Since everyone uses facebook today I've made an Facebook Page to help you get connected with me. You can get latest updates from this blog directly on this page. Also, I will be posting many other relevant links or information that you might be interested on. So, it is a great place to follow/contact me and get updated. You can do so at this Facebook Page.

Also, I have made a Samsung Galaxy Mini/Pop GTS5570 group on facebook so that it will be easier for us to communicate with each other. You can ask for help, share a solution or tip or start discussions on various topics about galaxy mini/pop at this group. So, all galaxy pop/mini gts5570 users can join the group. I am also available at this group and you can tag any post with my name if you want immediate help --though I can't promise to be available immediately I promise you will get help sooner or later. Also, in case I'm not available there are many friendly members at this galaxy mini/pop group from around who will be ready to help you at any time. So, it is another great place to stay updated and get connected with me and this blog.

Also, you may write to yagyagaire [underscore] 2009 [at] yahoo [dot] com, if you are in problem. However I above method are preferred to this one.

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  1. wow good there is facebook now. but the name of the page is your name. how will pop users find it on facebook? how about changing the name to SAMSUNG GALAXY POP/mini UPDATES so users of s5570 can find it easily on facebook ..,

  2. Luis Rima, I understood what you want to tell. But, I thought I might not be limited to Galaxy Pop/Mini only so I created the page with my own name where you can get all latest updates. Now, since you talked of Galaxy Mini/Pop users I created a group that will only deal with Samsung Galaxy Mini smart phone. You can find it at

  3. i wish you UPDATE THE BLACK MARKETS available please.goodluck to your blog. any new black market?

  4. Bill Frenda, the black market apps are updated and if not you can update them from within the app once you install them. No, there aren't any other black markets but, if you are searching for other market place to download apps is a place to take a look.

  5. Hi Yagya I have GTS 5571 (Galaxy Mini) can u tell me how to install and play Need For Speed in GTS 5570. I install it , it open but shutdown after opening first screen and android market said it not compatebale with your device

  6. Kamal,
    Please find NFS Shift game at here and follow the instructions there:

  7. i need help i have try to update for (update-cm-7.2.0-RC5.7-GalaxyMini-Release-signed) but ti wont work phon stuck at android logo splach behind it how to get read of it previous os was 2.3.6

  8. i have make phone work with above os please tell me how to get back on 2.3.6 odni dosent detace my phone now!if u have zip for 2.3.6 kindly send me a link?


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