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EmanoN v7 Final Build Released - Combines Features From Cyanogenmod

After a long period of time, Samsung Galaxy Mini GT-S5570 (a.k.a. Samsung Galaxy Pop or Next) users, finally get an update to their all time favorite emanoN rom. Yesterday xda-developer, parasmi, released final update of emanoN version 7 rom. Before this release the developer also released pre-final updates upon the requests of the users which was incomplete (many features were not working) as well as came with bugs that disappointed me to a great extent. However, trying the final build of emanoN v7 rom changed my view and I again started to like this awesome custom rom. With beautiful look of Touchwiz UI and awesome features of cyanogenmod custom rom, emanon v7 final build truly stands out among other similar stock based roms.

emanoN v7 rom comes with a lot of tweaks and improvements that will improve your stock gingerbread experience while maintaining the same look and feel. In fact, the developer has tried to add the whole of Cyanogenmod Settings to his emanoN rom.

Features such as Lockscreen Music Widget, Volume Buttons Music control, included DSP Equalizer and improved Sound quality makes this rom an awesome choice for music lovers. Also, handy emanoN settings menu added to the System Settings consists of various customizations options that provides you with the ability to set a lockscreen of your choice from many available ones, customize the status bar look and feel according to user choice, adjust CPU Frequencies, Add or Remove toggle widgets to Notification Drawer, Turn on/off CRT animations, etc. which really add up to provide an awesome user experience.

emanoN version 7 final build for galaxy mini or pop gt-s5570 smartphone
Moreover, various system utilities integrated within the rom such as Samsung Secret codes, Task Manager and an Application Manager app with ability to uninstall and/or disable both system as well as user applications, etc. really makes it easy to do everyday tasks. Swipe to remove notification, Press Back button to kill apps, etc are others features that simplify everyday tasks. All these awesome tools, utilities and many more can be accessed through the emanoN settings menu.

So, as you can see, this rom has improved very much compared to previous v6 release. Even with all this tweaks and additions made to this, it is still able to perform with same stability and efficiency. The performance and battery life are quite good and you can improve them using various configuration options available within the rom. The best part of this custom rom is that all the hardware features including camera, radio, wifi, bluetooth and GPS, etc are working just fine. Below is a list of major changes that can be seen in the latest emanoN v7 rom extracted from the developer's thread:
  • Latest Android 2.3.6 Europe firmware (S5570XWKTN)
  • Integration of CM7 features which includes:
    • Accelerometer rotation options
    • Custom long-press home key and menu key actions
    • Haptic feedback tweaks
    • Full port of lockscreen options including music controls
    • Statusbar soft keys
  • More notification power widget options. Added media and screen off buttons as well
  • Update statusbar color options
  • Add option for statusbar notification background color
  • Fixed date overlay in statusbar
  • Improved swipe to clear notification
  • Add center clock option
  • Add CM battery mini icon
  • Change reboot option in extended power menu and added Hot Reboot
  • Replaced stock music app with CM music
  • Replaced TouchWiz launcher with ADW (CM7 version)
  • Removed No Frills CPU (you can change CPU frequency via emanoN settings)
That's all with the features of the rom. You can also take a look at some of the screenshots of latest  emanoN v7 build to find out more about this update. While the developer is trying his best to combine the features of cyanogenmod to his stock rom, it's not an easy task and thus he has decided to do it little by little. Not all options from cyanogenmod rom are available at the moment and you'll notice a lot of placeholders under emanoN settings. These placeholders will be removed with the addition of the suggested features in future releases, when parasmi figures out how these options operate.

Also, below I've listed few issues that can be noticed within the roms along with the possible workaround (whenever or wherever possible) which you can follow to resolve them:
  • Force close on any web app when you click drop-down bars on websites.
  • Clock is not displayed in status bar by default . Workaround : Change clock color in emanoN Settings > Interface > Status bar Tweaks > Clock Tweaks
  • Lock screen wallpapers (Settings > Display > Wallpapers) do not work on any lock screens. Workaround : You can change lockscreen background from Choose background option in emanoN Settings > Lockscreen > Style Options.
  • Lock screen settings and options only works with CyanogenMod lock screens.
  • Meizu lock screen displays "Connect your charger" when plugged in or connected.
  • Artist and song information under Artist tab in Music App are not displayed. Workaround : Try using another Music Player if needed.
  • Some status bar tweaks settings are not immediately taking effect. Workaround : Reboot your handset Or, deselect and reselect options And/Or re-start status bar.

Now, you know enough about this emanon version 7 final custom rom and are probably thinking of trying it out on your galaxy mini or pop s5570 smartphone. If so without further delay simply follow the instructions provided below and get it installed on your handset.


To flash any custom roms on your galaxy mini or pop gt-s5570, you'll need to have the following things on your handset. If you have them already then, you may directly proceed with flashing instructions. Also, users with another custom rom, may directly proceed with flashing instructions.

Flashing Instructions

Disclaimer : Do It At Your Own Risk!
  1. Download latest emanoN Rom version 7 for galaxy mini from the developer's thread.
  2. Copy the download rom zip file to the (root directory of) your sd-card.
  3. Reboot your device to custom recovery (Press Home + Power Button simultaneously to boot to recovery).
  4. [Optional but, RecommendedDo a Nandroid Backup of your current rom.
  5. Now flash this latest EmanoN v7 final update in clockworkmod recovery with these steps :
    • Choose Install Zip From Sd Card option.
    • Select Choose Zip From SD Card option.
    • Confirm the installation and wait till the rom is installed on you handset.
  6. Go back to recovery main menu and select Wipe Data option.
  7. Confirm data wipe by selecting Yes.
  8. Reboot your device from recovery main menu and wait for few minutes till your device reboots successfully.
That's all. You've successfully installed latest emanoN v7 custom rom on your galaxy mini handset. Please note that your phone will reboot itself once after it boots to the homescreen. I suggest leaving your handset untouched for few minutes just after flashing the rom till it reboots again. Now, take some time to check out all the new features of this rom. Users flashing this custom rom will find this rom much more interesting than those who are already accustomed with cyanogenmod roms.

Also here are few tips that can help you get the best experience from this emanoN custom rom.
  • The rom reboots itself once just after successful flash. It is suggested not to use your handset till it reboots itself again once  after you flash the rom.
  • Set Cyanogenmod lockscreen only. This is because lockscreen music widget is only shown on them. 
  • For better multitasking type the command stockmem in terminal emulator as root. 
  • You can also set random bootanimation by creating a folder named bootanimation on your sdcard and putting your favorite boot-animations there. 
So, now I hope you can get the most out of this awesome custom rom. However if you have any doubts then please feel free to ask me at the comments below. Also, please donate few bucks to the developer for his awesome work as well as to support future developments. You can also thank him by visiting his wife's blogs at Chronicles of Maia and/or Turning Dreams to Reality.

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