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Chocobread v1.2 For Smasung Galaxy Mini/Pop GTS5570

UPDATE!!!  Chocobread version 1.2.1  is available. Download and flash it by replacing the file from below in the instructions.

The process of developing custom roms for our precious Samsung Galaxy Mini/Pop is going on with excitement and today we have got another rom added to our list. Chocobread, yet another custom rom for galaxy pop/mini gts-5570 smartphone, is developed by flowish. And, with it's increasing popularity I thought it would be a nice idea to cover it here so that you all can get a chance to give it a try and test it. And, here we are. Read through this article to know more about this rom and also to get instructions to get it on your galaxy pop/mini.

Chocobread v1.2 is currently the latest version of this rom. Previously, the developer released Chocobread v1.0 around December 7 and after  tuning/refining it with many modification and bug fixes what we have today is the v1.2 of this fabulous custom rom. So, let's take a look at what's in this rom below. You can find more details and complete change log at this thread post in xda-developers forum.
  • New boot animation.
  • Added five wallpapers 
  • Added DSP  Manager.
  • Added DigitalClock Widget.
  • Custom kernel.
  • Ad-hoc Wi-Fi.
  • Overclock Kernel (768 MHz and 806 MHz ) are available.
  • Modified Framework-Res.apk , SystemUI.apk , Mms.apk ,and Contact.apk
  • Removed Xloud.
  • MIUI Camera.
  • Overglow Scroll.
  • Build.prop & init.d tweak.
  • Touchwiz Launcher.
  • Simple, Minimalist, Stable and Powerful rom.
So, now if you are ready to flash the beautiful custom rom on your android smartphone then download the rom from below and then read through the rest of the instructions below carefully. Also, if you are still confused whether to flash this rom or not then please view some of the screenshots here. I am sure they will change your mind.
Flash this with at your own risk.
It is recommended that you do a nandroid backup of your rom before continuing.
1. Upgrade your firmware to Gingerbread 2.3.4/2.3.6 using Odin Multidownloader v4.38. You can flash Gingerbread version specific to your region from Tools and Utilities Page.

3. Copy the rom file,, you downloaded from above to (the root directory of) your sd-card.

4. Reboot your device to Clock Work Mod Recovery (Press Home + Power Button).

5. [Optional but, Recommended] Do a Nandroid Backup of your current rom.

6. Choose Install Zip From Sd Card>>Choose Zip From SD Card option and then select the  file,, you downloaded from above.

7. After it finishes flashing go to CWM recovery Main Menu.

8. Select Wipe Data  and Wipe Cache options.

9. Reboot your device from clockwork mod recovery main menu.

That's all you have successfully installed Chocobread v1.2 on your galaxy pop/mini. If you want to overclock this rom then please read through this article to overclock it. If you like this rom then make sure you thank flowish for his work at this thread on xda forums.

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  1. tried it now
    its a simple variety of the stock rom

  2. i have cm7.what should i do?should i flash Chocobread v1.2.please reply me.Is it better than cm7?

  3. akshay bedegkar,
    If you have CM7 you can skip step 1 and 2 from the instructions above to flash Chocobread on your rom. Also, it is difficult to say whether it is better than CM7 or not since it is a matter of personal preference (you might like on while I might like another). However, I can say CM7 has some extra features than this rom. Why don't you give it a try and see for yourself? You can return back if you don't like it.

  4. This is very buggy ROM. Crashed nearly 7 times as soon as I flashed this ROM. When I load Task manager, phone reboots. Also I don't see much stability in this ROM. I used CM, stock 2.3.6, Chocobread, emanon v3. I found the emanon to be the most stable, fast, useful, handy ROM. Far better than CM and others. CM also crashed many many times and I could never run radio and bluetooth. For me I want stability with few features and do not look for anything fancy. My recommendation is emanon v3 for stable, faster and nice ROM.

  5. Thanks & when will cm9 come with bugs fix.

  6. Im also waiting for cm9, im already using cm7 but still having problems about consecutive crashes... yagya do you have any advice how to prevent this problem??

  7. I recently switched to Chocobread v1.2 on my Samsung GTS 5570. Unfortunately there is no Kies mode in Chocobread v1.2 for GTS 5570 to connect to Kies.
    Now that I have lost all my contacts, the only backup I have is an SPB file.
    My contacts only imports vcf files and neither have I been able to find anything that imports SPB files or converts SPB files to vcf files.

  8. Kamal,
    If you can't adjust with the problem or just add the contacts again then I suggest you go back to GB and then restore your contacts. Now, search market for SMS backup and restore app (or something similar) that will backup your contacts and sms and then after flashing chocobread install it and then restore your backup. If you didn't get what you mean, please seek for some extra help here

  9. I think that there is still problem with the task manager. As what in the xda dev says.. They also didnt suggest to download any task manager app. But its still under development, soon it will have more features like CM7 and emmanon

  10. love this rom so much.. ^-^

  11. yagya my phone's always autorebooting after flashing chocobread? what do you think is the problem???

  12. Yagya can we use Ungaze script with this ROM?

  13. yes, you can use.

    Please use your name, while commenting. Thanks!

  14. how to back up our phone data n restore it after flashing another ROM.

  15. ashokjalagam,
    The best way is to use Titanium Backup to backup data/apps and user data and then restore it after flashing the rom. You can also use Advance restore in CWM recovery to restore your apps (/data and /sd-ext only) but the previous one is easier and simpler.

  16. do we need to flash darktremor after flashing this rom?

  17. Hi yagya.. Nice to see you again.. :)

    I am a total new-bie and I want to know something before installing ChocoBread 1.2

    I am now upgraded with gingerbread as per your guidance.

    My doubt is, If I install this, can I get back to my gingerbread(current) again?

  18. I am providing with my screenshot also..

  19. Yes, you can get back to official Gingerbread once you flashed custom rom. To downgrade simply flash gingerbread using Odin like you did while upgrading.

  20. Hi friends this is very buggy ROM if its work stabale then i remarked as its nice

  21. sir can i use s2e in this rom?

  22. hi yagya. i used Emanon version 4. and if i upgrade  Chocobread version 1.2.1. is still  change the emanon version 4?

  23. hi yagya. i used Emanon version 4. and if i upgrade  Chocobread version 1.2.1. is still  change the emanon version 4?

  24. hi yagya. i used Emanon version 4. and if i upgrade  Chocobread version 1.2.1. is still  change the emanon version 4?

  25. hi yagya, pls help me! i install Chocobread v1.2 version. and i want to back Emanon version .4,, i have back up file. what can i do!!!!!!!!! pls pls help..

  26. You can directly restore the backup from CWM recovery Backup and Restore option. Make sure you wipe data before restoring the backup. Or, you can flash emanon v4 first in CWM recovery and then restore the backup and reboot.

  27. thank u, now my Emanon version 4 is back... i'm happy..


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