3. Download iDroid version 1.2.2 custom rom ( from here.
  4. Copy all the downloaded files to the (root directory of) your sd-card.
  5. Reboot your device to Custom Recovery (Press Home + Power Button).
  6. [Optional but, RecommendedDo a Nandroid Backup of your current rom.
  7. Now flash this iDroid v1.2.2 rom zip on clockwork mod recovery. Follow the steps below :
    • Choose Install Zip From Sd Card >> Choose Zip From SD Card option and then select the file which you downloaded in step 3.
    • Note : If you are using RZ Recovery, choose Install Menu >> Select >> Select Wipe Data and Wipe Cache >> Choose Install and wait till the zip is installed.
  8. When you've flashed the rom, Wipe Data from recovery menu. 
  9. Reboot your device from your recovery main menu.
That's all. You've successfully installed latest iDroid version1.2.2 on your galaxy mini or pop s5570 handset. It comes with Google apps included so all you need to do is sign in with your gmail account at Account and Sync settings and you are ready for the iOS user experience. Now, enjoy the amazing iOS experience on your android smartphone. Also, you can go around boasting with your friends for having iPhone (:D). And, finally when you've explored through this rom, do share with me and others your views about this custom rom at the comments below.

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    1. I don't like the look of it.. the icons looks ugly! feels like I'm using a China phone.. uninstall! -Tunechi


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